By Expedia Local Expert, on March 17, 2017

5 ways to eat your way through Phuket

From street-side stalls that fill the air with the tempting aromas of grilled meat and noodle soup to fine dining establishments that serve world-class cuisine with ocean views on the side, Phuket is a feast for all the senses. Of all the things to do in Phuket, eating right is the key to making lasting memories, so we’ve picked out some of the best ways to satiate your appetite.

  1. Feast in the Streets

Phuket’s street food is everywhere—you’ll find it in dedicated vendor areas, in beachside fruit stands, and in roadside motorbikes equipped with delicious-smelling stalls. The island’s diverse population is reflected in its cuisine, and on any given day you can easily get your fill of flavors from Italy, India, China, and beyond. Among the most popular dishes are comforting noodle soup, refreshingly spicy and sour som tam salad, roti pancakes (both savory and sweet), and mouthwatering satay. It’s easy to find these eats on your own, but with dedicated street food tours like those led by BT Tours, you’re guaranteed a sumptuous and plenty of samples.

Three people order street food in Phuket

  1. Indulge in Fine Dining

Aside from street snacks, Phuket has become a thriving hub for luxurious fine dining restaurants that foodie travelers can’t pass up. The island boasts gems like Acqua, a strikingly modern Italian venue, and Mom Tri’s Royal Kitchen, which hits the perfect balance of location, décor, and amazing cuisine, among other drool-worthy eateries. These elegant restaurants often come paired with a breathtaking ocean view right out the window, combining chic atmosphere with incredible. Make a reservation with groups like Tour East Thailand to ensure yourself a spot at popular restaurants, and enjoy the sights as you dine on a gourmet multi-course meal.

La Gritta Restaurant in Phuket

  1. Cook It Yourself

Cooking classes are an easy and engaging way to immerse yourself in the heritage and culture of Phuket while also getting to taste the delicious flavors of Thai food. Join a class at Phuket’s Blue Elephant Cooking School or the Thai Cooking Academy and learn from professionals who divulge the secrets to creating authentic Thai and Royal Thai dishes. Classes typically come paired with a market visit as well, immersing you in the local atmosphere and introducing you to the region’s most common ingredients. Once you’ve mastered the skills, you can recreate a part of your Phuket vacation at home.

Inside a Thai Cooking Academy class with students

  1. Refresh with a Drink

In addition to great food, Phuket has its fair share of delicious drinks. With beach-going being one of the most popular things to do in Phuket, finding a bar where you can grab a cocktail and watch the sun go down is a snap. Those with a refined palate can find extensive menus of imported wines at high-end restaurants, while an emerging craft beer scene will quench the thirst of brew lovers. For a taste of something more local, visit the Chalong Bay Rum distillery with Asian Trails and sample a variety of their wares, including the high-quality white rum that put them on the global map of spirits. Thailand is the fourth-largest producer of sugarcane in the world, and the rums made from the crops’ pure juices are like no other.

Display for Chalong Bay Rum

  1. Do Dinner and a Show

Phuket is home to astounding attractions that engage all of the senses, not just the tastebuds. Experience the extravagance of shows like Siam Niramit, which adapts Thai myths and legends into a staged spectacular with over 150 performers. With Tour East Thailand, help yourself to a delicious Thai buffet before the show and explore the massive theater, where traditional houses are on display. The cultural theme park of Phuket FantaSea combines all aspects of Thai culture, from food to crafts and mythology, into a bedazzled night of entertainment in an ornate village venue. Spend time watching street performers and feasting on Royal Thai cuisine before getting whisked away into fantasy by the night’s main show.

Siam Niramit show in Phuket

What’s your favorite way to eat in Phuket?