From farm to plate to creative culinary capital.

Portland's chefs are plating up fearless innovation, an enticing aesthetic and some of the purest ingredients on the West Coast. Welcome to the USA's new food frontier.

The Portland restaurant scene is more than just a collection of restaurants. This is a community affair, a geeky club of culinary adventurers who have pushed through all the clichés of hipster dom into an even deeper artisanal space, all the while cheered on by a supportive population of fellow foodies.

The inventiveness, passion and stripped back aesthetic of the city's 600 beer carts and seemingly countless market stalls percolates into its ever evolving restaurant scene. In Portland, it's all about the food and where it comes from. Whether it's from the fields, forests or ocean, Oregon is a state of agricultural abundance where the seasonal ingredients define the dishes. Here, the dining experience transcends mere eating; from providence to presentation, it's a total nose to tail narrative. Put simply, Portland cares deeply about its food.

To begin your Portland food odyssey, hit one or two of the farmers markets and bump shoulders with the city's chefs as they reverently appraise some of the nation's purest produce.

More maternity wards than markets, here lovingly reared and wild picked ingredients are laid out complete with all the karmic accreditation that would bring blissful nods of approval from the state's hippie forebears.

When it's time to eat, don't wait for lunch or dinner. Breakfast and brunch are a big deal here with long lines seen as a chance to swap notes and restaurant tips with fellow food lovers. And while most of the world's great cuisines are represented, expect more twists than a Portlandia episode as local chefs reinterpret classic dishes to make each their own.

From intimate, fine dining to laughter filled communal experiences, Portland's chefs plate up passion, quality and innovation like few other cities. As you'd expect from its hippy roots, Portland is also one of the most vegan friendly destinations in the USA. And whether you're into meats or beets, you'll also find some of the best craft beer, pinot noir and coffee to wash it all down with.