By Expedia, on June 29, 2020

6 fun ways to celebrate 4th of July at home

We may not be traveling as much as we usually do this 4th of July, but you can still enjoy the long weekend from home. From virtual parades to sweet treats around the country and the best American travel bloggers, here are 6 ways to celebrate:

Join the virtual 4th of July celebrations & parades

Virtual gathering

A major advantage of following the celebration on your screen this year? You don’t have to wait for hours to get a good spot, and the whole family can watch together. Why not arrange a viewing party via Skype or Zoom with family members in other parts of the country?


Food ideas for 4th of July


While there is nothing wrong with a good old barbecue, July 4th is the perfect opportunity to eat your way around the country and celebrate the United States’ wonderful diversity on a plate. How about getting the whole family to try their hands at some new cooking skills or supporting your local restaurants by ordering in one of these dishes:

  • Low-country boil & chicken bog: This is Gullah comfort food at its best and perfect for a celebration with the whole family. Crab, shrimp & corn in a pot or rice pilaf with chicken and sausage are incredibly delicious and easily prepared for a big group.
  • Cioppino: This fish stew was introduced by Italian fishermen and is San Francisco’s version of a bouillabaisse. Use what fish you have available or add crab meat for this special occasion.
  • Tamales: You can never go wrong with Mexican food for a celebration. For the 4th of July, make sure to add tamales to the menu, as they are considered a treat for special occasions.
  • Arroz con gandules: Puerto Rico’s signature dish is perfect for a celebratory dinner and a guaranteed crowd pleaser: juicy rice, peas & pork. And best of all – you only need one pot.
  • Hawaiian poke bowls: These are amazing for a group of fussy eaters, as everyone can create their own bowl. While the original asks for raw tuna, you can easily use tofu or a variety of vegetables on top of rice.
  • And in case you simply cannot imagine forgoing the traditional barbecue, how about adding something different to the grill this year? Reindeer sausage, bison meatballs, and elk burgers are just as American as steaks.


Sweet treats from around the country

Peach cobbler

This 4th of July, ignore the traditional apple pie and instead satisfy your sweet tooth with festive treats from around the country. In the mood for something fruity? Go for Key lime pie from Florida or peach cobbler from Georgia. Head south on your sweet journey to find inspiration with Mississippi Mud pie or bourbon bread pudding, or go for classic New York cheesecake to satisfy even the pickiest sweet tooth.

Fuel your wanderlust with these US travel bloggers

Travel bloggers

Want to entice your wanderlust for the next holiday? For great ideas and tips, check out these travel blogs:

  • Local Adventurer: Esther and Jacob started with the plan of moving to a new American city every year. From Atlanta, San Diego, and Portland they travel to find adventure in the everyday experience.
  • Follow Me Away: Victoria and Terrence travel together and share gorgeous pictures from their adventures abroad and their beautiful backyard, the US.
  • Spin the Globe: Sylvia, an Air Force veteran, writes a wheelchair accessible travel blog, exploring the US and the rest of the world on four wheels. Her motto: One Woman. Four wheels. No limits.
  • JetSetSarah: A self-described “Carivengelist,” Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon showcases the diverse culture and people of the Caribbean in this stylish blog.
  • How Not To Travel Like A Basic [Redacted]: The name says it all. Kiona, a Hawaiian native, shares her adventures and thoughts on how to check your privilege and travel mindfully.


Visit your local national park

Not all 4th of July activities have to involve fireworks and crowds. Reconnect with nature and yourself, and get a good workout in while you hike to some of the best viewpoints in the country.

If the national parks in your vicinity aren’t open, you can always explore far-flung places digitally. Check out Things to Do from Home, full of stunning online tours of Yosemite, Yellowstone and more.


Go camping at home

Sometimes, the best memories are created at home. Get that instant holiday feeling by taking the whole family for a camping trip in your backyard or garden. Pitch a tent, tell ghost stories, and whatever you do, don’t forget the S’mores. Have a great 4th of July weekend!

Need more of a break, but still want to stay close to home? Check out these nearby easy escapes.


How will you be celebrating 4th of July this year?