South Beach

Part of Durban’s wonderful Golden Mile, this sandy beach has safe swimming and a surf museum, an amusement park, a waterpark and an aquarium. 

Sun worshippers, swimmers and surfers flock to Durban’s lively and picturesque South Beach. Swim in the mild waters of the Indian Ocean, learn about Durban’s surfing heritage and have fun at marine and amusement parks. South Beach stretches from the Port of Durban to North Beach. It’s the southernmost area of the Golden Mile, a lively beachfront district that spreads along Durban’s Indian Ocean coastline. 

South Beach’s golden sand is perfect for relaxing in Durban’s year-round sunshine and playing sports such as volleyball and soccer. Lifeguards patrol the beach and erect beacons to indicate the safe swimming areas. There are also shark nets, which provide extra safety for bathers. Learn to surf on the beach’s small waves, ideal for beginners. A surf school at the center of the beach offers lessons with experienced instructors. 

Enjoy a walk along the lively waterfront esplanade. Spend an afternoon riding the fairground attractions, waterslides and aerial gondola at Fun World. General admission is free, while individual rides have fees. Visit the Time-Warp Surf Museum to discover the history of surfing in Durban. Check out the photography displays, newspaper clippings and radio interviews that retell the stories of local surfing heroes. 

Stroll out along the wooden pier near the southern end of the beach. Look back at the sweeping views along the Golden Mile and spot surfers riding the waves. 

A major highlight of South Beach is uShaka Marine World, a combined aquarium, waterpark and shopping village. Ride river rapids, a lazy river and one of Africa’s tallest waterslides. Watch acrobatic dolphin performances, ray feedings and seal shows. Dive with sharks and get close to lizards, snakes and tarantulas. Enjoy some shopping at the open-air mall.

South Beach is about a 10-minute drive or a 30-minute walk from downtown Durban. Public buses will take you to various points along the Golden Mile. Look for on-street parking or use the large parking lot at uShaka Marine World. 

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