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Travel Podcast Ep. #18: Best Travel Companions for Your Sign with the AstroTwins

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Should you invite your Taurus bestie on that next vacay or would your Aries boyfriend be a better fit? The AstroTwins are back again and they’re consulting the stars to reveal your best travel companions and what to do when signs collide on group trips.

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Best Travel Companions for Your Sign with the AstroTwins

Christie Hudson: I’m Christie Hudson, filling in for Nisreene Atassi. I’ll be your guest host for this episode of Expedia’s Out Travel the System. When my next guests say that it’s written in the stars, they’re not just saying that. They know. Ophira and Tali Edut are identical twin sisters and professional astrologers. They’re also known as The AstroTwins. They’ve given astrological advice to everyone from Stevie Wonder to the readers of Elle and Teen People to the cast of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Today they’re bringing their positive vibes to talk travel with you and to give us the inside scoop on choosing the best travel companions for your sign. Welcome back to Out Travel the System! What can you tell about people’s travel preferences just from their astrological signs?

The AstroTwins: Oh, so much. While everybody is unique and different, there are certain classifications. The Zodiac signs are divided by element, for example, fire, earth, air, and water, which gives them all a certain travel temperament that can give a rough guide to the kind of accommodations they might want, how much they’ll rough it, how much sleep or adventure or stimulation they might need. Are they going to want to go fall asleep on the beach or skydive from the nearest cliff? So Capricorn, Benjamin Franklin, said an “ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure.” Knowing what you might deal with with a travel companion can help you plan a trip where everybody gets what they need, and it can circumvent some of the problems that come from those clashing needs that are sure to crop up when you travel together.

Christie Hudson: In your own experience, how true have your traveling partners been to their sign?

The AstroTwins: I took a family vacation with my Taurus husband, Leo stepdaughter, Libra daughter, and we went to Paris and Amsterdam. Yes, the Leo did want to shop and eat and see things and my Libra, true to form, just was a little overwhelmed by all the energy in the city and needed to balance out at home. And my Sagittarian independence, I wanted to just ditch them all and go explore the city a little bit alone with nobody’s agenda. My Taurus husband organized everybody and held us all together because they’re this responsible earth sign.

Christie Hudson: How did you plan that trip knowing all of those personalities and needs were going to be present? Did you plan ahead for any of that to orchestrate the best trip ever?

The AstroTwins: My Leo stepdaughter who at the time I think was 17, really likes planning, research, finding things in advance and I hate doing that. So Clementine, my stepdaughter, just volunteered to find all these places that she wanted to eat and see. I was like, “You know what, let me just empower that.” It doesn’t mean we have to do it, but she made a little Google doc, and there were some really great ones on there. So I just tried to think, what can everybody contribute, what does everybody want to see?

Christie Hudson: I think that’s a really great general tip for families too, is to get the kids or the younger people in the group involved. Because sometimes I think we treat them like just passengers on this vacation and then we demand that they enjoy it. So having them be involved in the planning process and pick some of the things you get to go see and do is a really great tip for family travel.

The AstroTwins: There are some signs that do travel more easily than others. For example, if you’re all fire signs, you may have the same kind of adventurous spirit. Fire and air are kind of compatible. Fire is Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, and air is Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. So they’re more of the outgoing personalities, ones who want to meet new people, explore, adventure, and be spontaneous. So there’s an ease in traveling, whereas the water and earth signs, which water is Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, and earth is Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, they tend to share more of a traditional, laid-back, family-style way of traveling or want to go see arts and cultural events and eat long, decadent meals and go at a leisurely pace. So not that you can necessarily plan your travel constellation that way, but you may find that you’d travel with that best friend who’s two signs apart from yours or the same element because of that natural rhythm that you share.

Christie Hudson: In my experience, there are two kinds of people I like to travel with — people who are likeminded in the pace we want to go at and the things we might want to do, but in some ways, I also really appreciate someone with a different style than me because I don’t love to do all the on the ground planning. That really saps all the fun out of it for me snd my husband, on the other hand, wants to figure out the bus routes and all of the things. He’s just all over the logistics once we get there and I so appreciate that because I don’t want to be part of it. I just want to walk out the door and someone tell me where to go. Are there any universal truths in this? For example, are Virgos always going to be meticulous planners, or will Aries always pack the agenda full of 900 activities?

The AstroTwins: I think you’ll see shades of it. For people who are a little more into astrology, you can run an entire astrological birth chart. So most people know their sun sign, and that’s like, “Hey, baby, what’s your sign?” ” I’m an Aries,  I’m a Virgo,” whatever. But the moon, which governs your emotions, was in one of the 12 signs as was Jupiter when you were born, which rules how adventurous you are. So you may have a lot of different astrological influences going on and that’s why not all Aries or not all Virgos are going to be the same because you may be a Virgo with a Cancer moon and be a little more sensitive or food sensitive, or a Virgo with a Sagittarius moon may not be meticulous at all, just much more adventurous. Just to explain what we mean by your Venus or Mars sign, the planets, if you imagine them orbiting in a circle around the sun, divide that circle into 12, and each little piece represents a sign of the Zodiac. The only difference is in astrology that the earth is the center of the universe. Imagine them orbiting and they’re going to be in one of those 12 pieces of the sky, one of those is associated with one of the signs. So right now if someone was born, they would have Venus in Libra because Venus is traveling through the Libra part of the sky. So when you were born, Venus was in one of the 12 signs. It’s very specific to your birthday and knowing that gives you a more complete picture of your whole astrological personality.

The Venus sign in the chart, for example, can show how someone might want to relax or what kind of eating habits they might have, where they might want to dine or go for leisurely activities. Mars, which is a planet of activity could show how much of an action and adventure person this person might be, or where they’re going to find their stimulation and excitement on the trip.

Christie Hudson: So what you guys are saying is there’s a lot more to it than just your sun sign that everybody knows. To me, it sounds like there’s hope if you end up on a trip with somebody who maybe seems like they have some different tendencies or preferences than you do. If you do end up on that trip and things are starting to clash a little bit, what would you guys do in that situation?

The AstroTwins: Of course, knowing the traits of the signs, I definitely would try to look at it from the perspective of, what need does this person have that’s not being met and sometimes you can actually find it in their moon sign. For example, we’re Sagittarius, but we have a Scorpio moon, so if I don’t have enough privacy or alone time or decompression time, I might need to go for a walk on the beach or just chill in my room alone for a little bit and then I can go back to be my adventurous self. Also, look at the Mercury sign of that person in their chart. Since we’re talking full chart, Mercury is the planet that rules communication so it can have a heavy-duty factor. Vacations are often social, you’re meeting new people, you’re around strangers. I have Mercury in Scorpio and I like to go into my own zone or read a book or be anonymous in a crowd. My husband has Mercury in Gemini, which is very chatty, he never met a stranger. So if we travel, he actually goes out and makes friends for us, which I love sometimes.

Christie Hudson: I understand that you guys have also established that cities can have signs, maybe from the time the city was established, so New York City, does it have a sign?

The AstroTwins: Yeah, it’s apparently Gemini. So you look at the charter date that a city or town was founded and that’s considered one way of the astrological sign. There’s also a type of charting called astrocartography, where you map your birth chart to the whole world and you can see different planetary influences go through different cities. So it may be an easier city for you to live in or visit or a harder one. My husband and stepdaughter love LA, and I always am like, I like it, but it’s always kind of hard for me there. I did our astrocartography, and they have Venus and Jupiter, these fun, happy planet lines going through there and I had Pluto, which is the god of the underworld and it’s like, “Oh, my God.” I feel that.

Christie Hudson: I think a lot of people love LA and a lot of people probably feel like it’s the underworld. So I get what you’re saying. So would I have an easier time visiting a city that is also my birth sign?

The AstroTwins: I would say so.

Christie Hudson: Okay I might have to do this, this is a different way to plan your travels. You thought you were just going to look at flight prices and where the trending locations were, but now you could base it on astrology.

The AstroTwins: Like, am I compatible with Portland? I don’t know. I think it’s a Cancer, so…

Christie Hudson: That’s why I like Portland.

The AstroTwins: Maybe being in different astrologically guided towns, you become Sarah Jessica Parker in New York and a Miranda in Portland or something.

Christie Hudson: Miranda always gets such a hard rap.

The AstroTwins: She’s very Capricorn. LA is a Capricorn, which is probably why everyone’s first question is, “So what do you do?”

Christie Hudson: Interesting. So New York, you said, is a Gemini. Let’s do some of the other top cities that U.S. travelers like to go to. So LA, you said, is a Capricorn?

The AstroTwins: LA is a Capricorn. LA is very status-obsessed if you will. Capricorn rules awards and LA is where all the awards shows and red carpets are as well so that’s a little interesting LA tip for you.

Christie Hudson: How about Orlando?

The AstroTwins: Orlando is a Leo, which makes total sense because you’ve got Disney, sunshine, the Magic Kingdom. You’ve got a castle there for the Leos. It’s one of those places you can’t help but really love, even though they’re kind of over the top. That’s pretty much Leos, right?

Christie Hudson: What about Chicago?

The AstroTwins: Chicago is a Pisces, which is water and it’s on Lake Michigan. Pisces also rules secrets and underworldly stuff. So you did have the meatpacking industry, you had Al Capone and the speakeasies. That age was the Pisces age. Pisces is also very compassionate and I feel like Chicago is a city you can go to where people have that warm, caring, midwestern, big-hearted vibe.

Christie Hudson: What about Las Vegas?

The AstroTwins: You know, Vegas is also a Pisces like Chicago and that one’s a little more of the seamier side. Pisces is ruled by two fish swimming in opposite directions, one going to the underground and Vegas is a place where the debauchery of Pisces is pretty much legalized.

Christie Hudson: Can astrological signs determine the type of destination you’re drawn to? One popular thing in the last couple of years is national parks, for example. Are there certain signs that are going to seek out that kind of experience versus a city or a beach?

The AstroTwins: Absolutely. I know countless Tauruses that want a mobile home, a camper, a van — it’s an earth sign. Either they want the luxury and being pampered and the sensuality or they want to drive on the earth. Or a lot of the earth signs, Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus, love a motorcycle trip. It’s like they want to feel the earth underneath them. Water signs, it sounds so stereotypical, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, but I’m sorry, you guys have never met a beach you didn’t like. A place like Vegas that’s all about fantasy and indulgence and no boundaries, which water takes the shape of whatever container it’s in, likes to spill out a little too.

Christie Hudson: Have you guys seen astrology bring two very different people together?

The AstroTwins: Yes, we actually have a book about that called How To Get Along With Anyone, Yes, Even That Person. I think easy matches, well, you and I, Christie, both have husbands who are the same element. Your husband’s a water sign like you, my husband’s a fire sign like me. Ophi, her husband’s earth, and she’s fire. They’re five signs apart and not traditionally what any book would say, “That’s your ideal match.” However, we do believe that any two signs could be compatible, it’s really what you want. If you want something that’s a little more challenging, that wakes you up, keeps you on your toes, you won’t have a lot in common astrologically, but you’ll always be intrigued by each other. So sometimes the easy matches aren’t always the only answer.


Christie Hudson: What about if you decided to go on a trip by yourself? You don’t have to worry about being compatible with another companion, but could you use astrology to help you meet people or spark a conversation with fellow travelers?

The AstroTwins: Sure, that’s one of the best icebreakers ever, “Hey, baby, what’s your sign?” We’ll try to guess people’s signs — friendly bartender, waiter and even if you’re wrong, it just opens up a conversation. Astrology signs and charts are more of a rough guide, although it can get pretty darn specific and spookily accurate. However, we all have free will here. It’s like an extra GPS you can pack on your trip to make sure that you navigate all the other things besides just where you want to go. There are so many decisions to make in a day when you’re not traveling, and when you are there’s even more! It’s just so helpful to have that extra set of tools, just like you would have a translator app or a currency exchanger. It’s like bringing another tool along on your travels.

Christie Hudson: That’s how I’ve always thought of astrology. That’s what got me interested in astrology many years ago. I found that it was just an extra tool to help me, A, understand people a little better and a little quicker, and B, to communicate with people better. Of course being a Scorpio, C, to manipulate them more, probably. Let’s be real.

The AstroTwins: “You know you’re going to love going where I know I want to go, but I’m going to make you think you do anyway. I’m going to mind-meld you.”

Christie Hudson: How did you guys become interested in astrology?

The AstroTwins: Well, it’s an accidental career for us for sure. It began just with reading our horoscope in the newspaper and then next thing, Ophi’s boyfriend at the University of Michigan, we were both there, got her a birthday present of a chart, which was a map of where all our planets were when we were born. We just had no idea how this 20-page booklet basically told the story of our lives and we wanted to understand why. So we started doing our friends’ charts, asking people’s signs, looking for similarities among celebrities. For example, all the Vegas headlining divas tend to be Aries like Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin. You start to see patterns that you can’t dismiss. After a while, suddenly you learn this whole system just by studying the people in your life and on TV and in the world. We’re #AstroObsessed.

Christie Hudson: Same! I know you guys have a ton of other great tips, for 2020 travel and otherwise. So where can listeners find out more?

Use The Astrotwins’ astrology love matcher to see how compatible you are with your partner or friend!

The AstroTwins: On our website,, there are free daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes, love horoscopes, and astrology for every part of your life. You can also do a free chart. We’re on all the social media platforms @AstroTwins and you can learn what 2020 has in store for your Zodiac sign in our new book, The AstroTwins 2020 Horoscope Guide. It’s got love, career, travel, wellness, everything you need to know, all the most important dates every month mapped out for you in advance.

Christie Hudson: So we didn’t have time to go through the perfect travel companion for every single sign here during this podcast, but luckily The AstroTwins have you covered. They’ve written up all the info you need to know from Aries to Pisces and beyond. This has probably been the highlight of my life, so thank you guys so much for joining us. Thanks for listening to this episode of Out Travel the System brought to you by Expedia. We’d love to hear your travel tips and stories too, whether they’re out of this world or right here on earth. Follow Expedia on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to join the conversation about travel. You can subscribe to Out Travel the System wherever you get your podcasts. I’m your host, Christie Hudson, filling in for Nisreene Atassi. Happy travels!

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