By Courtney Scott, on October 19, 2016

5 carry-on bags to invest in right now

Are you struggling to find the right piece of luggage? Or maybe you’ve been using the same outdated bag for the last decade? Advancements in innovation have created a new breed of luggage that does way more than just tote possessions from point A to point B. And a shift towards fashion-forward travel gear has made way for some pretty stylish pieces to accompany your next trip. As we all know, finding the right piece of carry-on luggage can be a total travel game changer, so here are five awesome bags that should definitely be on your radar for your next adventure.

Raden A22 Carry ($295)
The A22 Carry is an ultra-sleek, ultra-light carry-on bag weighing only 8.4 pounds. The polycarbonate shell comes in a variety of neutral colors, but my favorite is the matte black. So chic! It has four double-spinning spinner wheels that keep you gliding along, and a built-in bluetooth tracking system that syncs with the Raden app to give you the comfort to know where your bag is at all times. One of my favorite features of Raden luggage is the two built-in USB ports on the exterior of the bag. The battery pack in the A22 Carry has enough juice to fully charge your phone four times, and the handle doubles as a scale so that you never have to deal with overweight bag charges upon check-in.

The Away Carry-On ($225)
I am totally on board with a company that gives travelers the chance to test run their luggage for 100 days for free. That is the case with Away, a new luggage brand that has created a collection of luxury luggage at a price you can actually afford by cutting out the middle man and selling direct-to-consumer.  At 21.7” x 13.7” x 9”, Away meets the size requirements for all major domestic airlines and with a durable polycarbonate hard case, you can rest assured that this luggage can stand up to the wear and tear of travel. A removable battery charges up your mobile devices from two USB ports located on the top of the bag near the handle. At 7.2 pounds, Away’s carry-on is an ideal choice for the frequent traveler.

Bric’s Rolling Duffle Bag ($199)
If maximum space is what you’re after, the Bric’s 21” Rolling Duffle X-Bag is the carry-on bag for you. Unlike many hard cases, which open like a clamshell, this nylon bag has a three-way zipper that opens on the top side of the duffle to reveal one large cavity that fits a lot. I’ve traveled for over a month in this bag alone. Made in Italy, the 8-pound Bric’s carry-on has a stylish look and works as well for a casual weekender as it does for week of jetsetting abroad. I especially love the tan Tuscan leather details. While this bag isn’t a spinner, nor does it have any of the high-tech features of some other carry-on bags, it’s one of my favorites and will always be one of my go-tos.

The Catalina Deluxe Small by Lo & Sons ($128)

Lo & Sons is known for creating luggage that specifically caters to the traveler who loves to travel light but doesn’t want to skimp on functionality or fashion. I am a fan of many of their bags, but their Catalina Deluxe Small is a dream weekend tote or carry-on bag. It comes in durable 20 oz. canvas in four wonderful neutral colors. The base of the tote bag is a compartment that can store shoes and bulkier ponchos, and the top compartment is extra spacious and easily fits everything you would need for a weekend away! At 18” x 13” x 8.5” it fits in the overhead bin.

Viewfinder Tip: If packing light is a challenge for you, try investing in the Catalina Deluxe Large—even more room for $20 more!

The Clifton by ONA ($499)
As a travel blogger, I’m always looking for stylish pieces of luggage that keep my camera gear protected while traveling. The Clifton camera bag by ONA does that. It holds one DSLR camera and at least four additional lenses. I love its low-profile style. Made entirely of black hand-crafted leather, it looks more like something off of the runway than a typical camera bag. Would-be thieves will never know you’re traveling with camera equipment.

What is the piece of carry-on luggage that you swear by?