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Open to the public and not typically crowded, the graduate reading room at Suzzallo Library is perhaps the best example of collegiate gothic architecture west of the Mississippi. A stunning architectural space to read a book or just feel smart. #architecture Best place in Seattle to catch the sun setting over the Olympic mountains. Skip past the crowds and barbecues at the south end of the park and walk along the beach to the much quieter north end of the park for killer views, illegal fire pits, and romantic spots to watch the sunset. #blue Now that's more like it! (They've made I love this study space. It's atmospheric in that it's dead quiet. Very conducive to studying!! This cafe's former identity as a 1900s house is alive and well.
Four cozy rooms with creaky wood floors and bright walls make you feel right at home.
And their free wifi, soy/almond/hemp milk options, and interesting reading materials will keep you coming back for more. Deeeeelicious deviled eggs at Ocho! With pickled red onion, salmon roe and fried capers. Sit outside and enjoy the sunset with a crisp cocktail--so continental! Die and go to heaven at this tiny shop with tiny, but filllllling and rich molten chocolate cakes. A+ collection of ice creams, as well, and don't forget to try a boozy shake! Salmon donburi for lunch. Featuring three different kinds of salmon topped with salmon roe. Served over sushi rice, with a thin layer of japanese pickled mushrooms. Yum! ^^ Henry mural on the backside of the best little drinking hole in the city.
You can get a 34 oz. beer for $6, and the crowd is a nice mix of old fishermen and young hipsters. Weekends get crowded, so go early or late--or imitate the salty seadogs and just go weeknights.
Probably my favorite bar ever. #BarLove Trophy has some pretty delicious cupcakes! They occasionally have promotions on FB/Twitter that involve a secret phrase that'll get the first 10-15 customers that come in a free cupcake. I recommend following them if you work/live/hang out near a Trophy location, and like cupcakes! A sunset walk around Green Lake is an amazing way to enjoy a warm August evening in Seattle. The spectacular post-storm clouds made this particular evening's sky even more magical. The cured meat platter. It is majestic. Enjoyed as a nightcap with cocktails at their heated outdoor seating. Great place for gourmet dining and people-watching in south Ballard. Golden Gardens park on the water in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood, a few steps away from where we got married. A great place to relax with a morning cup of coffee. August 25, 2012. So good. Baked Alaska : peanut butter crust, coconut ice cream, chocolate shell under a dome of flaming meringue. It's one of my favorite lake trails in Seattle One of my favorite places to walk my dog and enjoy the views #endlesssummer #colorful Aurora bridge located on Troll Street. Check out this coffeehouse if you find yourself in Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood. The comfy digs are great for settling in with a laptop. Pick up an assortment of their tasty truffles while you're at it, though the large selection makes for some tough decisions. They occasionally have live music. On this day, there was a fortune teller on site. Found this gem thanx to fellow trovers! Worth a visit and a walk around the beautiful UW campus. #stunningstructures We get the best sunrises in Seattle. #lifeatexpedia This is a very iconic University of Washington shot, except Mt Rainier is usually present in the background! The cherry blossoms on campus usually show up around April and decorate the campus quite nicely. These stairs are actually right by the university's main plaza Peanut Butter hot cake, s'more hot cake and a This is a gorgeous path to ride your bike or walk on. It is just below the main level of Fremont (a 'borough' of Seattle). You'll see lots of people on this trail! Very cool space, and probably the longest table you will ever see, made from a single log! Alm Hill has the most amazing produce - I could not resist this composition. The Farmer's market is open year round. Some of the most beautiful architecture in all of Seattle. Make it a point if you have the chance to stop inside. This place is a true hidden gem. You can walk right by and never see it. You'll want to run your hands across everything here; the wood is so silky and delicate, yet hugely solid.
Artist and craftsman Eric runs the shop and makes everything by hand. Open Wed-Sat, 11 am - 5 pm. Library at University of Washington If you're looking for some good late-night food in Wallingford, definitely try Pinky's! #lateplates #foodtruck Lovely day for a sail. #LoveMyTown This is the chocolate waterfall.
It pours hot molten chocolate just inches from the tour, wafting sweet cocoa aromas.
However, don't indulge in the temptation. This is pure chocolate without any sugar, so it will taste BITTER. A gorgeous afternoon in Seattle calls for a picnic in the sun and the Locks is a perfect spot to take in some rays. Mt. Fuji splendor. Spring finally comes to Seattle. These trees light up the banks of Green Lake in the spring! The Fremont troll...
Holding onto a car that he grabbed from under the bridge. Don't forget to pay homage to him or you may loose your car. #TroveOn - Amazing local distillery serving up their own handcrafted vodka, gin and whiskey. Our faves were the Rex Velvet vodka (naturally colored with beets) and the fresh tasting Mischief Gin. Even the stills are magical - handcrafted in Germany and built to remove impurities without removing the flavor (the liquors are only distilled once, not 3, 6 or 12 times like many others).
Stop by on Sundays, when the tasting room is open from 11 to 4. Such a fun happy hour scene. Pull up an Adirondack chair, slurp some local oysters, look out onto Lake Union. Boat parking is available! Houseboats under hwy 99 (Aurora Ave N) I always just called this place Relatively new to U-Village, but seems like it's here to stay. Decent variety of food, and an elegant interior. I stop in for their #coffee. Grace Kitchen serves up #stumptown coffee, and sells stumptown coffee beans for retail purchase as well. The Hair Bender is my personal favorite. Classy mid-century decor and a modern Southern menu make the Gerald a welcome addition to Ballard's hippest street. Get in early. I got the large chia seed pudding here and it was BOMB! I'm not exactly sure about everything that was put on top of it, but I know there were almonds and coconut flakes.
Chaco Canyon is a vegan-friendly cafe in the University District (close to the University of Washington in Seattle) that serves breakfast all day! It's medium-sized (not that small for a cafe) and is really popular among locals. Took this in late summer while visiting the Woodland Park zoo. The stunning reading room in the Suzzallo library at the University of Washington. When you step through this door, a wall of chocolate-scented heat whacks you forcefully. This is the machines room where cocoa beans are turned into amazing chocolate. Just another shot of the grand stairs at the library. It's cement furniture, but it's also a lovely place to take a seat and read a book... On a nice day of course. ;) Best cider selection in the city. Try the Prohibition Bourbon Barrel Cider... you will be glad. ICU2TV: On August 17, 2008 a bronze statue of J.P. Patches and Gertrude was unveiled at the corner of Fremont Avenue North and North 34th Street in the Fremont section of Seattle. The unveiling date was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the J.P. Patches show. The statue is called One of my favorite events around the holidays in Seattle is the Christmas Ship Festival. You can catch a ride on an Argosy cruise (http://www.argosycruises.com/argosy-cruises/christmas-ship-festival/), rent your own or, simply go to a great viewing spot. My favorite is on the University Bridge looking out towards Portage Bay. Here, all the decorated boats stop for caroling which you can hear throughout the neighborhood (I can sometimes hear it in my house). Once done, all boats blow their horns and then head to Lake Union. It's definitely a site to see! I just wish my little iPhone camera could have captured it better so you all could get a better feel for it! #winterwonders #lifeatexpedia #merch Late-night snack attack or hangover remedy, this little spot on Market will treat you right. Hand-cut fries, hand-formed burgers and Molly Moon ice cream. Dig deep. I had walked past this gelato place SO many times in Fremont but never tried it until now! This was a small cup of the pistachio flavor ($4.25). It was great! The cup seems small, but they pack on the very rich scoops of ice cream quite generously. I think this place has only been open for a year now so it's still relatively new. Great spot to shoot pool. Lots of tables and nice lofty space. We walked in 10p on Thursday night and a table was open for us. A must see library at university of Washington, Seattle.
#UW #library One small gift from the cherry blossoms in the quad at UW. Always open and always a few people posing for photos. A beloved Seattle landmark. Heading to Russian class one morning (in 2009?). Photos of Denny Hall were actually the reason I decided I wanted to attend UW when I was in my early teens. Silly, right? (Good thing it's also a great university.) This place is a great casual brewery and tasting room. Good tunes and good brews, and a great distressed industrial decor. Check it out! House made chips, perfectly chunky guacamole, and margaritas with a perfect balance of sweet/salty/sour... Sound too good to be true in the middle of the Pacific Northwest? I thought so too. Also a must try, the sauce on the camarones enchipotaldos. Warning: it may blow your mind. If you're ever craving a giant salmon slice (and have some cash on you), head here (and order the chirashi bowl)... :) #lunchtime My kids love the food at 8oz, and the Cool beach park with some fun trails, easily accessible from the city:) Fresh baked breakfast biscuit with fried egg, prosciutto and arugula. Run to this place, it is so awesome! Folks who work here are super nice too. I go over the Fremont bridge almost daily. But seeing it from the Ship Canal offers a whole new perspective. #lifeatexpedia Wonderful selection of house-brewed beer, and a spacious outdoor patio to enjoy it. During the summers you can even catch classic 80s flicks on Thursday nights. There's no way to explain it. There's a shrine neatly tucked into a neighborhood garden. Like, in a cave. One of the weirder finds I ever found in Seattle. The Deep Fried Danger Dog. Wrapped in bacon and served with hot chile sauce. (This one is also on a bed of fries.) Bring the Pepto! Six salsas, fresh-made tortilla chips, and the best margarita in Seattle. All within walking distance of my house. This one was the vegetarian option! We also ordered the Deluxe and the Pepperoni. 3 medium sized pizzas for 11 people! So stuffed. Classic Seattle... A sign that celebrates the daily bike traffic across the Fremont Bridge. My quiet morning spot with a coffee and a book. Beautiful night for a walk, just outside of the Ivar's in North Lake Union.
#lifeatexpedia #merch Delicious grilled artichokes were the first course of an excellent meal here. Great staff and interior design too. Can you find the rocket ship in Seattle's Fremont Neighborhood? Fremont is the Another view of Red Square from the Suzzallo steps. If you're not a student but have your laptop/tablet, you can get a temporary wifi username/password (good for 8 hours). You just have to provide a valid ID, phone number, and email address to one of the info desk people. This is the place you dreamed of as a kid. I recommend everything. This hole in the wall joint on the corner of 65th and 15th in Ballard serves up authentic Mexican taco truck grub. Muy Bien! Try the carne asada and the shrimp ceviche. Hipster kingdom: classic pinball machines and arcade games, plus deliberately bad cheap beer. Open very late.
Look out though, their change machine will rip you off. #goldenhour UW Quad cherry tree
Spring 2016 Favorite place for cherry blossoms in Seattle! #green #cherryblossom So pretty in spring...and the fall here, the trail around the lake is about 2.5 miles and it's flat. Perfect for jogging, evening strolls, and picnics. It does get super busy on the weekends though. Went to the wild lights at woodland park zoo. This incredible Animal friendly zoo does a beautiful holiday lights display! Eggplant chips and edamame puree. Very smooth texture in the puree. The crepes here are the best. The powdered sugar looks like snow! Cafe on the Ave is a popular spot that U of Washington students go to. It's usually a coffee/study joint, but I went in for brunch! Prices are a little high but the atmosphere and setting is nice. This was the Cinnamon French Toast with strawberries, blueberries and bananas (~$10). Summer sunset on Greenlake, Seattle.
Cute little lake north of the city that boarders Fremont and Ballard. Check out those areas for great food, cocktails and music. A darling cafe in north Seattle, it's an absolute must. #food #coffee #seattle #blue #patterns Ballard Locks on a sunny, winter day. I have yet to find the sales clerks or clothing to be appealing, but telling mid 40 year old women wearing down and corduroy to party on is amusing. All of the village stores have great visual merchandising this time of year. #throwback to Freshman year at Rick's Cafe. This place is awesome. The service is so friendly, and the food is superb. Get the lamb. You will be glad.
Especially valuable for me, they dealt with my #glutenfree and #dairyfree requests without batting an eye!
They are also a fantastic #lateplates destination. Open until 2:30 am on Friday nights! This joint is right on the famous University Ave in the U District here in Seattle. Students just called it the Ave though.
EJ is really popular because of its cheap burgers and great milkshakes! This burger was the 'UW Burger' and consisted of caramelised onion rings, cheese, lettuce, and the to-die-for house sauce. It cost $6 tax included. It was also too big to fit into my mouth. The struggles... Step back in time and ride this fully restored 1918 carousel with 48 hand-carved wooden horses. Of the 5000 wooden carousels that were built, fewer than 150 are still in operation.
This particular carousel (PTC #45) was built in 1918 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company. The horses are believed to have been completely carved by master craftsman John Zalar, now considered the most gifted carver of his era. The carousel operated at the Cincinnati Zoo for 56 years before being moved to the Great America Theme Park in Santa Clara, California where it ran for another 20 years. It was purchased in 2000 by preservationists Tom and Linda Allen and presented to the zoo, where it underwent a six year, $3.2 million restoration. Something you wouldn't expect Tasty Italian food and pizza tucked into a Ballard neighborhood. It's small but worth the wait. Recommend the Jersey Salad and spicy pepperoni pizza. Fun father / daughter dumpling cooking class. Beautiful space and great teachers. They offer all sorts of classes and dining experiences. Check it out. Fun father / daughter dumpling cooking class. Beautiful space and great teachers. They offer all sorts of classes and dining experiences. Check it out. A summer evening walk at Green Lake Park...one of local's favorite parks, super dog friendly and kid friendly as well...and lovely during sunset... :) Beth's cafe is an awesome spot that's open really late. Just north of Seattle, Beth's is famous for the 12 egg omelette (which I highly recommend sharing since you get unlimited hash browns). This was the triple bypass: 3 cheeses, bacon, sausage, and enough grease to kill a common man. Be sure to ask for crayons and paper to draw while you wait for your food-all artwork can be put up on the walls. Smooth caramel latte at Trabant Cafe! Love the blue mugs! It matches today's sunny sky!
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Get an overview of this hotelNorthern Seattle motel with continental breakfast

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Breakfast included
Free self parking
Free WiFi
Laundry facilities
24-hour front desk

Green Lake Park

This motel is in northern Seattle, within a mile of Green Lake Park and North Seattle Community College. Woodland Park Zoo and Northgate Mall are within 1.9 miles.

Continental breakfast

Travelodge by Wyndham Seattle North of Downtown offers a 24-hour front desk, laundry facilities, and complimentary continental breakfast, parking, and wireless Internet access.

Wireless Internet

Guestrooms at Travelodge by Wyndham Seattle North of Downtown offer microwaves and refrigerators, coffee/tea makers, cable TV, and complimentary local calls and wireless Internet access.

Travelodge by Wyndham Seattle North of Downtown

Hotel Amenities

Hotel Amenities

Travelodge by Wyndham Seattle North of Downtown offers complimentary continental breakfast and wireless Internet access. This northern Seattle motel also offers complimentary coffee and newspapers. Laundry facilities are available, and parking is complimentary. The front desk is open 24 hours a day.

  • Free breakfast 
  • Laundry facilities 
  • Total number of rooms - 50 
  • Coffee/tea in common areas 
  • Free self parking 
  • Free WiFi 
  • Free wired Internet 
  • 24-hour front desk 
  • Free newspapers in lobby 

Family Friendly Amenities

  • Free Wi-Fi  
  • Laundry facilities  
  • Refrigerator  
  • Microwave  


Available in all rooms: Free WiFi , Free wired Internet

Available in some public areas: Free WiFi , Free wired Internet


Free self parking

Room Amenities

  • Free newspaper 
  • Air conditioning 
  • In-room climate control (air conditioning) 
  • Access via exterior corridors 
  • Free local calls 
  • Refrigerator 
  • Coffee/tea maker 
  • Hair dryer 
  • Iron/ironing board (on request) 
  • Television 
  • Desk 
  • Cable TV service 
  • Microwave 
  • Connecting/adjoining rooms available 
  • Free WiFi 
  • Free wired Internet 

Where to Eat

Travelodge by Wyndham Seattle North of Downtown provides complimentary continental breakfast.

Hotel Policies


Check-in time starts at 3 PM

Minimum check-in age is 21


Check-out time is 11 AM

Payment types

Children and extra beds

  • Children are welcome.


  • Pets not allowed

You need to know

Extra-person charges may apply and vary depending on property policy.

Government-issued photo identification and a credit card are required at check-in for incidental charges.
Special requests are subject to availability upon check-in and may incur additional charges. Special requests cannot be guaranteed.

Hotel Name

  • Seattle North Travelodge
  • Travelodge Aurora
  • Travelodge Aurora Motel Seattle North
  • Travelodge Seattle North
  • Travelodge Seattle North Aurora

We should mention

The property has connecting/adjoining rooms, which are subject to availability and can be requested by contacting the property using the number on the booking confirmation.

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