By Sarah Waffle Gavin, on November 13, 2015

2015 Best of +VIP Access hotels

At Expedia we pride ourselves on knowing a lot about hotels. We also recognize that some of our most seasoned travelers and members know a bunch, too. This is why we keep track of our members’ favorite places to stay worldwide and release these findings in our annual Best of +VIP Access list. This list celebrates those of our hotels that scored highest on member satisfaction scores.

In 2015, we had a great group of select properties earn the proverbial spotlight. Properties with superior service and top-notch amenities. Hotels that give out free WiFi. Places with rooms that are spacious, modern, and clean. Resorts known for exceptional service—the kind of exactly-what-you-need attention that makes you feel like the staff almost can read your mind.

Every year, winners are chosen from our prestigious collection of more than 1,800 +VIP Access hotels. These hotels already are known for top guest reviews.

To even be considered for this annual honor, a +VIP Access hotel must have one of the highest member satisfaction scores among our elite (+silver and +gold status) members and have superior reviews. Hotels that qualify also must be top performers in their market, frequently offer an amenity (for +silver and +gold), and frequently give +gold members room upgrades, among other factors.

In all, 400 hotels received honors this year—our highest total yet.

Among the 2015 winners: L’Auberge del Mar in San Diego (which gives +VIP members 50 percent off valet parking and a free resort fee); The Oxford Hotel in Denver (which gives +VIP members 50 percent off parking); and The Banyan Tree Mayakoba in Playa del Carmen, Mexico (which gives +VIP members a US$50 food and beverage credit).

We’re particularly proud of the fact that these three hotels—along with 52 others—received a 100 percent member satisfaction score in 2015. This means members deemed 55 +VIP hotels to be close-to-flawless in 2015.

Reading through feedback from some of our most frequent travelers about these hotels was inspiring to say the least. Our members waxed poetic about how front-desk staff remembered them from previous visits. They also mentioned that free upgrades and late check-outs were pretty much standard with +gold Expedia+ member status.

Also for 2015, the most popular amenity was food and beverage credits, with 228 hotels offering a food and beverage credit of some type. Hotel services (free WiFi, spa treatments, etc.) came in second, with 103 hotels offering some type of discounted or free service.

The rundown on all 2015 winners can be found by clicking here; for coverage of previous BOVA campaigns, check out this Expedia Viewfinder post from last year.

Some interesting points about our winners over time:

  • Eight of them have notched a 100 percent customer satisfaction score since 2012.
  • 78 total hotels have won the award since 2013. These hotels represent North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

What does this all mean for you, our travelers? For starters, it means it pays to enroll in the Expedia+ program—anyone can join. Our sister program, Expedia+ business, provides business-travel rewards, such as automatic upgrade to +silver status and other exclusive benefits.  With +silver status, business members can enjoy free amenities at +VIP Access Hotels—which means even more perks when traveling for business or leisure).  Learn more about Expedia+ business by clicking here.

To book yourself a room at a +VIP Access hotel, look on the site for +VIP icons alongside each +VIP Access hotel listing.  In our mobile app, each +VIP Access hotel is noted with a grey triangle in the corner of the listing. Travel in style! Book with +VIP Access.