Westport House

Once home to a swashbuckling pirate queen, this estate offers fun for the whole family, with a heritage mansion to explore in a gorgeous natural setting.

Spend a delightful and educational day exploring Westport House. Find a historic museum, an adventure park, a campsite, restaurants and extensive gardens in the lush natural beauty of County Mayo.

Discover a pristine family home set among stately promenades. Listen to a swashbuckling tale beyond its façade covered with creeping vines. This house was built on the foundations of one of the castles of the notorious Pirate Queen of Connaught, Grace O’Malley. Her descendants, the Browne family, still run the property today.

Inside the 18th-century historic house visit permanent and temporary exhibits and wander through more than 30 rooms that will give you a glimpse into daily life in past centuries. Be surrounded by lush interiors and fabrics, see priceless works of art and get spooked in the dungeons.

In the summer bring young children to the Pirate Adventure Park for themed rides, slides and play areas that parents can also enjoy. The park is inspired by Westport House’s swashbuckling origins. Take a peaceful ride along the estate’s lake and inlets on a Swan Pedaloe boat.

Westport House has 480 acres (190 hectares) of gardens, terraces, waterways and views toward the forested regions around Clew Bay, Clare Ireland and the holy mountain of Croagh Patrick. Wander through the estate’s manicured loveliness and imagine yourself as an aristocrat, surveying your grounds. In the wider estate is the Adventure Activity Centre which offers archery, combat games, a zip line and zorbing in a giant ball rolling downhill.

Hop on the Westport Train Tour for a trip through the entire estate and the friendly town of Westport. Head back to the mansion for lunch at the Old Kitchen Café or several other dining areas.  Take a seat in the covered beer garden.

Opening times for all the attractions at Westport House change throughout the year according to seasons, so check ahead online. Although the gates are usually closed in January and February, group visits can be arranged. Find Westport House a short drive away from the town center of Westport.

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