Use your ThankYou® Points to pay for hotels at Expedia®

Choose from over 230,000 Expedia Rate hotels around the world

Pay for your entire hotel booking with ThankYou® Points or just a portion

Frequently asked questions

Which Citi credit cards are eligible?

You must have an eligible Citi credit card in good standing to use your ThankYou® Points on

Eligible Citi cards include Citi Prestige Card, all Citi ThankYou® Cards, Citi Chairman American Express Card, Citi Forward Card, CitiBusiness ThankYou® Card, Citi PremierPass/Expedia Card, AT&T Cards and Sunoco cardmembers with available ThankYou® points.

Citi ThankYou ® preferred card
Citi ThankYou ® premier card
Citi ThankYou ® prestige card
Citi AT&T universal card
Citi AT&T access more card

What else do I need to use my Citi ThankYou® Points on

In addition to an eligible Citi credit card, you’ll also need an Expedia account with a free Expedia Rewards membership. Expedia Rewards gives you access to the best of Expedia, including member-only discounts, Expedia Rewards points to redeem for more rewards travel, extended price matching on hotels and elite status.

What can I book using my ThankYou® Points on

You can use your points to book any of over 230,000 Expedia Rate Hotels worldwide. Look for the Expedia Rate label when you search for hotels.

How do I use my ThankYou® Points to pay on

  • First, sign in with your Expedia account so you can see your member-only discounts.
  • Choose any Expedia Rate hotel. Make sure you select the “Pay online now” option if you are offered a choice.
  • During checkout, select ThankYou® Points as your payment method and apply the amount of points you would like to use. Any remaining balance will be charged to your linked eligible Citi credit card.
  • If you don’t see your ThankYou® Points, make sure you’re signed in.

I’m a Citi ThankYou® Rewards member but don’t have an eligible Citi credit card. Why can’t I use my ThankYou® Points on

Shop with points at Expedia is only available to ThankYou® members with an eligible Citi credit card that participates in ThankYou® Rewards. Your eligible Citi credit card must be linked to an Expedia account.

Is there a fee to use ThankYou® Points on

There’s no fee to use your ThankYou® Points.

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Citi ThankYou® Rewards terms and conditions

Shop with Points on  In order to use your ThankYou® Points ("Points") for eligible "pay now" hotel bookings ("Hotel(s)") on, you must complete the enrollment process and agree to the following terms and conditions at the time of registration.

  • You must be a ThankYou® Member with a ThankYou® account ("Member Account"), have an eligible Citi® credit card account that participates in ThankYou® Rewards ("Card"), and both accounts must be in good standing.
  • During the registration process for Shop with Points on, your Member Account will be linked to your account using the eligible Card you selected. You agree that Citi may provide Expedia® and/or its affiliates ("Expedia") with information about your Member Account, including your Points balance.
  • Points may only be used on for eligible Hotels.
  • There is no fee to use your Points on
  • Citi will deduct from your Member Account balance the amount of Points you elect to use for your Hotel bookings on
  • Your Member Account balance may not reflect redemptions for pending purchase transactions until the purchase has been confirmed.
  • Authorized users on your Card account that earns Points can use Points for Hotel bookings on
  • Hotel Bookings made on with Points are subject to Expedia’s terms of use and other policies, including cancellation policies. terms and conditions are available at herelink opens Website Terms of Use in a new tab and Website terms of use are available herelink opens Expedia Rewards Terms and Conditions in a new tab. Additional restrictions may also apply.
  • If you are ever entitled to a refund, the refund will be applied to your original payment method. If you paid for your entire Hotel booking with Points, you will receive your refund in Points (minus any cancellation fees, which will be deducted from your Points). If you used a combination of Points and your eligible Card to pay for your booking, you will receive your refund on your Card then Points (minus any applicable fees, which will be deducted from your Card refund first, then from your Points).
  • Citi has the right to change the Points to dollar conversion rate for Shop with Points on at any time.
  • Citi may modify or terminate Shop with Points on at any time without notice.