By Matt Villano, on August 1, 2016

Ridiculous suites of Las Vegas

Most of my trips to Las Vegas revolve around the cheapest hotel room I can find. Between the gambling and eating and drinking and clubbing (and more gambling), who spends waking time in the room anyway?

But I’ve always wondered how the “other half” lives. I’ve always wondered what it’s like to experience Vegas hotels like a high roller. Like a whale.

And so, on a recent visit, that’s exactly what I did. Over the course of one (incredibly long but mind-blowing) day, I grabbed a camera crew, toured a number of suites at properties all over town, and put the best footage into the video at the bottom of this post. Five of these room products stuck out as the best of the bunch: The Villas at Mirage, the Marcus Aurelius Suite at Caesars Palace, the two-story Sky Villa and Kingpin Suite at Palms, and the One 80 Suite at Red Rock.

Each of these suites was cavernous—the smallest measured 7,000 square feet (for those of you scoring at home, that’s nearly four times the size of my house). Each suite had epic outdoor space with great views. Most important, each suite made me feel like a complete and total baller.

No, I probably never will be able to afford paying full price (which, in some cases, exceeds $30,000 per night) for any of these rooms. But a boy can dream.

Where is the nicest hotel room you’ve ever stayed?