Viana Palace

Visit a vast city mansion that is famed for its breathtaking artwork and a series of tranquil courtyards that reflect different eras of Córdoba’s history.

Spend hours wandering around the Viana Palace, one of the architectural highlights of Córdoba. The mansion is packed with artwork and historic furnishings that offer an insight into life for the city’s noble families. The palace is particularly celebrated for its network of ornately decorated patios, which date from different periods of its history.

Experience the story of the palace coming to life on a guided tour. The palace was first built in 1492 as a family estate for the Figueroa family. As different nobles moved in, residents of the house expanded it and created the national monument that exists today. The marquises of Viana lived here until the 1980s.

Explore the different patios that made this palace famous. These 12 courtyards are peaceful places to relax. They represent different architectural movements. Linger in the medieval Courtyard of the Cats or spot the Renaissance details in the Reception Courtyard. Baroque, Arabic and romantic styles are all represented across the patios.

Tours of the building will take you through the interior of the palace, which contains exhibits of firearms and décor from different eras of history. See how Spanish nobility lived in immaculate drawing rooms, which are lit with chandeliers and decorated with delicate porcelains and heraldic tiles.

Marvel at the paintings in the Julio Romero Room, which features several works by the Spanish Symbolist artist. The Baroque Room is one of the most impressive features of the palace. Take some time to appreciate the detail in 17th-century paintings from artists such as Valdés Leal and Antonio Palomino.

Viana Palace is located about 2 miles (3 kilometers) north of Córdoba’s historic center. Use the city’s efficient public transportation network to get to the magnificent mansion. Buses from the city center stop directly outside the palace.

Entry costs to the Viana Palace include a guided tour around the building. Come to the palace on any day of the week except Monday. Admission to just the patios is less expensive than experiencing the whole building and exhibits.

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