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Los Cabos Vacation Ideas for Planning an Itinerary


Los Cabos Vacation Ideas for Planning an Itinerary

[/video-title][video-blue-header]Los Cabos is a region of true magic and a place of great natural beauty. Here, the barren desert of Baja meets the crystal-clear waters of the sea of Cortez, a captivating combination which lures sun-worshipers from all corners of the globe. We believe that people from all over the planet should be able to admire the gorgeous sights of this region. That’s why we’ve put together our stunning Los Cabos Vacation Travel Guide to take you on virtual tour around this enchanting vacation destination. The footage from our video will inspire an unforgettable Los Cabos itinerary.

Ideas of places to visit in Los Cabos

So, you want to travel to Los Cabos, but you don’t know which attractions to hit and which to miss. Don’t panic! We’ve narrowed down the best places to visit in Los Cabos to help you create your own incredible itinerary. Each point of interest below is listed in order of its appearance in the video so that you can refer to the imagery and plan your adventure accordingly.

Hotelera Beach

(1:47 in the video) Wondering where to stay in Los Cabos? Start your search in Hotelera Beach (Playa Hotelera), an area packed with cabanas, beach bars and, you guessed it, hotels. This is the closest stretch of sand from Los Cabos Airport, so what are you waiting for? Claim your baggage, hail a cab and head straight down to the shore.

Event at Wirkuta Garden in Los Cabos - Mexico

Wirikuta Garden

(1:57 in the video) Discover native desert plants from across the Baja peninsula at the Wirikuta Garden. This charming landscape is brimming with horticultural gems and often bustling with events and local markets. If you’re sightseeing in the area, head to this charming space to see what’s on.

Sunset at Palmilla Beach Los Cabos Mexico

Palmilla Beach

(2:47 in the video) Enjoy the calm, refreshing waters of the Sea of Cortez at Palmilla Beach. Whether you want to watch the sun rise from the shore, or head out on a stand-up paddleboard, this beach is well worth a stop.

View of Chileno Beach in Los Cabos - Mexico

Chileno Beach

(3:04 in the video) Another of the most popular beaches in the region, Chileno Beach is a stunning point of interest in Los Cabos. Adored by tourists and locals alike, this shoreline is a great place to add to your vacation itinerary. Pack a picnic, grab your beach umbrella and spend a lazy day on the sand.

Blue water and rock cliffs at Santa Maria Beach in Los Cabos Mexico

Santa Maria Beach

(3:19 in the video) Santa Maria Beach is widely known for its thriving marine life. If you plan a trip to this local gem, make sure you bring your snorkel to explore an underwater realm of tropical fish and colorful critters.

Beach goers on Medano Beach Los Cabos Mexico

Medano Beach

(4:05 in the video) Discover the beach where all the action happens. There are heaps of things to do on Medano Beach. Whether you’re on the hunt for aquatic thrills or a relaxing paddle, Medano Beach is for you. This stretch of sand is home to great facilities and surrounded by fabulous restaurants, so why not spend a whole day here?

Migriño Beach

(4:56 in the video) If you’re up for a vacation road trip, head out to Migriño Beach. This area is a thrill-seeker’s heaven, so if you consider yourself an adrenalin junkie make this destination number one on your travel itinerary.

Land's End rock formations - Los Cabos Mexico

Land’s End

(5:20 in the video) Perhaps the most famous attraction in Los Cabos, Land’s End is a spectacular rocky headland at the very tip of Baja. This is the place where the tempestuous Pacific meets the calm and inviting Sea of Cortez. Head out on a boat tour to fully explore this magnificent headland.

Lover’s Beach

(5:28 in the video) Aptly named, Lover’s Beach is a tranquil and romantic cove at the tip of the Land’s End headland, accessible only by boat. Book a water taxi and ask your driver to stop here so that you can enjoy the calm, clear waters for a few hours.

Woman walking on Divorce Beach in Los Cabos - Mexico

Divorce Beach

(5:36 in the video) Wander from Lover’s Beach through the rocky gorge to Divorce Beach. This larger beach stands in stark contrast to its calm little sister. Walk along the shoreline, but don’t get any ideas about plunging in; this beach is considered unsafe for swimming.

Rock formations in El Arco - Los Cabos Mexico

El Arco

(5:45 in the video) Standing at the very edge of Land’s End is what can only be described as a gateway to the ocean. El Arco is a craggy rock formation which has been formed by 30 million years of erosion. This is the most famous attraction in Los Cabos, making it a well-known symbol of the region.

Inspiration for traveling to Los Cabos

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