Namsan Cable Car

Ride this short tramway for great views of Namsan Park and the fastest access to the soaring N Seoul Tower.

Enjoy a pleasant journey on Korea’s first aerial tramway, Namsan Cable Car. Rise above the rooftops of downtown Seoul as you travel high over forested slopes to the summit of Mt. Namsan. Appreciate the spectacular scenery from Namsan Cable Car and discover the natural landscapes and interesting monuments of Namsan Park.

The cable car took 4 years to build and opened to the public in 1962. One of the main reasons for its construction was to provide a quick route to the top of the 860-foot-tall (262-meter) mountain in the city center. Each car features windows on all sides and has a capacity for 48 passengers. Become one of the estimated 50,000 people who travel on the cable car every month.

The ride from Hoehyeondong station, at the northern base of the mountain, to Yejangdong station takes about 3 minutes. Find a window seat and have your camera poised to snap superb shots as the city’s skyscrapers disappear into the distance. Peer down on areas of thick woodland and spot people traversing marked mountain trails. Gaze north to see the tall peaks of Bukhansan National Park.

Alight at Yejangdong station and continue on foot to the colossal N Seoul Tower. At the foot of the tower is a courtyard with bars, food stands, restaurants and a lookout platform. Pay the entrance fee to travel to the tower’s observation decks, including a rotating platform. Audio guides are available and help to locate some of the city’s major landmarks.

From the tower take a return trip on the cable car or walk down. Alternatively, follow trails to other areas of Namsan Park. The Southern Namsan Circuit takes you to Namsan Botanical Garden in the southern foothills.

Reach the cable car by taking the Seoul Subway Line 4 to Myeongdong station and then walking for 10 minutes. Alternatively, take a taxi directly to the cable car base station.

Namsan Cable Car is open daily and charges a fee. Consider arriving in the late afternoon and returning after sunset, when downtown lights illuminate the skyline.