Just like a dream Poison Frogs Love the Lincoln Memorial even more when it's covered in snow. *parking on Ohio Dive Thought is was cool :) The US Capitol in Washington DC. This photo was taken during the so-called These are the stairs to the viewing platform for the main reading room. You get around 4 minutes to take photos from there. The portrait pictured is of Minerva who is guarding knowledge! 2nd day of spring. Washington DC bound. Light of tunnel. Amazing light of art. #spring2016 #art #museum #LumixGX7 #Leicalens #architecture #landmark #weekendgetaway #colorful. These are all the books on Lincoln. :) #architecture #washington #usa This is the cealing of the beautiful library of the congress of the United States in Washington. I did this photo with my 8mm fish-eye lens. Hope you like it! Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC this morning! WASHINGTON Monument during Independence Day
#NationalPark View from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at sunset. Entire area is quite awe inspiring for the first time visitor. You can spend countless hours looking at all the sights and museums. The Supreme Court is at the east end of the National Mall across from the Capitol building and right next to the Library of Congress. It's free to enter and you can just take a casual stroll through the building if you don't want to go on an official tour. The ceiling are pretty high, as you can see, and leaves you with a grand impression of the place! Not all areas are accessible to the public though so just read the signs and ask questions! Also, it can be pretty quite inside so be aware of your volume level! Lincoln Memorial/ Washington Monument
#waterlust Amazing Pizza! I will eat here again the next time I am in DC! #lateplates Twilight picture taken of this beautiful Basilica located in the heart of Washington DC. This Basilica is the largest Catholic Church of the United States. This was taken on a river cruise on the Potomac. DC is such a beautiful city
#URBANJUNGLE If you are in the area, pop your head in this gigantic building. The columns are impressive in their huge size! This also makes for a nice respite from the elements and is conveniently located right at the metro stop. Library of Congress, Washington, DC
#Stunningstructures Another shot from the Potomac river. Cool night shots
#URBANJUNGLE Cherry blossom# festival #sakura :) US Capitol at sunset During a #roadtrip from New York to Florida, we stopped in Washington D.C. to photograph the city during spring. #nationalpark #InStone Still one of my favorite places in all of DC View from the steps of the Supreme Court as you are walking out of the building. #lens4change Saint Theodore Guerin foundress of St. Mary Of-The-Woods College in Terre Haute Indiana. Beautiful statue commemorative to this woman who made such a great contribution to education. Passage to the East Gallery The Metro in Washington DC National Cathedral in Washington DC! Nice timing to be in DC
#cherryblossom in #Washington
#spring is finally here.
#nationalparks This absolute showstopper with its vivid cobalt blue and hot pink flowers is Aechmea 'Blue Tango' a patented hybrid in the Bromeliad family.
In operation since 1850 and in its current location since 1933, the United States Botanic Gardens houses numerous themed rooms under glass covering about 30,000 square feet.
Presently, the United States Botanic Garden is home to almost 10,000 living specimens, some of them over 165 years old.
#colorful This thing is soo cool This great art installation makes a simple passageway between the east and west buildings of the National Gallery of Art really spectacular. The Washington Monument and its reflection picking up some rose tones from the setting sun. Beautiful day at the US Capitol Beautiful stained glass in the National Cathedral! Autumn in DC Its like going back in time to the middle ages when you see this it's so lovely Amazing lightning An incredible collection of books written on Abraham Lincoln in Ford's Theatre Centre for Education and Leadership, in Washington, DC. The towering tribute to the 16th US president (estimated to contain over 15,000 books) stands 34 feet and 8 feet wide. It is located just across the street from the historic Ford Theatre where he was assassinated in 1865. It's quite the catalogue, and if you think about it if you were to read one of these books every day for 40 years you wouldn't finish them all. Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Garden summer lotus blooming. Washington DC View of The Washington Monument from the Tidal Basin near the Martin Luther King memorial. Washington DC #daytrip #sunshine #cherryblossom The view of the WWII Memorial, the reflecting pool and the Lincoln Memorial from the top of the Washington Monument. “We the people....” #Merica Facing west, fountain in the Sculpture Garden Amazing A view of the United States Capitol on a grey day, Washington DC.
A place where laws are debated and passed, usually without any issue whatsoever. ;-)
Quite a gorgeous building.
#architecture This flower that looks like something from invasion of the body snatchers is from a cactus called the Carrion Flower (Stapelia gigantea). As the names imply, the flower is both giant and stinky. The rotten odor of the flowers attract flies as pollinators.
In operation since 1850 and in its current location since 1933, the United States Botanic Gardens houses numerous themed rooms under glass covering about 30,000 square feet.
Presently, the United States Botanic Garden is home to almost 10,000 living specimens, some of them over 165 years old. Love the bright colored buildings of Eastern Market! The Renwick Museum recently reopened after being closed for 2 years. They've kicked off with an amazing exhibit called Wonder. This rainbow installation is made out of thread. The view of the White House from the top of the Washington Monument. Surprise snow storms in D.C. Make for a beautiful evening stroll around the capitol One the #LKsAwayDays favourite cities! Beautiful post-sunrise spot ... Fountains go on just after 6 AM The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden was... interesting.
Some art makes you think.
some art you should not think to hard about.
some art you need to take drugs to understand.
some art is testimony to why some people should not do drugs.
Don't be #Blue just ... believe !
#Colorful The Corpse Flower in bloom. #TitanArum An example of 19th-century neoclassical architecture, the Capitol evokes the ideals that guided the Founding Fathers as they developed the new republic. Pierre Charles L'Enfant was expected to design the Capitol, but his dismissal in 1792 due to his refusal to cooperate with the Commissioners of the Federal Buildings, resulted in other plans. A competition was suggested by Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson and President George Washington that would award $500 and a city lot to whomever produced the winning plan by mid-July. None of the 17 plans submitted were satisfactory. In October, a letter arrived from Dr. William Thornton, a Scottish-trained physician living in the British West Indies, requesting an opportunity to submit his plan after the competition was closed. The Commissioners granted his request and President Washington commended the plan that was soon accepted by the Commissioners.
The cornerstone was laid by President Washington on September 18, 1793. Because of Thornton's inexperience, the initial work progressed under the direction of three architects in succession. Stephen H. Hallet and George Hadfield were dismissed because of inappropriate design changes they tried to impose; James Hoban, winner of the competition for the President's House, was placed in charge and saw to the completion of the north wing for the first session of Congress on November 17, 1800. In 1803, construction resumed under Benjamin Henry Latrobe who completed the south and north wings. By 1813, Latrobe, with his job done, departed with the wings connected by a temporary wooden passageway.
On August 24, 1814, British troops set fire to the building during the War of 1812. A rainstorm prevented its complete destruction and Latrobe returned to Washington in 1815 to make repairs. He took this opportunity to make changes to the building's interior design and to introduce new materials, such as marble. Latrobe, however, resigned his post in November of 1817 because of construction delays and increasing costs. Charles Bulfinch, a Boston architect, was appointed Latrobe's successor in January of 1818. Continuing the restoration, he was able to make the chambers of the Senate and House, as well as the Supreme Court, ready for use by 1819. Bulfinch redesigned the central section, making the dome that topped the section higher. Bulfinch spent his last couple of years on the Capitol's landscaping and decoration until his position was terminated in 1829.
Historical Society of Washington, DC
By 1850, the Capitol could no longer accommodate the increasing numbers of senators and representatives. Another competition was held offering $500 for the best plan to extend the Capitol. Unable to decide between the plans, Congress divided the money between five architects and Thomas U. Walter was chosen to complete the task. Walter supervised the construction of the extensions, making sure they were compatible with the existing style of the building, but using marble for the exterior instead of sandstone, which deteriorates quickly. As the wings progressed, they more than doubled the length of the Capitol making the dome too small for the new proportions. In 1856, the old dome was removed and work began on a replacement with a new, fireproof cast-iron dome. Construction was suspended in 1861 so that the Capitol could be used as a military barracks, hospital and bakery for the Civil War. However, in 1862, construction resumed, because Lincoln believed that the Capitol must go on, just as the Union must go on.
The work on the dome and extensions was completed in 1868 under Edward Clark, who had served as Walter's assistant until his resignation in 1865. Clark held the post of Architect of the Capitol until his death in 1902. Considerable modernization occurred during his tenure, as well as the construction of the marble terraces on the north, west, and south sides of the Capitol. The terraces were constructed as part of the grounds plan devised by landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted. After a fire in November 1898, the need for fireproofing became evident. Elliot Woods, Clark's successor, saw to the reconstruction and fireproofing of the damaged wing.
The 20th century has seen even further changes for the Capitol. Under the direction of J. George Stewart, the appointed Architect of the Capitol, the East front extension added 102 more rooms from 1959 to 1960. The stonework was also changed from sandstone to Georgia marble during the process. After a public protest at further plans to expand in the 1970s, the plans were dismissed and the vote went to restore, rather than enlarge, the West Front. Since then, primary emphasis has been on strengthening, renovating and preserving the building.
Today, the Capitol covers a ground area of 175,170 square feet and has a floor area of about 16.5 acres. In addition to its use by Congress, the Capitol is a museum of American art and history. The National Law Enforcement Memorial is a quiet place to reflect on those who have lost their lives in the line of duty protecting others. This is a beautiful, well-done memorial. We found it interesting to find the names of the officers from our state while we were there. Washington D.C. is beautiful in the spring of the year! snow at night on Swann street The Petersons house, doesn't have anything original in it but the house it's self has a smell and feel to it, on the building beside it is a museum to correspond and a gift shop with this four story pillar of books. Each on Lincoln.  In 1937, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt laid the building cornerstone of this classical revivalist style building with the silver trowel that George Washington used to lay the cornerstone of the U.S. Capitol in 1793. In his speech, Roosevelt expressed hope that the Chinatown is a great stop when visiting Washington DC. The metro is conveniently located and it's fun to poke around in the stores, grab a bite to eat, and read all your favorite brand names in Chinese. We had the opportunity to visit the navy yard and it's incredible museums. The USS Barry (DD-933) was moored here when we visited. This absolute showstopper with its vivid cobalt blue and hot pink flowers is Aechmea 'Blue Tango' a patented hybrid in the Bromeliad family.
In operation since 1850 and in its current location since 1933, the United States Botanic Gardens houses numerous themed rooms under glass covering about 30,000 square feet.
Presently, the United States Botanic Garden is home to almost 10,000 living specimens, some of them over 165 years old.
#colorful Photo-bombed by a duck... Quiet, Peaceful, Beautiful Arlington National Cemetery Magnolia petals on the lawn of the White House Another view of the Lincoln Memorial. First try at some HDR. Brazilian stew at Ceiba was super yummy and huge. Control yourself on the appetizers so you can finish every drop of this stew! The rainy/overcast skies and construction/security preparation for the Pope's visit made photographing the spectacular facade of Union Station a lackluster experience.
However, the interior architecture is spectacular and it's a good spot to grab a quick lunch while sightseeing. The view of the Jefferson Memorial from the top of the Washington Monument. Snowed in - Washington, DC Tidal Basin Cherry Blossoms Blooming #weekend getaway Washington DC Jefferson Memorial The Mason's building is looking great in the sunshine today. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is probably one of the most famous addresses in American history.
Since John Adams in 1800, The White House has been the official residence of every United States President.
Despite being constructed out of sandstone painted white, the structure took significant fire damage just 14 years after its completion.
The White House has expanded to include the East and West Wing as well as taking over the neighboring Eisenhower Executive Office Building. The view of the Lincoln Memorial from the top of the Washington Monument. The Jefferson Memorial during the Cherry Blossom Festival. Although you're not technically allowed to sled on the grounds of the Capitol, sometimes they look the other way. This is a photo from 2010. Boy cake pops! Cake pops nestled into a cone with a cupcake 😻 #SweetSpot Metro Station Departing train Day trip to Washington DC Cherry blossom at its peak Awesome sunny day Loved this place (yes, fans of Night at the Museum)! Wished we had more time to explore...
The main reading room inside the Thomas Jefferson Building is off limits to all those except approved researchers.
There is an observation level for photography and dropped jawed gawking at the impressive sculptures and murals contained within. One of the famous structure in DC Sunset on Lincoln Memorial and Reflection Pool The Museum of the American Indian is a treasure trove of artifacts that tell the stories of Native people, including an expansive exhibit on the Incan Empire. Fascinating! A cluster of fuzzy pink sputnik looking flowers.
In operation since 1850 and in its current location since 1933, the United States Botanic Gardens houses numerous themed rooms under glass covering about 30,000 square feet.
Presently, the United States Botanic Garden is home to almost 10,000 living specimens, some of them over 165 years old.
#colorful Lost in a sea of lime green venus fly traps.
In operation since 1850 and in its current location since 1933, the United States Botanic Gardens houses numerous themed rooms under glass covering about 30,000 square feet.
Presently, the United States Botanic Garden is home to almost 10,000 living specimens, some of them over 165 years old. LKsAwayDay loves Washington DC! So much to see and enjoy My daily stop on my run when I'm in town and the best view of the White House in my opinion. @lens4change Its great to visit a capital city where all the things to see are within a walking distance. El sueño americano es un parte muy importante de nuestro cultura americana. Nos da un objectivo de para trabajar en la vida y una perspectiva en que una vida perfecta que debe parecer.
La expresión Springtime is in the air when cherry blossom trees in Washington, DC reached its beautiful peak bloom time. And every year, with over a million visitors, the district celebrates its award winning National Cherry Blossom Festival (mid-March to mid-April) with pure delight and bliss.
Enjoy diverse events such as: Opening Ceremony, Pink Tie Party, the Parade, Kite Festival, Fireworks Festival, Stage Performances and Concerts, Culinary and Food Truck Fest, Sakura Taiko Fest, Sakura Matsuri Japanese Fest, Anacostia River Fest, Cherry Blast, Freedom Run and Walk, Japanese Film Fest, Newseum Nights, and local communities/neighborhood events. Check with official festival website for detailed schedule of events.
Brief Historical Background:
The annual festival commemorates Japan's 1912 gift of 3,000 cherry trees, and honors the lasting friendship and continued close relationship between the US and Japan.
Popular Recommendations for Visitors:
1. Tidal Basin (a walk away from the obelisk) - enjoy the pageantry of pink and white blossoms, visit early in the morning to avoid the crowd.
2. The Parade - along Constitution Ave.
3. Sakura Matsuri Japanese Fest (M Street & New Jersey Avenue) - enjoy Japanese American cuisine, live performances, etc.
#Festival Cute cafe for light snacks and drinks near the White House.
photo by

Get an overview of this hotelWashington motel in Brentwood, near Supreme Court of the United States

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Located in Brentwood, this motel is within 3 mi (5 km) of Columbus Circle, United States Capitol, and Ford's Theater. White House and Washington Monument are also within 3 mi (5 km).

Property Features

Coffee/tea in a common area, a 24-hour front desk, and free newspapers are available at this motel. Free continental breakfast, free WiFi in public areas, and free self parking are also provided. Other amenities include RV/bus/truck parking and a front-desk safe.

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All 53 rooms provide conveniences like refrigerators and coffee makers, plus free WiFi and TVs with cable channels. Other amenities available to guests include free weekday newspapers, free local calls, and hair dryers.

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Howard Johnson by Wyndham Washington DC

Hotel Amenities

Hotel Amenities

A complimentary breakfast is offered each morning. Public areas are equipped with complimentary wired and wireless Internet access. This Washington motel also offers coffee/tea in a common area, complimentary newspapers in the lobby, and a safe deposit box at the front desk. Onsite self parking is complimentary.

  • Safe-deposit box at front desk 
  • Free breakfast 
  • Total number of rooms - 53 
  • Coffee/tea in common areas 
  • Free self parking 
  • Number of floors - 2 
  • Free WiFi 
  • Free wired Internet 
  • 24-hour front desk 
  • Free newspapers in lobby 
  • RV, bus, truck parking 

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  • Family Hotel  
  • Free Wi-Fi  
  • Refrigerator  


Available in all rooms: Free WiFi

Available in some public areas: Free WiFi , Free wired Internet

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Free self parking, RV, bus, truck parking

Room Amenities

  • Premium TV channels 
  • Access via exterior corridors 
  • Air conditioning 
  • In-room climate control (air conditioning) 
  • Free weekday newspaper 
  • Phone 
  • Free local calls 
  • Refrigerator 
  • Coffee/tea maker 
  • Daily housekeeping 
  • Free toiletries 
  • Hair dryer 
  • Shower/tub combination 
  • Iron/ironing board (on request) 
  • Cable TV service 
  • Television 
  • Desk 
  • Free WiFi 
  • Number of bathrooms -  
  • In-room safe 
  • Partially open bathroom 
  • Connecting/adjoining rooms available 
  • Cribs/infant beds (surcharge) 
  • Rollaway/extra beds (surcharge) 

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Guests are offered a complimentary continental breakfast each morning.


If you have requests for specific accessibility needs, please note them at check-out when you book your room.

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Check-in time ends at 7 AM

Check-in time starts at 3 PM

Minimum check-in age is 21


Check-out time is 10 PM

Payment types

Children and extra beds

  • Children are welcome.
  • Rollaway/extra beds are available.
  • Cribs (infant beds) are available.


  • Pets allowed for an extra charge of USD 10.00 per accommodation, per night

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Extra-person charges may apply and vary depending on property policy.

Government-issued photo identification and a credit card or cash deposit are required at check-in for incidental charges.
Special requests are subject to availability upon check-in and may incur additional charges. Special requests cannot be guaranteed.
Please note that cultural norms and guest policies may differ by country and by property. The policies listed are provided by the property.


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The following fees and deposits are charged by the property at time of service, check-in, or check-out.
  • Pet fee: USD 10.00 per accommodation, per night
  • Cribs (infant beds) are available for an additional fee
  • Rollaway beds are available for an additional fee
The above list may not be comprehensive. Fees and deposits may not include tax and are subject to change.

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  • Howard Johnson Wyndham Washington DC Motel
  • Howard Johnson Washington DC
  • Howard Johnson Express Inn - Washington Hotel Washington Dc
  • Howard Johnson Wyndham Washington DC

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The property has connecting/adjoining rooms, which are subject to availability and can be requested by contacting the property using the number on the booking confirmation.

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