By Expedia Guest Author, on January 30, 2017

The Best Portable Fitness Equipment to take on Vacation

Keeping fit on the go can be difficult, but there are products out there that can help. The best portable fitness equipment is compact, light and agile. Below is a round-up of the best portable exercise equipment for travel, so you can prepare for your next vocation workout.

Suspension Trainers

Bodyweight exercises are some of the best ways to get fit, but aren’t often practical when traveling. Suspension trainers such as the TRX system allow you to move in a variety of ways. They allow you to train in different planes of motion and increase the range and difficulty of exercises. They can be fixed to a hotel door frame, to a tree branch or another stable point, like a chin up bar.

he expanded number of exercise options that this equipment offers means you can improve your strength and balance on the go. By combining different exercises, you can train your muscles while receiving a full cardio workout.

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Resistance Bands

Think of resistance bands as a compact set of travel weights. These tough rubber tubes have handles on the end, so they can be used to add extra resistance to bodyweight movements like squats and press ups. By looping them over an anchor point, like a strong pipe, they are a great way to perform pulling exercises.
You can also use them as dumbbells to add resistance to shoulder presses, lateral raises, biceps curls and overhead triceps extensions and best of all their small and portable enough to fit in your pocket.

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Skipping Rope

The humble skipping rope is super convenient and a lot more portable than most fitness device. Weighing in at a few hundred grams, it packs a huge cardio punch and is perfect for high-intensity interval training. Skipping exercises will also burn more calories than running and isn’t as weather dependent as it can be done indoors if you have enough space. It’s great for strengthening feet, legs, hips and shoulders.

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Foam Roller

One element of training that even gym bunnies ignore is recovery. Foam rolling acts like a localised stretch on the muscle tissue, working out knots called ‘trigger points’. Foam rollers loosen and relax the muscles, minimise the risk of injury and result in better long-term performance.

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Exercise Sliders and Slide Mats

Sliders take up little to no room and are perfect for equipment for travel. They work by reducing friction on the hands and feet, so that you can glide to and fro with ease. Pushing and pulling motions can be used to increase the difficulty of exercises, including knee tucks, mountain climbers, lateral lunges, sliding jacks, pikes, arm crawls and sliding burpees. Sliders can also be used to aid stretching after your workout.