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Use Membership Rewards points for your flight, car rental, activity, package or pre-paid hotel booking and Membership Rewards® Pay with Points Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use points for a booking?

If you have a Pay with Points-eligible Card, you can use points to offset all or a portion of your booking total on Flights, Car rentals, Activities, Packages or pre-paid Hotels on when selecting the option to pay online (ineligible products for Pay with Points include cruises and pay later payment option). You must be logged in to your account and use the linked American Express Card to use points at checkout.

Can I apply promotional codes and other types of discounts to my Pay with Points booking?

Yes, you may use eligible Expedia coupons with points when paying online for a Hotel or applicable Packages with your linked American Express Card.

Can I combine points from multiple cards to use for my booking?

No, points from multiple cards cannot be used for a single order at this time.

Is there a fee for using Pay with Points?

No, there is no fee for using Pay with Points on

How do I know if my American Express Card is eligible for Pay with Points?

American Express Card 1
American Express Card 2
American Express Card 3
American Express Card 4

To participate, you must have an eligible American Express Card enrolled in the U.S. Membership Rewards® program that must not be cancelled or past due and authorized to use points.View eligible cards here. Opens in a new window

I am having problems setting up my American Express Card to use points. What should I do?

Please ensure that you have linked an eligible American Express Card that is enrolled in the U.S. Membership Rewards program and authorized to use points. For details about your specific American Express Card, please contact American Express by calling the number on the back of your Card. In the event you received a service error message, please try again later.

How can I check to see my Membership Rewards point balance?

On, if you have previously linked an American Express Card to use Pay with Points, your available point balance will be displayed at checkout when logged in to your account. You may also check your Membership Rewards point balance from the My Account page on membershiprewards.comOpens in a new window

There are not enough Membership Rewards points to use for my entire booking. How will I be charged if I complete the transaction?

Whether you use Membership Rewards points for all or a portion of your booking, your eligible American Express Card will be charged for the entire booking and a statement credit for the Membership Rewards points you used at checkout will appear on your Eligible Card account in 2–4 business days. Note: the American Express Card that is charged will be the same one that is linked to your Membership Rewards program account.

When will I receive my statement credit?

You will receive a statement credit from American Express for the points used in 2–4 business days after your purchase.

How do I get Membership Rewards points added back into my account on cancelled or returned bookings?

If you cancel or return a Pay with Points booking, will refund the corresponding dollar amount of the purchase to the American Express Card you used. In order to get back the Membership Rewards points that were used for your purchase, please contact Membership Rewards program Customer Care at 1-800-297-3276.

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Terms and Conditions for Linking and Using Pay with Points with your Membership Rewards Enrolled Card

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