Learn about the local Aboriginal Creation story and see a breathtaking sunset at this ancient rock art gallery, set amid sandstone outcrops and stunning floodplains.

Explore ancient rock art galleries, spot stunning tropical birds and take in magnificent views of the multihued escarpment at Ubirr in Kakadu National Park’s East Alligator Region. See fascinating paintings that date back thousands of years, depicting local Aboriginal creation ancestors and animals of cultural significance to the land’s traditional custodians.

Wander along the easy 1-kilometre (0.6-mile) circuit around Ubirr to reach the ancient rock formations. These rocky outcrops served the local Aboriginal people as a shelter from the tropical rains for generations. The three main galleries accessible to visitors will give you an insight into how the world’s oldest living culture survived in Kakadu’s diverse landscapes and seasons. See paintings of spiritual figures, such as the long and thin Mimi spirits, as well as local animals, including wallabies, possums, turtles, goannas and barramundi.

Don’t miss a visit to the Rainbow Serpent Gallery, which is deeply connected to the local people’s creation beliefs. This is a sacred site because “Garranga’rreli", the Rainbow Serpent, travelled through here. The Rainbow Serpent formed the plants, rocks, animals and people. During the dry season, experienced park rangers give talks about the area’s cultural significance several times throughout the day. 

Climb up the steep, 250-metre (820-foot) path that leads to a rocky outcrop. From here, you’ll be able to see beautiful views of the escarpment, Nardab floodplains and sandstone rock formations. You might recognise this spot from the film Crocodile Dundee.

For a longer stroll, take the Bardedjildji trail, which makes a 6.5-kilometre (4-mile) loop around picturesque viewpoints, including Cat Fish Creek, the East Alligator River and the floodplains.

The Ubirr rock art sites are 41.7 kilometres (25.9 miles) north of Jabiru. Visit the Bowali Visitor Centre in the town to find out about accessibility in different seasons. The site is open year-round and is free to visit; however, access to Kakadu National Park has a fee. Visit Ubirr at sunset to experience breathtaking views of the sandstone formations changing colour beneath the last rays of the sun.

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