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Vendor Frequently Asked Questions

Expedia offers many ways for you to sell more travel. The purpose of this Vendor FAQ Page is to assist you, our valued partners, with immediate answers to many common inquiries. We hope the following will meet your needs, so that you can continue to offer superior service to our mutual customers. If you do not find your answers here please call 1-877-EXPEDIA (397-3342) or call 1-817-524-4121.

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Lodging Suppliers

Merchant Hotels (Expedia Special Rate)
Merchant Hotels are identified as Expedia Special Rate hotels on the site and are sorted to the top of the hotel search results page.

What is a Merchant or ESR Hotel?
We are an ESR hotel and we need to update the content for our ESR listing. Whom do we contact?
How can we update our ESR rates, restrictions or inventory?
We're having trouble accessing our ESR Extranet account. Whom do we contact?
How can we request an ESR customer's reservation be resent to our property?
How can we request an arrivals report?
How do we purchase advertising for our ESR property?
Will my property be available across all of the Expedia websites (Points of Sale) and Affiliate sites on participation?
How do I update my Star Ratings on the site?
How can my hotel become a part of the Expedia Insiders' Select Program?
What is the significance of Traveler Opinion and the ratings?
My hotel has a virtual tour of its own. Can I have that on Expedia website in my property profile?
My hotel is a merchant hotel on Expedia. Are there any connectivity solutions that can link my property rates/availability directly with/on Expedia?

Non-Merchant Hotels (GDS)

What is a GDS Hotel?
How can we list our GDS hotel property on the Expedia Websites?
How can we update our GDS property information on the Expedia Websites (e.g. address, phone number, content, photos, rates)?
We have a GDS hotel. How can we convert our property to an Expedia Special Rate  (ESR) listing?
How much would it cost to become an Expedia Special Rate hotel?
How do we pay our GDS hotel booking commissions?
How long does it take to convert a GDS Hotel to an Expedia Special Rate hotel on Expedia?
What additional marketing/merchandising exposure is provided to an Expedia Special Rate hotel that is not applicable for GDS?

Vacation Rentals

We have Vacation Rental Properties such as condominuims, homes, or villas.  How can we get these listed on the Expedia Websites?


How can our airline sell travel on Expedia?

Attractions & Services Vendors

What are Expedia Attractions & Services?
How can we list our attractions and services on the Expedia Websites?
Voucher Improvements
How can we request replacement vouchers?
How can we request a copy or report a missing arrivals or booking report?
How can we request urgent information about an upcoming reservation?

Car Rental Companies

How can our Car Rental Service become a supplier on the Expedia Websites?
How can we update our information on the Expedia Websites (e.g. rental locations and phone number changes)?

Cruise Lines

If you are a cruise line representative, please call our cruise team at 1-888-249-3978.

Advertising & Marketing Partners

How can we purchase advertising on the Expedia Websites?
How can we get Expedia to advertise on our website?


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