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Vacation Rental Property

We have Vacation Rental Properties such as condominuims, homes, or villas. How can we get these listed on the Expedia Websites?

Expedia accepts new applications only from Vacation Rental suppliers who can offer a block of inventory at a wholesale rate. This is the typical method of listing if you own vacation properties, condominiums or other non-traditional rental units.
Please note: Applications by individual home and condo owners are not being considered at this time. We also cannot accept management groups representing properties with 15 units or less.

In order to qualify, Expedia must verify that the inventory offered meets the following profile:
  • A unit allocation* of inventory which is available year round
  • The block of inventory must include similar accommodations. For example, a block of twenty (20) 2-bedroom condos all located in the same complex would qualify, whereas a block of twenty (20) condos of mixed type (1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, etc.) or several condos in different locations would not.
  • Offer a net rate* that is a minimum of 25% off the lowest retail rate

*Actual inventory allocation and net rate requirements may vary by destination.

If you meet the above criteria and are interested in participating on the Expedia Websites, please visit www.joinexpedia.com.

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