By Captain And Clark, on February 8, 2016

Drinks to spice up the next party

Are you looking for some international cocktails to mix up your next soiree? Well look no further, as here we’ll share our personal recipes for delicious drinks made with liquors we have collected from around the world. Each of these cocktails packs a punch and does its best to show you the unique flavors of different faraway locales. Just a couple of sips and you’ll be on a flight to Iceland or siting in luxury resort on the Spanish coast.

Brazilian Fire

This cocktail is a modern adaptation on the traditional Caipirinha, a staple of Brazil.

Cut a pepper in half (we prefer habanero but jalapeno works, too) and place it in a bottle of Cachaça for a week.

Once properly spicy, shake in a tumbler with ice:

-2 oz. Cachaça

-1 oz. Fresh squeezed lemon juice

-1 oz. Fresh squeezed lime juice

-1 oz. Grand Marnier

-Shake and serve in a glass with a sugar rim.

Costa Brava Sangria

This unique take on the classic sangira is a popular choice in Costa Brava, the region from where the sparkling wine known as Cava comes.

– Pour a bottle of Cava into a pitcher of ice

– Add mixed fruits of your choice

– Soak for an hour

Koloa Rum. Yum.

 Odin’s Revenge

This cocktail is the hardy brew needed to last through an Icelandic winter. Brennivin is a potent liquor known as “black death” and it has all the flavors of Icelandic herbs and ice.

-2 oz. Icelandic Brennivín

-Fill with a Porter (vanilla works best)

-Add a dash of bitters

-Drizzle with maple syurup

-Serve ice cold

Sri Lankan River Boat

We discovered this drink quite by accident with a German college of ours while we were visiting Sri Lanka. Ceylon is a super-distilled liquor made from the sap of coconut blossoms. The cloudier the ginger beer, the better this cocktail tastes.

– 2 oz. Sri Lankan Ceylon

– Fill with Ginger beer

– Add a spritz of gin

– Add a squeeze of lime

– Serve over ice

Pele’s Passion

I invented this particular drink while on Maui with some dear friends. It is the heart of the islands in my mind and is very powerful. Be careful; I know at least three people who have gone out to get tattoos after two of these.

– 3 oz. Koloa Spiced Rum

– 2 oz. Guava juice

– 1 tbsp Lilikoi butter (passion fruit butter)

– 1 tsp raw cane sugar

– Half a mango

– Blend with ice and serve

Soju Cocktail

Nothing conjures the spirit of South Korea more than the traditional rice wine, soju. This drink can be enhanced to perfection with a few key ingredients.

– Pour a bottle of soju into a blender

– Add ice

– Add three whole kiwis

– Add a handful of strawberries

– Blend and serve

What cocktails have been inspired by your travels?