By Chloe Mulliner, on March 15, 2016

Travel hack: Best airports to rent a car

No matter how prepared you are for traveling, sometimes you’ve got to buckle up for some bumps in the road along the way. While there might be some unexpected twists and turns, renting a car shouldn’t be one of them.

At Expedia Viewfinder, we’re all about providing you with solid travel hacks, so we set out to find the best U.S. airports for renting a car to make your travels easier than ever.

We sorted through tens of thousands of verified Expedia customer reviews, covering a three-month span, from November through January. Consumers like you rated their rental experiences based on how happy they were with their pick-up, according to friendly service, short wait time, convenient location, price as expected, and upgrades offered.

The results are in, and based on your input, we’ve determined the 10 best places to rent a car in the nation:

1. Nashville, TN (BNA)

Taking the number one spot, BNA earned the highest happiness percentage. The airport’s rental car facility, which currently offers nine rental agencies, is connected to the terminal by a covered walkway with moving sideways. Recently renovated, it’s located in a 1.2-million square foot building with environmentally sustainable initiatives.

2. Portland, OR (PDX)

PDX came in at a close second. The car rentals at the airport are located on- and off-site. Walk across the street from the baggage claim area to get to the on-site rental area. But to access the off-site counters, wait on the lower roadway for one of the convenient shuttles to transport you to the additional offices.

3. Minneapolis, MN (MSP)

The reviews raved about MSP’s rental car services, which you can easily access from both terminals. The underground tram connects Terminal 1-Linbergh to the rental counters on the second and third levels, between the Red and Blue parking ramps, while the rental agencies for Terminal 2-Humphrey are located across the street in the Ground Transport Center.

4. Seattle, WA (SEA)

The highly-rated rental services at SEA are located at the Rental Car Facility, a short shuttle ride away from the main terminal. The shuttle buses, which run 24/7, make stops outside baggage claim at the north and south ends of the airport. Hop on the shuttle, and you’ll have 13 rental car companies to choose from.

5. Baltimore, MD (BWI)

BWI’s top-notch rental facility is located at Stoney Run Road and New Ridge Road, which is a 10-minute shuttle ride from the terminal. Approximately every 10 minutes, the free shuttle picks up passengers at the airport’s lower level terminal. Catch a ride over to the facility and then take your pick from the 11 rental agencies on-site.

6. Raleigh, NC (RDU)

Though you’ll need to ride the complimentary shuttle to arrive at RDU’s rental offices, they’re all conveniently located on airport property. To get to the rental agency of your choice, head to the green rental car shuttle stop outside of the baggage claim area at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

7. Honolulu, HI (HNL)

The HNL’s new Consolidated Rental Car (CONRAC) building is in the works for 2020, but for now the airport has a temporary facility located east of the Overseas Terminal parking garage. This favored car rental area is a short walk from the terminal, but you can always ride one of the airport’s courtesy buses over to the rental offices, too.

8. San Jose, CA (SJC)

Regardless of which terminal you fly into, it’s easy to access SJC’s Rental Car Center. If you’re at Terminal A, catch a ride on the airport’s blue shuttle bus over to the facility. From Terminal B baggage claim, simply head to the crosswalk at Airport Drive and stroll over to the center within minutes.

9. Salt Lake City, UT (SLC)

SLC features on- and off-site airport rentals with friendly service. The on-site facility, with eight agencies, sits on the parking garage’s ground level, across the way from the terminal buildings. Looking to access the five off-site agencies? Hop on one of the shuttles available at the airport.

10. Boston, MA (BOS)

The BOS Rental Car Center rounds out the top 10 list. It’s located just a few minutes from the airport terminal, and provides more than 10 rental agency options. To easily access the facility, head to the lower level of any of the terminals, and wait for the blue and white complimentary shuttle buses, which come every five to six minutes.

Regardless of whether you’re flying into the airport for vacation or you live just around the corner from the tarmac, these exceptional airport rental facilities will hook you up with a set of wheels for your next adventure.

At what airports have you received the best service?