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Bryce Canyon National Park Vacation Ideas


Bryce Canyon National Park Vacation Ideas

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[video-blue-header]Journey to Utah’s sprawling reserve, Bryce Canyon National Park, and marvel at the golden cliffs and spires carved by water, wind and time. Dreaming of your next foray into the great outdoors? This park is a fantastic destination for wilderness adventures. Check out our top vacation ideas for Bryce Canyon National Park before planning the ultimate itinerary for this red-rock wonderland.


Ideas of places to visit in Bryce Canyon National Park

Whether you’re exploring on wheels, horseback, or your own two feet, Bryce Canyon National Park serves up unforgettable scenery with every season. Winter brings snowfall, frosting over this fiery color scheme with enchanting drifts of glittering white. Summer sunshine sets the golden hues of the land alight with new fervor. The top attractions and best places to visit in Bryce Canyon National Park transform with the seasons, so the same travel itinerary offers up new scenic delights with every visit throughout the year.

Old Bryce Town - Bryce Canyon, UTAH

Old Bryce Town

(1:50 in the video) Start your Bryce Canyon itinerary off right with a hand-dipped ice cream or some fresh-baked oven goods from the Old Bryce Town shops. Pick up camping or hiking supplies, clothes, souvenirs, sporting goods or groceries from the general store. The store fronts are decorated in the Western Style, making this attraction a fantastic opener to your Old West adventure.

Bryce Canyon Visitor Center - Bryce Canyon, UTAH

Bryce Canyon Visitor Center

(1:58 in the video) For detailed driving and hiking directions and the most up-to-date Park Ranger program schedules, head to the Bryce Canyon Visitor Center. Park staff will be happy to help plan your visit and direct you to lodgings, dining and other attractions. Leave some time in your travel itinerary to view the 20-minute, award-winning film Shadows of Time and then check out the museum exhibits and bookstore here.

Yovimpa Point - Bryce Canyon, UTAH

Yovimpa Point

(2:57 in the video) From the visitor center, follow the scenic drive to Yovimpa Point, one of the southernmost points of the park. Here, spectacular views await of striking rock faces and pinnacles that give way to step-like cliffs and evergreen forests that descend to the canyon floor. On a clear day, see as far as 100 miles into neighboring state, Arizona. Choose to either make the trip yourself or take a guided tour on the complimentary Bryce Canyon Rainbow Point Shuttle.

Natural Bridge - Bryce Canyon, UTAH

Natural Bridge

(4:50 in the video) See the eye-catching work of Mother Nature’s ceaseless hands at one of Bryce Canyon’s top sightseeing attractions, Natural Bridge. Framed by its red rock arch, the roughly spherical hollow provides a glimpse into the forested canyon below. Marvel at the unyielding forces of gravity and weathering to which these massive rocks can ultimately succumb. Located next to the parking lot, the Natural Bridge overlook is easily accessible for all visitors.

Rim Trail - Bryce Canyon, UTAH

Rim Trail

(5:31 in the video) One of the best things to do in Bryce Canyon National Park is to hit the Rim Trail. Hike the 5.5-mile path along the rim of Bryce Canyon’s amphitheaters and gaze upon the chasms, ageless stands of bristlecone pines and the largest collection of hoodoos in the world. In winter, see this jaw-dropping world of spires anew when you strap on your snowshoes and hike the frosted trail.

Bryce Point - Bryce Canyon, UTAH

Bryce Point

(5:58 in the video) If you’re looking for a magical way to spend a sunrise, make sure your itinerary includes a trip to Bryce Point. Gaze upon a mass of striking geological features, from the iconic rock spires to the cave-like grottos, all bathed in fiery orange light. Note the colorful wildflowers, particularly the gorgeous pink Bryce Canyon paintbrush that only grows in the canyon.

Inspiration Point - Bryce Canyon, UTAH

Inspiration Point

(6:10 in the video) Just a short drive from the park’s entrance, find Bryce Canyon’s popular tri-level viewpoint. This attraction has earned its name with panoramic vistas that are nothing short of inspiring. Admire the fiery hoodoos from Inspiration Point’s three different levels to fully appreciate the geological marvels of Bryce Canyon National Park’s main amphitheater.

Sunset Point - Bryce Canyon, UTAH

Sunset Point

(6:35 in the video) At Sunset Point, on the rim of Bryce Canyon, gaze out upon the amphitheater of the Silent City awash with brilliant color. From here, hike along the Navajo Loop Trail through the steep-walled hoodoos and Douglas fir trees to the red-rock canyon floor. Find this spectacular viewpoint between Inspiration and Sunrise points.

Navajo Trail - Bryce Canyon, UTAH

Navajo Trail

(6:48 in the video) Take the short Navajo Trail through the dramatic terrain of the amphitheater and pass by the top Bryce Canyon attractions: Wall Street and the Silent City. While mesmerizing when seen from afar, the jagged rock spires are even more astounding up close.

Sunrise Point - Bryce Canyon, UTAH

Sunrise Point

(7:34 in the video) No Bryce Canyon itinerary is complete without a visit to Sunrise Point. As the name suggests, this popular destination in the park is particularly spectacular as dawn gives way to day. From Sunrise Point, spot the nearby attractions, Boat Mesa and Sinking Ship.



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