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Alaskan cruises are the perfect way to see the U.S.’s final frontier, where you can conveniently visit far-flung glaciers and towns.


Cruisers love Asia’s exotic ports of call, from the high-tech cities of Japan and China to the lush greenery of Vietnam and Asia’s other tropical islands.

Arctic & Antarctic

On an Artic or Antarctic cruise, you have a rare chance to appreciate the beauty of one of world's most remote and unspoiled places.

Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand possess some of the world's most beautiful landscapes. Add incredible beaches, abundant attractions, friendly citizens, and bustling cities like Sydney and Auckland.


The Bahamas is made up of more than 700 tropical islands extending from southeast Florida to Cuba’s northeast coast. Most ships stop at the cities of Freeport and/or Nassau.


This 21-square-mile island paradise is located due east of North Carolina. If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation, consider Bermuda, where many activities are centered on the island’s beauty and tranquility.

Canada & New England

Cruises to Canada & New England Discover the quaint towns and fabulous cities of the east coasts of the U.S. and Canada, extending from Charleston on up to Québec City and Montreal. These cruises are particularly popular throughout autumn, when fall colors are at their peak.


Sail the southern Caribbean, where waters are warm and islands are plentiful. Travelers looking for world-class diving often head to the Western Caribbean, while the Eastern Caribbean is known for its duty-free shopping.

Central America

Discover a region that has a rich tapestry of geography, culture, and ecosystems. Trek the lush canopy of Costa Rica's Tropical Rainforests, marvel at the ancient Mayan ruins of Belize, and explore the teeming coral reefs and powder soft sands of the Caribbean Sea.


European cruises offer a variety of itineraries and destinations, giving passengers a chance to explore many of the world's most famous and historic cities—all the while sparing them the hassle of coping with borders, foreign languages, and day-to-day plan.


Dreaming of the ultimate tropical vacation? Consider the remote islands of Hawaii, our 50th state. Spend your days in port diving, hiking, and surfing; Hawaii has some of the best reefs and waves in the world.


Say hello to the pristine beaches and sparkling blue waters of Mexico, a great destination for water sports, ecotours, and bargain shopping. If you want to visit Mayan ruins, be sure to hit Mexico’s northeast coast.

South America

The exotic cities of South America are great to visit by ship, where you can easily experience the culture so unique to this area of the world. If you plan right, you’ll even be able to participate first hand in Rio’s Carnival.

South Pacific

When you think South Pacific, think exotic, whether you plan to visit the Polynesian islands of Tahiti or explore the reefs, rain forests, and unique flora and fauna of Australia and New Zealand.