By Lara Vukelich, on February 28, 2017

Top 6 hotel balconies where The Bachelor has cried

Don’t cry for me Argentina (unless you’re Derek sobbing in a limo after JoJo dumps you and this song is playing). We all know The Bachelor and The Bachelorette can induce a lot of tears from contestants, and lachrymose folks fall into a few categories. You’ve got your farewell criers, the people who weep in the limo after being sent home. There is also the token habitual crier (ahem, Ashley I.) who will let loose with hot salty cascades at the drop of a rose.

See Exhibit A:

And then, of course, there is the piece de resistance. The cry we all wait for. The balcony cry. Here, without further ado, are the top six balconies where The Bachelor or The Bachelorette has dramatically cried over a ledge.

Nick Viall at Resorts World Bimini
Our most recent Bachelor, Nick, has been to this rodeo before as a contestant. He’s loved, he’s lost, and by the power of Zeus he is going to get engaged as the show lead or die trying. In Bimini, home to a fresh water spring called the Healing Hole and the ivory sand of Alice Town Beach, he bid adieu to our beloved Kristina. After sending Kristina and her well-conditioned hair home pre-rose ceremony, Nick took to the boardwalk adjacent to Resorts World Bimini to lament her departure and perhaps his decision to look for love on national TV for the fourth time. Hands over his face, he leaned over the boardwalk railing (technically not a balcony, but we’ll take it) and gave us the money shot.

Let it out Nick.

Photo via Flickr/warrenski

Brad Womack at the One & Only Resort
Oh, Brad Womack. Brad, Brad, Brad. Brad from The Bachelor took two turns as the show lead. The first time around he famously picked a woman named Nobody. Just kidding, he dumped both finalists, packed in his perfect abs, and went home alone. The second time around, he came armed with an open heart and the help of an on-call therapist who was willing to advise him on camera. Near the end of the season, before Brad choose Emily as his fiancé, he made a stop in Cape Town, where his family arrived to meet him. Now, between hiking Table Mountain and watching free-roaming penguins on Boulders Beach, we’d expect him to have a great time. But after hugging his twin brother Chad, he got emotional. Retreating to a metal-railed balcony at the One & Only Resort, Brad sobbed loudly before going inside for a totally natural (and not at all staged) conversation with his family about the finalists.

Desiree Hartsock at the Verandah Resort & Spa
Sweet Desiree found herself exploring Antigua with her final three chaps when she took her turn as The Bachelorette. Turquoise tides, bleach-white sand, and all the kayaking you could ask for: What could go wrong? Unfortunately, her final three became a final two a bit sooner than she anticipated when Brooks dumped her and scrammed. So The Bachelorette Desiree did what anyone would do, and wept for hours on a dock. Just when we thought she, like Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, was all cried out, she returned to her hotel and cried softly on a balcony. In her defense, the name of her hotel was The Verandah Resort & Spa, so there were bound to be waterworks on a suspended platform at some point.


Jake Pavelka at the Beverley Wilshire
Is there anywhere fancier one could cry than the Beverley Wilshire in Beverly Hills? We think not. A tropical pool area with shimmery tiles and meticulously decorated guest suites create a paradise in the middle of a crowded city. Enter Bachelor Jake Pavelka, purported ace pilot and seeker of amore. While staying at the famous hotel, Jake was delivered a bit of sour news when Ali decided to leave him for Facebook. Specifically, her job at Facebook, which was in peril if she didn’t return immediately. After their breakup on a couch, Jake took a few minutes to collect himself by crying over the railing in the hotel hallway. So, the largest balcony of all. Go big or go home?

Viewfinder Tip: If you ever find yourself in Killarney, take the hike to the serene Torc Waterfall.

Kaitlyn Bristowe at the Randles Hotel
Before our good friend Nick was The Bachelor, he was a contestant in pursuit of Kaitlyn from The Bachelorette. And before he was making Corinne cry for various reasons, he had Kaitlyn tearing up on the balcony of the Randles Hotel in Killarney, Ireland. It wasn’t that Nick pointed out the majestic mist descending on the Gap of Dunloe or they shared a heartfelt experience at the Muckross Abbey. After spending a night with Nick, Kaitlyn woke up with a love of Ireland in her heart (we assume) and a heaping dose of regret (we witnessed). From her hotel balcony, Kaitlyn asked aloud “What was I thinking?” before burying her face in her t-shirt as she cried. Then she probably went straight to the Irish Whiskey Experience for a course in whiskey and chocolate pairing.

Jason Mesnick at the Eagles Nest
You didn’t think we’d leave the originator of the balcony cry off our list, did you? In fact, crying over a railing is called simply “A Mesnick” in some Bachelor Nation circles. Of all the things to do in New Zealand, inventing an epic way to mourn is an unusual choice. Especially with ziplining excursions, tours of “Lord of the Rings” shooting locations, and the lush Opua Forest Lookout Track within driving distance. Nonetheless, after dismissing Molly in the finale, Jason returned to his suite at the upscale Eagles Nest and soon found himself on a glass balcony of emotion. Doubled over, he used his hands to grab the ledge in a most dramatic fashion. And, just like that, Jason The Bachelor created a new standard for showing angst while choosing a life mate on national TV.

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