By Expedia Local Expert, on September 2, 2018

Bangkok’s top shows: Theater, dance & martial arts performances

If you need a break from the booming bar scene and the night market crowds, spend your evening in Bangkok at a world-class show. Take the whole family to see the high energy Cookin’ Nanta stage show or immerse yourself in history and culture with a classical Thai dance and delicious dinner combo. Fans of combat sports can see the kicks fly with ringside seats at a Muay Thai boxing match, or you can get glitzy with a ticket to the Calypso Cabaret. Make the most of your time in Bangkok by filling your evenings with outstanding theater, beautiful cultural dances, and the excitement of Thailand’s national sport. 

Siam Niramit Show  

Siam Niramit Show

The lights dim, the curtain lifts, and then you’re on an epic journey into Thailand’s rich cultural heritage, traditions, and history during one of the world’s largest stage productions. Over 100 performers dance, boat, and fly across the stage in a vibrant array of over 500 different costumes. Gargantuan sets styled after treasured works of Thai art transport you to rural villages, royal palaces, and lands beyond imagination populated with flying angels and mythical creatures. Before the show, explore Siam Niramit’s reconstructed Thai village, savor tasty Thai cuisine, and pose for photos with colorfully costumed actors.  

Calypso Bangkok Cabaret Show 

Calypso Bangkok Cabaret Show

For a night of glitz, glamor, and comedy, head to Bangkok’s Calypso Cabaret. Order a drink and take your seat at a small, lamplit table while a cast of transgender performers lights up the stage in feathered headdresses, sequined dresses, and high-kicking heels. Sing along as the ladies lip sync to everything from classic showtunes to Beyoncé, and be dazzled by magnificently choreographed dances to Chinese love songs and Korean pop. Delighting audiences in Bangkok for over 30 years, Calypso Cabaret presents over-the-top pageantry and slapstick laughs all ages can enjoy. 

Cookin’ Nanta Stage Show 

Cookin Nanta Show

Watch the chopped cabbage fly as cast of comical chefs serves up an energetic, rhythmic percussion stage show using knives, bowls, and water drums as musical instruments. Don’t worry about a language barrier since Cookin’ Nanta masterfully utilizes physical comedy, acrobatics, pantomime, and music to enthrall audiences from around the world. Follow 3 cooks attempting to prepare a wedding banquet on a deadline while dealing with their manager’s bumbling nephew as the newest member of their culinary crew. Will they make it in time? Bring your whole family to the critically acclaimed Cookin’ Nanta in Bangkok to find out! 

Thai Dinner & Classical Dance 

Thai Dinner & Classical Dance

A graceful dancer decked in a gold headdress and glittering costume moves with precision to the light chimes and percussive notes of classical Thai music while the coconut milk-melded spices of green curry chicken twirl across your tongue. Choose from a multi-course vegetarian, seafood, or meat dinner of authentic Thai cuisine to accompany the mesmerizing performance. As you dine, watch 6 elegant displays of traditional Thai dance ranging from masked sword fights to exactingly choreographed numbers that tell stories from classical Thai literature and folklore. 

Muay Thai Live Stage Performance 

Muay Thai Live Stage Performance

Jump into the action-packed history of Thailand’s most iconic sport with a ticket to the acclaimed stage performance Muay Thai Live – The Legend Lives. An athletic cast introduces you to the spirit of Muay Thai boxing with high-energy fight scenes, daring stunts, and stories of the ancient martial art’s heroes like the Tiger King in Disguise, the Prisoner with Eight Limbs, and the Warrior of Broken Swords. After a brief intermission, get a taste of today’s Muay Thai boxing as the stage turns into a ring for 2 matches by rising warriors from various gyms around Bangkok. 

Muay Thai Boxing in Bangkok 

Thai Boxing

A Muay Thai boxer counters his opponent with a swift kick, sweat flies, one crushing punch lands him on the mat, the crowd erupts—and you’re in the middle of it all with VIP ringside seats. Your evening starts with amateur matches and ramps up to title fights. Whether you’re a combat sports fan or curious about Thailand’s national sport, your guide will navigate you to Bangkok’s famous Rajadamnern Stadium and answer all your questions about the rules, rituals, and rich history of Muay Thai boxing. 

Chao Phraya River Dinner Cruise 

Chao Phraya River Dinner Cruise

For a relaxing night in Bangkok filled with good food and live entertainment, embark on a luxurious dinner cruise along the Chao Phraya River. Load your plate with delicacies of international and Thai cuisine from the ample buffet. A live band plays classic jazz and pop music while the riverbanks provide a visual feast. The glittering lights of modern day Bangkok fuses with the glow of the city’s ancient architecture as you pass elegantly lit landmarks like The Temple of the Dawn and the Grand Palace.  

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