Open to the public and not typically crowded, the graduate reading room at Suzzallo Library is perhaps the best example of collegiate gothic architecture west of the Mississippi. A stunning architectural space to read a book or just feel smart. #architecture Grab a grassy seat at the top of the hill at Gas Works Park for one of the best views of Seattle. Perfect for July 4th fireworks viewing, sailboat spotting, or picnicking and cloud gazing. Gorgeous old trees here. Costs $6 to get in, but you'll stroll for hours and enjoy every minute. Bonus: giant carp! #treetrove Still pretty and colorful in Seattle! (In Japanese garden anyway ;) I love this study space. It's atmospheric in that it's dead quiet. Very conducive to studying!! Another view of Seattle Japanese pretty and peaceful (on a weekday ;). Salmon donburi for lunch. Featuring three different kinds of salmon topped with salmon roe. Served over sushi rice, with a thin layer of japanese pickled mushrooms. Yum! ^^ Duck Dodge sailboat race. Trophy has some pretty delicious cupcakes! They occasionally have promotions on FB/Twitter that involve a secret phrase that'll get the first 10-15 customers that come in a free cupcake. I recommend following them if you work/live/hang out near a Trophy location, and like cupcakes! A sunset walk around Green Lake is an amazing way to enjoy a warm August evening in Seattle. The spectacular post-storm clouds made this particular evening's sky even more magical. My favorite trail system in all of Seattle is the Marsh Trail. Great way to stay in-touch with nature. That crane from the freeway construction sticks out like a sore thumb to remind you that you're still in the middle of the city! :) If you go, make sure to wear rain boots as it can get pretty muddy. #lifeatexpedia #merch A Cyclist taking a break to snap few photos of the Sunset and the Space Needle - Volunteer Park #goldenhour #TroverDetour
I was on my way downtown to pick my sister up from work, when I realized I'd left unnecessarily early. I also realized how beautiful the sky was, as I made my way south towards the Montlake Bridge.
I crossed the bridge and instead of proceeding to the on-ramp onto 520 west, I took the first right onto Hamlin Street, which lead me down to the water, the Seattle Yacht Club, and the West Montlake Park which marks the west end of the Montlake Cut.
My spur-of-the-moment detour, which was inspired by realizing I was on my way to being ridiculously early to my destination, led to this gorgeous sight. As an avid Instagrammer, I have experimented with my fair share of filters and editing tricks, but the views I saw tonight I found were brilliant enough on their own.
Thanks to my detour, I've now another great spot I can add to my list of favorite spots to watch the sunset in my hometown :) Who's ready for Fall?! #colorful #nature #autumn #fallseason Head to Gasworks to enjoy cool industrial buildings contrasted with rolling green hills and lake views. A great picnicking spot on a sunny day, be sure to bring a blanket since the geese keep the grass Beautiful fall colors. Ahhhh... That moment when all you've imagined in a meditation becomes reality💙
If you're visiting Seattle and love the serene, then the Seattle Japanese garden is a must see for you. There is parking and an admission day pass is $6 for adults. Piano in the park! This is just one of 20 pianos that have taken up summer residence in parks in and around Seattle. All are unique art pieces and people are encouraged to pause and play a piece or two (for as long as 30 minutes).
Supposedly hidden, this wasn't at all hard to find. One of the best places to fly a kite in Seattle is at Gasworks Park. From Kite Hill, of course. On this day there was wind aplenty and the kids got the kite up just by tossing it into the air. A photographer's dream inside this place! Obviously, go when the flowers are in bloom. ;) A piece of the Statue of Liberty comes to Gasworks Park for 4th of July!! The WAC is a fantastic place to rent out a canoe or long boat! It's right by the University of Washington and is next to Husky Stadium. You can easily walk there from campus or just park right by it. It's $7 to rent out a canoe for an hr! It's one of my favorite lake trails in Seattle One of my favorite places to walk my dog and enjoy the views #endlesssummer #colorful Found this gem thanx to fellow trovers! Worth a visit and a walk around the beautiful UW campus. #stunningstructures This is a very iconic University of Washington shot, except Mt Rainier is usually present in the background! The cherry blossoms on campus usually show up around April and decorate the campus quite nicely. These stairs are actually right by the university's main plaza Very cool space, and probably the longest table you will ever see, made from a single log! Alm Hill has the most amazing produce - I could not resist this composition. The Farmer's market is open year round. Some of the most beautiful architecture in all of Seattle. Make it a point if you have the chance to stop inside. This corpse flower, named Edgar Allan Pew, is in bloom! Yesterday was the most potent day, and while the aroma has faded significantly, it was still looking good. Apparently they only bloom for 72 hours once every 7-10 years.
Native to the rain forests of Sumatra, the corpse flower attracts carrion-eating beetles and flesh flies via it's unique fragrance, which resembles that of rotting meat. The flower also heats up during bloom, approximating the temperature of a warm-blooded animal. Although both male and female flowers grow in the same plant, they open a few days apart, preventing self-pollination.
This particular bloom was relatively small - only a few feet tall. The blooms have been known to grow as tall as 8ft (2.5m)!
Library at University of Washington If you're looking for some good late-night food in Wallingford, definitely try Pinky's! #lateplates #foodtruck Kayaking on Lake Washington is a must when in Seattle. You can kayak through the lily pads and jump off of docks straight into the water. There are even restaurants on the water to dock to and eat. Mt. Fuji splendor. Spring finally comes to Seattle. These trees light up the banks of Green Lake in the spring! Cherry blossoms at the UW. Such a beautiful thing to see! If you happen to be visiting in March, do not miss these beautiful trees! You may have to get there early to get a photo like this. It gets pretty crowded during the day. Like to get on the water? When you're in Seattle, rent an electric boat and head out on Lake Union and Portage Bay. And, if you're lucky, you just might find the SeaTaco on the water where you can grab a fish taco (or vegetarian taco in my case). They are delicious! Just float on up to their boat and they'll take care of the rest. #LifeAtExpedia Such a fun happy hour scene. Pull up an Adirondack chair, slurp some local oysters, look out onto Lake Union. Boat parking is available! Bridge at the garden. Relatively new to U-Village, but seems like it's here to stay. Decent variety of food, and an elegant interior. I stop in for their #coffee. Grace Kitchen serves up #stumptown coffee, and sells stumptown coffee beans for retail purchase as well. The Hair Bender is my personal favorite. I got the large chia seed pudding here and it was BOMB! I'm not exactly sure about everything that was put on top of it, but I know there were almonds and coconut flakes.
Chaco Canyon is a vegan-friendly cafe in the University District (close to the University of Washington in Seattle) that serves breakfast all day! It's medium-sized (not that small for a cafe) and is really popular among locals. Deaybreak over Portage Bay, in Seattle. The Autumn🍁🍂🍁🍂 It's perfect time, right?
Taken at October 21st, 2016. The stunning reading room in the Suzzallo library at the University of Washington. Just another shot of the grand stairs at the library. The Japanese Garden was gorgeous and peaceful in October. Great place to relax. One of my favorite events around the holidays in Seattle is the Christmas Ship Festival. You can catch a ride on an Argosy cruise (, rent your own or, simply go to a great viewing spot. My favorite is on the University Bridge looking out towards Portage Bay. Here, all the decorated boats stop for caroling which you can hear throughout the neighborhood (I can sometimes hear it in my house). Once done, all boats blow their horns and then head to Lake Union. It's definitely a site to see! I just wish my little iPhone camera could have captured it better so you all could get a better feel for it! #winterwonders #lifeatexpedia #merch A must see library at university of Washington, Seattle.
#UW #library Cherry blossoms at The Quad - University of Washington Im always in search for coffee that is not Starbucks. #foodiefinds Spring at the UW is breathtaking. It's 110% worth getting there for sunrise. #spring #seattle #pink #springfun Springtime at Seattle's arboretum, on Azalea way trail... One small gift from the cherry blossoms in the quad at UW. Heading to Russian class one morning (in 2009?). Photos of Denny Hall were actually the reason I decided I wanted to attend UW when I was in my early teens. Silly, right? (Good thing it's also a great university.) If you're ever craving a giant salmon slice (and have some cash on you), head here (and order the chirashi bowl)... :) #lunchtime This one was the vegetarian option! We also ordered the Deluxe and the Pepperoni. 3 medium sized pizzas for 11 people! So stuffed. Beautiful night for a walk, just outside of the Ivar's in North Lake Union.
#lifeatexpedia #merch One of my favorite runs in Seattle is through Marsh and Foster islands. I love to stop to see the beavers, ducks, cranes, and other animals that hang out. I also love the juxtaposition of the rural trail with Husky Stadium in the background. This is a little lookout with a bench to watch the day go by. You can see the bridges of the trail to the left. Keep in mind that the trail can be really The Wandering Goose is a small breakfast place with great biscuits. This is the classic biscuit, but they have everything from fried chicken biscuits to peanut butter banana biscuits. They also have brisket, veggie hash and cinnamon rolls! #delicious #foodiefinds Seattle's Japanese Garden is small but beautiful, it's worth the $6 entry fee... :) Seattle's Duck Dodge summer sailing race every Tuesday on Lake Union. Dodge those ducks...and those other sailboats, kayaks, paddle boards, motor boats and seaplanes all on that lake! #lovemytown #endlesssummer Another view of Red Square from the Suzzallo steps. If you're not a student but have your laptop/tablet, you can get a temporary wifi username/password (good for 8 hours). You just have to provide a valid ID, phone number, and email address to one of the info desk people. FANTASTIC brunch spot! The waitress was amazing and even brought our big group a complimentary fruit bowl (berries, figs, citrus). The two fresh juice options were great... 4-5 ingredients each (like a juice bar!) instead of the standard orange or grapefruit or tomato juice. The chef was also happy to make special breakfasts for the two vegans at the table. Gasworks Park. My favorite view of the Seattle skyline, hands down. #japanese #garden #seattle #waterlust UW Quad cherry tree
Spring 2016 Favorite place for cherry blossoms in Seattle! #green #cherryblossom Great nerdy kids games here. (As well as nerdy stuff for grown ups.) Eggplant chips and edamame puree. Very smooth texture in the puree. The crepes here are the best. The powdered sugar looks like snow! Cafe on the Ave is a popular spot that U of Washington students go to. It's usually a coffee/study joint, but I went in for brunch! Prices are a little high but the atmosphere and setting is nice. This was the Cinnamon French Toast with strawberries, blueberries and bananas (~$10). #TroveOn
Gasworks Park, one of my favorite places in Seattle. The funky, grungy former This is a cool unusual shared workspace where nerds can learn about new tech and make stuff. This pic is from an afternoon course in 3D printing I took with my boy. Yesterday the lake level was so high that the bridge connecting Foster Island to Marsh Island was partially submerged. This lovely walk was a quite muddy and completely deserted because of the wetness. I have yet to find the sales clerks or clothing to be appealing, but telling mid 40 year old women wearing down and corduroy to party on is amusing. All of the village stores have great visual merchandising this time of year. #throwback to Freshman year at Rick's Cafe. This joint is right on the famous University Ave in the U District here in Seattle. Students just called it the Ave though.
EJ is really popular because of its cheap burgers and great milkshakes! This burger was the 'UW Burger' and consisted of caramelised onion rings, cheese, lettuce, and the to-die-for house sauce. It cost $6 tax included. It was also too big to fit into my mouth. The struggles... One of the most enchanting restaurants in Seattle, serving up tasty Spanish-inspired tapas featuring fresh, local ingredients. My favorite dishes of the night: potato gnocchi with mushroom, garlic and Parmesan, and the rabbit loin, which is often on the specials board and is not to be missed. “Black Sun” is a sculpture by Japanese American artist Isamu Noguchi, which was installed in Volunteer Park in 1969. This sculpture is believed to be the inspiration for the name of Soundgarden’s song “Black Hole Sun.” “Black Sun” can be found across from the spectacular building that houses the Seattle Asian Art Museum. Nice spot for kayaking The view of Elliot Bay from MOHAI (the museum of history and industry) looking threw the center for wooden boats. The difference colors that is very amazing.
Taken at October 21st, 2016. Smooth caramel latte at Trabant Cafe! Love the blue mugs! It matches today's sunny sky! Molly Moon's Ice Cream is the dessert spot after any meal at one of the many restaurants in the Wallingford area. They have their Pork shank with artichoke fritti and sizzled quail egg - just one of many highlights at this chef-owned Italian restaurant. Choose 3 or more small plates from more than a dozen salads, soups, pastas and entrees. We went with 5 courses and every one was a real treat. Besides the pork shank, my favs were the chilled asparagus-green garlic soup, lamb and beef ragu gnocchi, and the risotto with peas, prosciutto and parmesan. Araya's is a vegetarian restaurant in the University District here in Seattle. So, close to the U of Washington. Entrees here are between $10-$15. Really, great food! Also, the restaurant itself is beautifully decorated.
The first plate is the Phad See-Iew, the second is the Basil Fried Rice, and the last dish is the Mango Salad. #Japanese #garden #park #seattle #washington soooooo worth the $6 bucks 👍 City Park with a view #goldenhour What a wonderful restaurant! The chef was Spanish and the hostess was his American wife. They owned a restaurant in Barcelona before coming to Seattle. Food was fantastic. It was like eating in Spain again!! I was also able to practice some of my español with the hostess. We ordered a ton of different tapas including patatas bravas, croquetas, tortilla, jamón and chorizo. All goood! Ice cream machiatto at cafe on the ave! Glassybaby is a small boutique at U Village that sells handmade glassworks in a vast variety of beautiful colors. What's great about these products is that with each purchase you are donating to charities dedicated to health, healing and quality of life. Some of the places that are donated to include: the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, VA Puget Sound, Fred Hutch, and many more. Fog as thick as pea soup on this January Friday morning! #Blue They make and serve soba noodles!!! 😍 Simply the best chicken Phó around! I cannot attest for the beef varieties, but overall this is by far my favorite Phó, including what I've had in Vietnam.
Everyone meal gets a cream puff desert too! This quiet, cozy tea house is the perfect spot to escape Seattle's drizzle. Sit at a window table with a hot cup of house-blended tea and watch the world go by.
They'll even train you on proper tea etiquette, if you like. A $4 personal-size teapot comes with a dainty hourglass, strainer and adorable tea cozy. HUGE place to find anything you need to build cool stuff. Really helpful staff too. Springtime at Arboretum!
The Washington Park Arboretum holds a world class collection of woody plants and flowers.
You can hike, bike, run, it's one of my favorite places to walk with my little doggy. :)
#SpringFun I love this campus! Ok! Here we go! The song, Best French pastries in Seattle. When half the clientele is speaking French, it is always a good sign! The most recent installment from Trevor Greenwood, and Cantinetta (with restaurants in Wallingford and old Bellevue); Bar Cantinetta. Small, quaint, with great service and excellent Italian fare. These guys do a really good job, and this spot is definitely worth a visit (or several!). The antipasto and pastas are particularly strong; great wine list and full bar.
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Get an overview of this hotel3-star hotel near Seattle Children's Hospital

Popular property highlights

Free breakfast
Free parking
Pets allowed
Free WiFi
Business center


Situated in a shopping district, this hotel is within 6 mi (10 km) of Seattle Children's Hospital, Woodland Park Zoo, and Seattle Center. Washington State Convention Center and Space Needle are also within 6 mi (10 km).

Hotel Features

A conference center, a business center, and conference space are available at this smoke-free hotel. Free continental breakfast, free WiFi in public areas, and free self parking are also provided. Additionally, concierge services, laundry facilities, and a 24-hour front desk are onsite.

Room Amenities

All 33 rooms provide conveniences like refrigerators and coffee makers, plus free WiFi and LCD TVs with cable channels. Guests will also find iPod docks, free newspapers, and free local calls. Weekly housekeeping is available.

Languages Spoken

Talaris Conference Center

Hotel Amenities

Hotel Amenities

Public areas are equipped with complimentary wired and wireless Internet access. Business-related amenities at this 3-star property consist of a business center and limo/town car service. Guests can enjoy a complimentary breakfast. Event facilities measuring 1431 square feet (133 square meters) include a conference center. This business-friendly hotel also offers a garden, a picnic area, and concierge services. Onsite self parking is complimentary.

Talaris Conference Center is a smoke-free property.

  • Picnic area 
  • Use of nearby fitness center (discount) 
  • 24-hour front desk 
  • Business center 
  • Free breakfast 
  • Conference space 
  • Free self parking 
  • Free WiFi 
  • Free wired Internet 
  • Limo or Town Car service available 
  • Smoke-free property 
  • RV, bus, truck parking 
  • Safe-deposit box at front desk 
  • Conference space size (meters) - 133 
  • Number of meeting rooms - 7 
  • Luggage storage 
  • Concierge services 
  • Conference space size (feet) - 1431 
  • Conference center 
  • Laundry facilities 
  • Total number of rooms - 33 
  • Television in common areas 
  • Number of buildings/towers - 6 
  • Garden 
  • Free newspapers in lobby 

Family Friendly Amenities

  • Family Hotel  
  • Free Wi-Fi  
  • Laundry facilities  
  • Refrigerator  
  • Microwave (on request)  
  • Cribs/infant beds (complimentary)  


Available in all rooms: Free WiFi

Available in some public areas: Free WiFi , Free wired Internet

Languages Spoken


Free self parking, RV, bus, truck parking

Room Amenities

  • Free cribs/infant beds 
  • Free newspaper 
  • Air conditioning 
  • Free local calls 
  • Microwave (on request) 
  • Refrigerator 
  • Coffee/tea maker 
  • Weekly housekeeping provided 
  • Private bathroom 
  • Free toiletries 
  • Hair dryer 
  • Shower/tub combination 
  • Iron/ironing board 
  • Desk 
  • Blackout drapes/curtains 
  • Cable TV service 
  • HDTV 
  • Free WiFi 
  • iPod docking station 
  • Number of bathrooms -  
  • Connecting/adjoining rooms available 
  • Rollaway/extra beds (surcharge) 
  • LCD TV 

Where to Eat

Guests are offered a complimentary continental breakfast.

Nearby Things to Do

The recreational activities listed below are available either on site or nearby; fees may apply.

  • Bicycle rentals nearby 
  • Hiking/biking trails nearby 
  • Sailing nearby 


If you have requests for specific accessibility needs, please note them at check-out when you book your room.

  • Accessible bathroom 
  • Roll-in shower 
  • In-room accessibility 

Hotel Policies


Check-in time ends at midnight

Check-in time starts at 4 PM

Minimum check-in age is 18


Check-out time is noon

Children and extra beds

  • Children are welcome.
  • Rollaway/extra beds are available for USD 15 per night.
  • Free cribs (infant beds)!


  • Pets allowed for an extra charge of USD 25 per accommodation, per stay
  • 2 per room
  • Specific rooms only, restrictions apply
  • Pet-friendly rooms can be requested by contacting the property at the number on the booking confirmation

You need to know

Extra-person charges may apply and vary depending on property policy.

Government-issued photo identification and a credit card or cash deposit are required at check-in for incidental charges.
Special requests are subject to availability upon check-in and may incur additional charges. Special requests cannot be guaranteed.
No elevators


Optional extras

The following fees and deposits are charged by the property at time of service, check-in, or check-out.
  • Pet fee: USD 25 per accommodation, per stay
  • Rollaway bed fee: USD 15 per night
The above list may not be comprehensive. Fees and deposits may not include tax and are subject to change.

Hotel Name

  • Talaris
  • Talaris Conference Center
  • Talaris Conference Center Hotel
  • Talaris Conference Center Hotel Seattle
  • Talaris Conference Center Seattle
  • Talaris Hotel Seattle
  • Talaris Hotel
  • Talaris Seattle

We should mention

The property has connecting/adjoining rooms, which are subject to availability and can be requested by contacting the property using the number on the booking confirmation. The property allows pets in specific rooms only and has other pet restrictions (surcharges apply and can be found in the Fees section). Guests can arrange to bring pets by contacting the property directly, using the contact information on the booking confirmation.

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