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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Expedia+ business?

Expedia+ business is a unique program which provides valuable features and benefits to businesses who choose to book their business travel on Expedia.com. Once a month, or once a week – no matter how frequently your employees travel for business, this free program will help you save money by earning rewards that benefit the whole company, and save you time by consolidating all employee travel in one place. Please see How it works for more information on the various features of this program.

How much does it cost to join Expedia+ business?

Nothing. Expedia+ business is a free program without any fees or costs.

How do I join Expedia+ business?

Enroll your company for Expedia+ business by clicking Sign Up Today. Enter your company information, invite employees, and start earning rewards.

Employees will receive invitations from the company to join with an invite code. Just enter the code with your Expedia.com username and password to join. You can create a new Expedia.com account if you don't already have one.

How do I book travel and earn rewards for my company?

There are no extra steps required during booking. Just sign into the Expedia.com account you used to join the Expedia+ business program and book your travel. Look for the hotels marked "Expedia Rate" to earn reward nights for your company. Booked travel will automatically appear in your company’s account.

What kind of travel is eligible for company rewards through Expedia+ business?

Pre-paid hotel nights of $50 or more, booked through Expedia.com or Expedia customer support, earn your company reward nights that can be converted into reward coupons. This includes pre-paid hotel only bookings and travel packages that include pre-paid hotel reservations. Cancelled itineraries and itineraries where reward coupons are used do not qualify for company reward nights.