Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Join the masses who snap selfies every year at one of the most Instagrammed sites in South Korea, a UFO-like building that hosts a variety of events. 

Dongdaemun Design Plaza is an instantly recognizable Seoul landmark. Spot a building that looks like an enormous alien spaceship and it is likely to be this spectacular site. The building hosts exhibitions, conventions and other events throughout the year, but many people come here simply to take photos in front of its extraordinary façade.

Though Dongdaemun Design Plaza was only built in 2014, it has already come to hold great historic and cultural significance. It was among the final projects Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid worked on before her unexpected death in 2016. See the design plaza from a distance and notice Hadid’s characteristic flowing lines and curves.

Visit the plaza during the day to see its vast silver surface clearly. At night, the building is even more spectacular, as it is illuminated in bright colors. The busy, brightly lit roads surrounding it add to the futuristic impression.

Book a guided tour of the building ahead of your visit to have an expert lead you around all of its most impressive features or pick up an audio guide at the door. Check the plaza’s event schedule to see what is on before you come. The events taking place here throughout the year are widely varied, including exhibitions, conventions and more. Some events return annually, including HERA Seoul Fashion Week and Seoul Architecture Festival. Kids are also well catered for, with a great on-site program of entertainment for youngsters.

Explore the innovative Dongdaemun History and Culture Park while you are here. The park has been designed to showcase past and present South Korean culture through interactive exhibits. Part of the park is actually on the roof of Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

Visit the space-age marvel that is Dongdaemun Design Plaza any day except Monday, when it is closed. Take the bus or the subway to Dongdaemun History and Culture Park station, which has excellent connections throughout the South Korean capital.