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HANGZHOU: Experiencing Cultures in the Living Poetry

Being poetic is ordinary; but being in itself a poetry, that’s what makes all the difference!

Home of Silk. Tea Capital. Paradise on Earth. There are many names they used to call it, but one thing’s for sure - standing elegantly on the southeastern coast of China as the capital of Zhejiang Province, this is the promised city with a treasure trove of cultural gems where an unparalleled discovery awaits!

While West Lake and the Grand Canal are registered on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List, Hangzhou is surrounded with pagoda-dotted hills and aquamarine water. Its culturally rich landscape set against the historic temples, pagodas and gardens, nature is blended seamlessly into the urban city scene, bridging the past, present and future together.

Go visit this heavenly destination and explore the authenticity of the Living Poetry - Experience Hangzhou, experience cultures!


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