Olympic Park

Go to “Olpark” in Seoul to visit a sports museum, attend a pop concert, watch South Korea’s top athletes perform or enjoy a long walk in its Eco Park.

While designed to house the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, the spacious Seoul Olympic Park has always been much more than just a place for athletic competitions. In this expansive complex in the heart of the capital, Koreans come to excel and to relax. See concerts, attend festivals and enjoy other cultural performances, visit museums or partake in leisurely outdoor activities.

Olympic Park sits on the land that was once the Mongchontoseong Fortress and the Mongchonhaeja, a man-made lake that dates back to the early Baekje period (1st to 7th century B.C.). Browse the History Experience Park and Baekje Museum in the complex to learn about the area’s rich historic heritage. A Leisure Sports Park, a Cultural Art Park and an Eco Park make up the remainder of the park.

If you are a sports fan, explore the gymnasium of the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games and gaze into the eternal flame of the Olympic torch. Watch swimming or fencing competitions, cheer on a badminton or basketball game or see Korean dancers, weightlifters and gymnasts outdo each other.

Also don’t miss the Olympic Museum in the Cultural Art Park of the complex, which also has a cafeteria and gift shop. While in the Cultural Art Park, admire the wide range of sculpture in the Seoul Olympic Museum of Art (SOMA) or enjoy the show of the Musical Fountain.

The park’s Leisure Sports Zone is home to the Peace Square and Sports Square. After inline skating, walking or jogging, enjoy the healing effects of the reflexology path.

In the Eco Park, look and listen for cuckoos, Korean squirrels, ducks, white herons, pheasants and frogs to momentarily forget that you are in the heart of bustling Seoul.

Allow up to 3 hours to explore the diverse attractions of the Seoul Olympic Park. While access is free, parking and transportation fees apply. There is a bike rental shop in Peace Square and the convenient Hodori Train runs from here during day-time hours (weather permitting). The Information Centers in Peace Square and at East Gate 1 provide maps and tourist information.

Beware that the Seoul Olympic Museum is closed on most Mondays, except during vacations, and selected public holidays.