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Where to stay in Wichita

Your Guide to Wichita Hotels

Whether you take frequent Wichita vacations or have yet to visit that city, you may be interested in finding good deals on Wichita Kansas hotels. can help! Although Wichita is not often thought of as a prime vacation destination, hotels in Wichita Kansas are often kept full for most of the year. Many of those who stay in Wichita hotels are business travelers; several important American businesses were founded in Wichita. A drugstore in Wichita is also the site of the first official sit-in for racial integration. In 1958, the Dockum Drug Store hosted protesters who would sit at the counter for the entire day. After three weeks, the owner relented and agreed to serve black patrons. Travelers still visit the area as a sort of pilgrimage and frequently book rooms in hotels in Wichita, KS. The hotels downtown are an excellent option for those wishing to visit Wichita for cultural reasons.

Travelers who arrive in Wichita by plane can select from several good airport hotels that feature easy access to car rentals. Even though flights to Wichita are easily available, its location makes it a prime destination for those on road trips. Many people crossing the country will stop for a night at a Wichita hotel and rest up before continuing on their journey in the morning. For those traveling with pets, Wichita hotels in the southeastern part of town are recommended because the Arkansas River flows through that particular area has many good parks along its banks for walking dogs.

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