By No Vacation Required, on September 1, 2015

How to travel like a VIP

Who doesn’t like to be treated like a VIP when traveling? Whether you’re taking a much-deserved vacation or traveling for work, added benefits can mean the difference between a so-so travel experience and one that is truly outstanding and memorable. 

The good news is that VIP treatment is no longer reserved for the well-known, well-to-do, or well-connected travelers. Thanks to the +VIP Access program, Expedia+ gold members have the opportunity to receive luxury perks and elevated levels of service at an extensive portfolio of premium one-of-a-kind properties all over the world. In addition to being eligible for free room upgrades upon check-in (when available), special perks may include:

• +VIP welcome gifts and priority check-in

• Free parking and ground transfers

• Access to fitness and business centers 

• Resort credits and guaranteed views

• Free spa treatments, laundry service, and Wi-Fi

• Complimentary food and drink

Viewfinder Tip: When exploring +VIP Access hotels, look for hidden gems in the boutique category.

As nearly constant travelers, we’ve been fortunate enough to stay at +VIP Access hotels all over the world, from Hospes Amérigo in Alicante, Spain, to Makena Beach and Golf Resort on Maui, Hawaii. Most recently, we had a chance to check out The Cromwell in Las Vegasone of Sin City’s most unique new properties and a hotel that typifies the +VIP Access experience.

For a city that is synonymous with massive, themed resorts, the idea of opening a boutique property right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip is a little odd. But it’s clear to us that The Cromwell isn’t afraid to shake things up and do things a little differently. Beyond its smaller footprint, The Cromwell’s personalized service, thoughtful amenities, and access to a world-class night club make it a perfect example of +VIP Access hotel.

From the moment you step into your room, you understand that this is not your standard Las Vegas hotel. The rooms are almost defiantly intimate—a complete departure from so many sterile, corporate hotels. Dark-wood floors, furniture inspired by vintage travel trunks, and plush, velvety fabrics make the rooms feel cozy and familiar, which is a nice respite from the garish neon lights of the Strip. Even more unique is the luxurious massage shower with a one-way mirror facing the rest of the room, an unusual design element that adds to the sexy, intimate vibe.

The Cromwell, home to the Giada restaurant

A complimentary coffee service just outside the elevators is another way that The Cromwell stands out. Las Vegas is one of those places where quick access to coffee is more than just “nice to have”; after a night of indulging, a cup of coffee can be a lifesaver.

In addition to special perks afforded to Expedia+ gold members, The Cromwell extends special-access privileges for its world-renowned beach club and night club, Drai’s, to hotel guests. In a city where the clubs are increasingly exclusive, the ability to skip the line is practically reason enough to book a room.

The Cromwell is an excellent example of a +VIP Access hotel, but there are so many more properties and amenities to explore. Regardless of why you travel or where, the exclusive perks offered by these hotels are certain to make you feel like you are getting the ultimate VIP treatment. 

 What hotels have made you feel like a VIP?