This was taken from behind the atlas statue at Rockefeller center. It's a unique perspective since you normally look at this statue from the street. Saint Patricks cathedral is the church across street.
#goldenhour As I was walking down Broadway, dodging the occasional sudden but brief outburst of rain, jumping out in front of me was the famed Flatiron Building. Love how it looks like the bow of a ship and the storm clouds add a bit of drama to the shot.
#UrbanJungle The color & the aromatic smell of the store Amazing building! I love NYC! Empire State view Flying over Central Park. I can never get enough New York. Nothing like a #weekendgetaway in NYC.  NYC,Amazing place😍 Empire State view on a snowy day at sunset #TroveOn - Old railway + killer design + art + green. Walk the Highline in Chelsea! Envisioned in 2002 and open in 2009, it is so big, beautiful and well executed... Don't miss it. A highlight of visiting New York City is standing beneath the bright lights of Times Square.
It was only made better by seeing it covered in snow. watching sunset from the 86th floor of ESB. breathtaking Nothing like Manhattan during a snow storm. Everyone loves Central Park in New York. It's an awesome place to catch your breath in a city that doesn't slow down. I spent some time there recently, in hopes of capturing some autumn color in the Park. As it turns out, there was a lot of it, and I was a very happy photographer that day! From The place to run on the weekend and sunset walks along the river are amazing. Explore New York's Chinatown beyond the bags and trinkets on Canal Street. Not only will you find great food, but discover fascinating history about gang wars in The garden at Palma feels like a lovely Italian courtyard - - an oasis in the City. Great pasta and prosecco.
I found this place on an NYC Food Tour. Read more about it at: Stayed late at the Rockefeller building The Cathedral of St. Patrick (commonly called St. Patrick's Cathedral) is a decorated Neo-Gothic-style Roman Catholic cathedral church in the United States and a prominent landmark of New York City. It is the seat of the archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, and a parish church, located on the east side of Fifth Avenue between 50th and 51st Streets in Midtown Manhattan, directly across the street from Rockefeller Center and specifically facing the Atlas statue. Had no idea this place existed until I stumbled upon it on a stroll through Central Park. But I wasted no time getting shots from as many viewpoints as possible once I did discover it. As it turns out this is a popular spot for photographers. Lucky I found it then :-)
#StunningStructures 30 Rockefeller Plaza is an Art Deco skyscraper in the middle of Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan. At 850 feet (260 m) high, the 70-story building is the 14th tallest in New York City and is a great place for capturing views at sunset (especially because it offers views of the Empire State Building).
To get this shot, head to the top of Rockefeller Center, known as Lovely day to see Manhattan Got to love Central Park in the fall
#URBANJUNGLE I just love this view! View of Manhattan and Hudson River, New York City from Empire State Building
Until you see New York City from the top of the Empire State Building, you haven't really seen it. The 360-degree views of the NYC skyline from the 86th floor observation deck are nothing short of spectacular.
#NYC #EmpireStateBuilding #NewYork #Manhattan #colorful
Spectacular new fountain in Lincoln Center plaza designed by same team that built the dancing fountains in Vegas. Fireworks of water. Extra special for kids. Central Park showing off its fall wardrobe. Tea in the Palm Court at the Plaza in New York City. Sublime. Time exposure in Central Park. Fall is so nice in New York
#waterlust Great spot in Central Park Blue and Gold Macaw. #blue #nature #birds #colorful #NikonD7100 #105mmMacro I dream of cannolis from Rocco's - - the best in New York, in my view. Their cannolis are prepared with the ricotta filling when ordered, so the pastry is always crisp. Shown here with pistachio nuts. Delicious!
I found this place on my first ever NYC Food Tour and have been going back ever since. You can read more about the tour at: Frozen fountain in Bryant Park. Winter is here! Central Park in New York. Bethesda Terrace in Central Park is a popular spot for wedding photos. But the ceiling tiles also make for great accoustics for performers. While I was there, a group sang 'Amazing Grace', and the harmonies gave me goosebumps. The iconic bronze statue of Atlas, outside Rockefeller Centre. In Greek mythology, Atlas was condemned to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders after losing a war to the Olympic gods. If you follow the apex of the globe with your eyes, you will see that it points to the North Star. Rockefeller Centre is home to the Top of the Rock Observation Deck, NBC Studios, and the Rockettes. Roosevelt Island. #I❤NY #lighthouse #lovemytown #waterlust #blackandwhite #sunset #NikonD7100 #Gitzo mini tripod. #spring #architecture This Beaux-Arts hotel was built at the corner of Broadway and 42nd street in 1906. A playground for the rich and famous, it was where the martini was invented and F. Scott Fitzgerald wooed Zelda. The hotel closed after prohibition, but reopened this year. There is an amazing rooftop bar overlooking Times Square. In New York there are loads of attractions to see and things to do but lets be honest, it's all about the skyscrapers isn't it :D
See all of my New York shots here... Cherry blossom season. #🌸 #colorful #lovemytown #blue #nature #mothernature #I❤NY #sakura #NikonD7100 #macrolens Blue and Gold Macaw. #blue #nature #birds #colorful #NikonD7100 #105mmMacro The Rose reading room. Was under construction for almost 2 years. #NikonD7100 #architecture #colorful #I❤️NY Central Park is a great place to spend a day
#waterlust #EmpireStateBuilding Times Square is buzzing and vibrant no matter what time of day or night.
#colorful #BestOf5 #EndlessSummer Snowy night in NYC. Going to a farewell party and passed by this church. Haunting and peaceful the same time. #snow #I❤️NY #blackandwhite #landmark #architecture #citylife #cityscapes #nightscapes #iphone6 #manfrottoKYLP. #shadowplay. Top of the rock it's the best view of NYC.
#architecture The ice rink and Christmas tree at Bryant Park means the holidays are here! Snow Monsters installation by Peter Regli presented by the Dominque Levy Gallery Christmas in the air. Get down dirty and low. #I❤️NY #colorful #citylife #Xmas2016 #winter⛄️❄️ #landscape #nightscspe #lovemytown #LumixGX7 Merry Xmas guys Taken in the middle of a freezing cold winter a few years back. It is absolutely what you expect it to be. Very strange being somewhere for the first time and yet it is soooo familiar. My favourite NYC building is even more beautiful on a foggy night #nyc #NewYork #architecture #manhattan #ChryslerBuilding I'm not sure what building this is but it looks interesting to me, it's on corner of Lexington ave and 57th in New York City. All lit up for the night. #I❤️NY #citylife #cityscapes #colorful #architecture #landmark #nightscenes #nightlife #nightscapes #iphone6 Located in Central Park, NYC, the bow bridge is one of the most romantic (and filmed) spots in the city. #waterlust #green A realeza se reúne aqui! Victoria Crowned Pigeon. #nature #birds #blackandwhite #NikonD7100 #105mmMacro Grand central was lit up red tonight for Valentines Day! Glorious Best view of NYC. Go as close to dusk as you can and watch the sun set and see the city transform from day to night.
#URBANJUNGLE Obliteration Room by Yayoi Kusama at David Zwirner Gallery - each visitor gets a sheet of dot stickers to wield once inside! The clouds may have covered up the blood moon last night, but they sure made for a beautiful sky over NYC! This is right by the lake. It's such a beautiful section of the park A colorful display of holiday spirit in NYC. Engaged. #iphone6 #blackandwhite #citylife #I❤️NY Congrats to my friends Rob & Laila. Simplicity. Just pure bonding. Another man-made miracle which is witnessed recently is the Oculus station. It was rebuilt after the original World Trade Center station was destroyed in the 9/11 attacks.
Travel Tip: Always be prepared for a windy day when you visit New York City.
#LifeAtExpedia View of the 59th Street Bridge, connecting Queens to Manhattan -- runners cross it at approximately mile 16 in the NYC Marathon .. The Manhattan skyline from the top of the Rockefeller Center Take a two-hour class in the flying trapeze at the South Street Seaport (in summer). I didn't get a chance to try it, but it looks like fun! Beautiful Tunnel under Bethesda Terrace....don't miss it when you are visiting Central Park in NYC. I love this spot for photography as it has some beautiful artwork not only on ceiling but walls as well and who doesn't love tunnels 🤓 it's 5 mins walk from Bow bridge and opposite to Bethesda fountain #StunningStructures #nyc #newyork #centralpark #colorful Walk down 4th street in Hoboken, NJ and you'll be treated to an amazing view of NYC from the new pier extension. On this evening, the sky and city lit up a luminuous #blue hue at twilight. Taken from Newport waterfront. 9/11 tribute. #waterlust #colorful #landscape #cityscape #citylife #nightscape #architecture #I❤️NY #nyc #freedomtower #Nikon #NikonD7100 #Manfratto tripod #longexposure Flying north out of Newark Liberty International Airport provides a nice view of New York City and Central Park as a bird sees it! The magnificent holiday display at the Rockefeller is a must see. Enjoy the holiday music and the colorful lights all over the place. It's the Grand-daddy of holiday parades and for good reason! The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is as American as turkey, mashed potatoes and a tryptophan-induced nap. Definitely put this event on your bucket list. Get there really (really!) early, bring hot cocoa and some patience, and ring in the holiday season the way only NYC can! Windy night at the foot of the Rock #desktop #nyc #therock #BestOf5 One of the most beautiful buildings in NYC. Art Deco at its finest.
#URBANJUNGLE Grand Central Terminal is the largest railway terminal in the world (76 acres). Nearly 700,000 passengers use the station daily, making it the nation's busiest. The cavernous Main Concourse measures 200 feet long, 120 feet wide, and 120 feet (roughly 12 stories) high. The ceiling is elaborately decorated with astronomical symbols. The The Rose Reading Room is a grand place for a good read. Library docents provide free tours of the building, highlighting its fascinating contents. See, for example, an early draft of the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson.
#architecture I like clouds (but in most cases not the rain)... 
SHOPPING ALONG 5TH AVENUE👛💍🕶👗😊👍 If you're a fashion-focused NYC Tourist, shopping at the New York stores on Fifth Avenue is a definite must during your stay in the Big Apple. NY shopping is an entirely different experience than shopping in another city, especially along this historical road. Located in the center of Manhattan, the best Fifth Avenue shopping takes place between 39th and 60th Street at NYC flagship stores. Whether you are searching for the latest fashions, NY souvenirs, or useful housewares, New York outlets on Fifth Ave cater to every taste and budget. Shutterbugging around. #streetphotography #iconic #architecture #reflections #I❤️NY #blackandwhite #NikonD7100 #citylife #cityscape #landscape I took this photo the day after Nemo storm. Central Park seemed like a Xmas movie that day. I found this little fellow with friends among the trees and decided to pose for me. #Red New Museum is a super current crazy art museum that always has artists that blow my mind. The entire 4th floor was a white palatte and 9 weeks later it was turned into this by allowing anyone to create art and place it anywhere in the room. They even has a scaffolding ladder for you to reach the top of the walls if that is where you wanted to place your art. The pic was taken from the top of the scaffolding ladder to give you a sense of the enormity of this truly interactive work. Yesterday was the last day so there were barely any art supplies or wall space for anything more. Yes that is a tee-pee in the middle that also served as an art palette. I know everyone posts this picture, but I just think it's such a cool building, that I had to post it again! I stayed in the neighborhood this trip to New York, and walked by it each day on my way to work during my stay; such a cool landmark. Near Century 21 on 66th, there is a Saturday Farmers Market. September's produce and flowers is the peak month for this market as evidenced by these flowers. This is NOT photoshopped. #colorful A wall of radishes piled high in the Union Square #market, which takes place every weekend Spring to Autumn. #weekendgetaway #Delicious #foodiefinds #patterns The Manhattan skyline from the ferry out to the statue of liberty.
So good they named it twice. Christmas time inside St. Patrick's Cathedral Great birdhouse habitat and sculpture located on the highline park Ruthy's Bakery cupcakes are mostly frosting masterpieces so am not a fan of eating them but love to admire them. However they have other delicious treats such as homemade whoopee cookies filled with cream cheese in the middle and a kick ass red velvet brownie. Located inside Chelsea Marketplace on 9th Ave/15th St. A busy afternoon at Grand Central Observing the beautiful fall foliage during a walk through Central Park. Wanted to frame the Empire State Building and shoot a different perspective of this scene Superb! #Delicious Looking south on Manhattan Creative tributes can often be found at this memorial to John Lennon. #colorful #autumn Stumbled upon this gorgeous street art today, while stroking along the High Line, an old elevated train track converted into a pedestrian walkway through the Chelsea neighborhood of the Big Apple.
Easily one of the most gorgeous displays of wall art I've ever seen.
After a one-day hiatus bc of too much police activity, Banksy returned today with a stencil on the door of the Hustler Club 51st/12th Ave. The work depicts a man wearing a tux and holding a wilting bouquet of flowers. Hippie Girl Day of the Dead! Galli also had an excellent shrimp, goat cheese, asparagus salad and bloody good Bloody Mary's.
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Información general sobre el hotelHotel para familias en la zona de Midtown, Nueva York, a unos pasos de Times Square

Servicios destacados

Acepta mascotas
Centro de negocios


Este hotel para familias de Nueva York se encuentra en la zona de entretenimiento, a 5 minutos a pie de Terminal de autobuses de la autoridad portuaria, Times Square y Broadway. Estación Pensilvania y Macy's también se encuentran a 15 minutos.

Características del hotel

Además de un restaurante, este hotel para no fumadores cuenta con un gimnasio y un bar o salón lounge. También dispone de una cafetería, wifi en las áreas públicas y valet parking.

Servicios y comodidades de las habitaciones

Las 873 habitaciones cuentan con bañera profunda, además de wifi y colchones con pillow-top. Los huéspedes también tendrán a su disposición servicio de habitaciones las 24 horas, acceso a internet por cable y televisión.


  • Español
  • Inglés

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The Westin New York at Times Square

Servicios del hotel

Servicios del hotel

Este hotel dispone de un restaurante y una cafetería. Hay un bar o salón lounge dentro de las instalaciones del establecimiento, donde los huéspedes pueden relajarse con una bebida. Los huéspedes de este establecimiento de 4,5 estrellas tienen acceso a un un centro de negocios y salas de reuniones.

Las zonas comunes disponen de acceso a internet por cable y wifi (con cargo). El espacio para eventos mide 3159 metros cuadrados e incluye zonas para conferencias. Este hotel de lujo también dispone de un gimnasio, asistencia para la compra de tours o entradas y personal multilingüe. Se dispone de estacionamiento en las instalaciones (con cargo).

En The Westin New York at Times Square está prohibido fumar.

  • Check-in exprés 
  • Bar o salón lounge 
  • Periódicos en el lobby (con cargo) 
  • Ascensor 
  • Servicio de recepción las 24 horas 
  • Espacio para conferencias 
  • Centro de negocios 
  • Portero o botones 
  • Restaurante 
  • Salas de reuniones 33 
  • Check-out exprés 
  • Asistencia turística y para la compra de entradas 
  • Año de construcción 2002 
  • Cafetería 
  • Servicio de tintorería/lavandería 
  • Estacionamiento sin valet parking (con cargo) 
  • Wifi (con cargo) 
  • Valet parking (con cargo) 
  • Gimnasio 
  • No se permite fumar en el establecimiento 
  • Acceso a internet por cable (con cargo) 
  • Caja de seguridad en la recepción 
  • Espacio disponible para conferencias (en metros): 3159 
  • Resguardo de equipaje 
  • Cajero automático o banco 
  • Desayuno disponible (con cargo) 
  • Servicios de concierge 
  • Tamaño del espacio para conferencias (en pies): 34000 
  • Tienda de recuerdos o quiosco 
  • Lavandería 
  • Cantidad total de habitaciones: 873 
  • Televisión en las áreas comunes 
  • Cantidad de pisos: 45 
  • Personal multilingüe 

Amenidades para la familia

  • Hotel familiar  
  • Lavandería  
  • Niñera en la habitación (cargo adicional)  
  • Refrigerador  


Disponible en todas las habitaciones: Acceso a internet de alta velocidad por puerto de datos ( USD 19.95 por noche ), Acceso a internet de alta velocidad por puerto de datos ( USD 19.95 por noche )

Disponible en algunas zonas públicas: Acceso a internet de alta velocidad por puerto de datos ( USD 16.95 por noche ), Acceso a internet de alta velocidad por puerto de datos ( USD 16.95 por noche )


  • Español
  • Inglés
  • Alemán
  • Francés
  • Portugués


Aparcamiento sin asistencia (de pago), Servicio de aparcacoches (de pago)

Servicios de la habitación

  • Canales de televisión premium 
  • Películas de pago 
  • Ropa de cama hipoalergénica disponible 
  • Ropa de cama de alta calidad 
  • Servicio de habitaciones (24 horas) 
  • Cortinas opacas 
  • Aire acondicionado 
  • Climatizador en la habitación (aire acondicionado) 
  • Periódico diario gratis 
  • Teléfono 
  • Nevera 
  • Minibar 
  • Cafetera y tetera 
  • Baño privado 
  • Albornoces 
  • Productos de higiene personal gratis 
  • Secador de pelo 
  • Masajes en la habitación disponibles 
  • Combinación ducha/bañera 
  • Bañera profunda 
  • Guardería en habitación (de pago) 
  • Colchón con cubierta tipo almohada 
  • Wifi (de pago) 
  • Conexión a Internet por cable (recargo) 
  • Plancha o tabla de planchar 
  • Televisión 
  • Escritorio 
  • Limpieza de habitaciones diaria 
  • Caja fuerte en la habitación (cabe un ordenador portátil) 
  • Número de baños:  

Lugares para comer

Se puede disfrutar de un desayuno con cargo todas las mañanas.

The Westin New York at Times Square dispone de un restaurante.

Servicio de habitaciones las 24 horas.

Actividades cercanas

Las opciones de recreación y esparcimiento en este hotel incluyen un gimnasio.

Se pueden practicar las siguientes actividades de recreación y esparcimiento en las instalaciones o cerca del establecimiento (es posible que se aplique un cargo).

  • Senderos para caminar o andar en bicicleta en los alrededores 

Acceso para personas con capacidades limitadas

Para realizar solicitudes relacionadas con necesidades específicas de acceso por discapacidad, indícalas en la página de pago cuando reserves tu habitación.

  • Baño adaptado para discapacitados 
  • Ducha adaptada para discapacitados 
  • Habitaciones adaptadas para discapacitados 

Políticas del hotel


Hora inicial de check-in: 16:00

Edad mínima de check-in: 21

Instrucciones especiales de check-in:

No es posible hacer el check-in fuera del horario indicado. Los huéspedes que lleguen más tarde de lo establecido deberán hacer el check-in la mañana siguiente.


Hora de check-out: 12:00

Tipos de pago

Niños y camas adicionales

  • Los niños son bienvenidos.
  • ¡Los niños no pagan! La estadía de los niños de 17 años o menos es gratuita siempre que utilicen las camas existentes.
  • No hay cunas disponibles.


  • Se aceptan mascotas gratis.
  • Perros únicamente
  • 1 por habitación (hasta 40 libras)

Información importante

Puede aplicarse un cargo por cada persona adicional, según la política del establecimiento.

Se debe presentar un documento de identidad con foto emitido por las autoridades gubernamentales y una tarjeta de crédito o depósito en efectivo en el check-in para cubrir cualquier gasto imprevisto.
Las solicitudes especiales no se pueden garantizar. Están sujetas a disponibilidad al momento del check-in y pueden conllevar cargos adicionales.
  • El nombre de la tarjeta de crédito que se utilice en el check-in para pagar gastos adicionales debe coincidir con el nombre del contacto principal que figura en la reservación de la habitación.
Sin cunas disponibles
Se aceptan mascotas (sin cargo adicional)


Se te solicitará que pagues los siguientes cargos en el establecimiento:
  • Depósito: 150.00 USD por estadía
  • Impuesto local: 28.69 USD por hospedaje por noche.
Hemos incluido todos los cargos que nos ha proporcionado el proveedor. No obstante, los cargos pueden variar según, por ejemplo, la duración de la estadía o del tipo de habitación reservado.

Opciones extra

Los siguientes cargos y depósitos se pagan directamente en el establecimiento al recibir el servicio, en el check-in o en el check-out.
  • Cargo por desayuno: entre 5 USD y 40 USD por persona (precio aproximado).
  • Acceso a internet por wifi en las habitaciones: 19.95 USD por noche (la tarifa puede variar).
  • Internet por cable en las habitaciones: 19.95 USD por noche (la tarifa puede variar).
  • Internet wifi en las zonas comunes: 16.95 USD por noche (la tarifa puede variar).
  • Internet por cable en las áreas públicas: 16.95 USD por noche (la tarifa puede variar).
  • Cargo por estacionamiento sin valet parking: 50.00 USD por día.
  • Cargo por estacionamiento con valet parking: 76.94 USD por día.
  • Depósito por mascotas: 250 USD por estadía.
La lista anterior puede estar incompleta. Además, es posible que los impuestos no estén incluidos. Importes sujetos a cambios.

Avisos importantes

El establecimiento ofrece hospedaje gratuito a los niños de hasta 17 años, siempre que ocupen la misma habitación que sus padres o tutores, utilizando las camas existentes.

Lo sentimos, parece ser que tuvimos un problema cargando el contenido de nuestras reseñas. ¿Quieres intentarlo de nuevo?

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Principal reseña positiva

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