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Pink Jeep Tours

Chauffeuring adventurous visitors through the American Southwest since 1960, Pink Jeep Tours have driven over 1 million miles accident-free on excursions through red rock, state parks, and along the rim of the spectacular Grand Canyon. Set out for a scenic outback tour to explore the region's dramatic geology and fascinating natural history—Pink Jeep Tours benefits from special permits for 3 different Grand Canyon locations and to access remote areas where other tours just can't go.

Pink Jeep Tours' fleet of vehicles are specially designed and built to tackle the rugged terrain of the desert while still offering a stable, comfortable ride. The Pink Jeep Tour Trekker is the world's first custom-built, off-road luxury vehicle, designed in partnership with Chrysler LLC. With a clean-burning, 6.7-liter HPCR engine, adjustable rear air ride suspension, 4-wheel drive, a longer wheel base, and a 2-inch suspension lift for ground clearance, there's nowhere this 10-passenger off-roadster can't go. It's also designed with amenities in mind—think leather captain seats, a DVD player, tinted windows, air-conditioning, and insulated walls for a quiet ride.

The open-air, Pink Jeep Wranglers can tackle even rougher country. These vehicles take 9 weeks to produce—first they're purchased new, then broken down, and then custom rebuilt for a roomy interior and a superior ride. The Wranglers get upgraded suspension and bulked-up, heavy duty axles for a Jeep that can climb rocks and cross through cactus forests without a hitch.

Pink Jeep Tours' drivers are highly skilled and highly trained to offer the most fun ride and the most insightful commentary and storytelling, filling you in on the Southwest's natural, cultural, and historic details as they share their passion for the dramatic geology of the region. Each driver has completed the internationally recognized Smith System Driver Training safety program, as well as an intensive, 32-hour course from the National Association for Interpretation to earn the title of Certified Interpretive Guide. They're also certified in CPR and First Aid for an extra level of reassurance on your backcountry adventure.

Offering outings from Sedona and Scottsdale, AZ and Las Vegas, NV, Pink Jeep Tours are the perfect operator to immerse you in the wonders of the Grand Canyon and the rugged, arid geography of the southwestern United States. From Sedona, set out to explore the Coconino National Forest on rugged trails like Broken Arrow, taking in sandstone rock formations and incredible ruins like Montezuma Castle National Monument, cliff dwellings that date back to the 12th century.  Cruise by the bright lights of the Vegas Strip and out into the red rock beyond on outings to see the Hoover Dam, the Colorado River, Black Canyon, and Lake Mead. Traverse the Valley of Fire State Park for amazing vistas across the Mojave Desert, and marvel at the arches and pillars of Zion State Park. From Scottsdale, trek out across the rough and tumble Sonoran desert as you learn about the region's mining history and ghost towns and see relics of the Apache Wars. See 1,000-year-old outposts left by the Hohokam people and ride through cactus forests for an up-close look at spiky species like ocotillo, chaint fruit chollas, and giant saguaro cacti in the area north of the Phoenix Valley. Check out the Valley of the Sun and the Painted Desert in the Navajo Nation and discover the Southwest's flora and fauna—creatures like Mexican gray wolves, bobcats, black bears, and mountain lions await at the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, and more than 50,000 arid climate-loving plants are on display at the Desert Botanical Garden.

The must-see destination of the Southwest and its singular, can't-miss landmark is, of course, the Grand Canyon. Approach this natural wonder of the world in a Pink Jeep Tour to get right up to the edge at places the park shuttles can't go, and peer down at the shimmering snake of the Colorado River 1.8 miles (2.9 km) below. Visit the South Rim to learn about the legends and history of the area and visit lookout points like Mather Point, Bright Angel Lodge, and Grandview Point. On the East Rim, drive up to the Desert View Watchtower and take in the views from Navajo Point and Moran Point as your certified guide shares insight on Native American culture. Step out onto the Skywalk for a plummeting look down into the Grand Canyon's depths from the West Rim, or leave the Jeep behind for a hike below the rim on famed trekking paths like South Kaibab Trail, Hermit Trail, Bright Angel Trail, and Grandview Trail—with outings for every budget, every fitness level, and every interest, Pink Jeep Tours can customize their off-road offerings for every group. Complimentary hotel pickup and drop-off makes for extra convenience and a stress-free outing.

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