By Beth Whitman, on March 13, 2015

A quiet day in Cabo San Lucas

If you ever have been to Cabo San Lucas, you know the scene there can be, well, kind of wild.

Day and night, DJs and entertainers at each bar try their best to be louder and more gregarious than their buddies at the bar next door. Shots are poured liberally from bottles into the mouths of patrons. Young men and women are plucked from their seats to compete with each other on stage in various acts of Spring Break-style hilarity.

This spectacle is not my scene, but I have to admit there’s some entertainment value to it all. At the very least, it’s some of the best people-watching you’ll ever see.

Despite the over-the-top wild times, there are still ways to enjoy a quiet day in Cabo. You just have to be creative and look a little farther afield to find it. Here’s a look at how I like to spend a quiet day in Cabo San Lucas.

Up and at ‘em!

While the rest of Cabo is sleeping, get an early start, grab a coffee, and walk the malecon around the marina. Other than some joggers and dog walkers, few people are up and out this time of day. You’ll also have the luxury of it not being too hot yet.

After your walk, head back to your hotel for breakfast in your room or hotel restaurant. If you’ve got a view, you can enjoy the early morning sunshine while enjoying fruit, coffee, and pastries. Note that many hotels in Cabo feature full kitchens, so you can prepare everything in your room (and save money).

Quiet beach time

After breakfast, grab a towel and your bathing suit and hit the beach. Don’t make it just any beach; you’ll want to get out of town a bit in order to avoid the crowds.

A quiet morning on the marina in Cabo San Lucas

On my last visit, I got a hot tip from our concierge to visit Playa Santa Maria. Less than a 15-minute drive from downtown Cabo, this beach welcomes seekers of peace. Though the exit off the highway isn’t marked, the exit is on local maps and it’s is easy enough to find if you’re looking for it. From the main road, the beach is a half-mile down a dirt road.

Playa Santa Maria comprises a pristine cove half-encircled by two hills. You likely will find only a handful of other tourists on the beach, as well as a few locals renting umbrellas, and selling drinks and trinkets. Beyond that, not much else is happening at Playa Santa Maria. Just how I like it.

Lunch at Los Cabos Golf Resort

After a morning on the beach, head back toward Cabo from Playa Santa Maria and stop by the Los Cabos Golf Resort for lunch. The exit is just before the Wal-Mart and the club is located about a mile up the hill. You’ll have to go through a guarded gate, but just let the gate keeper know you’re there for lunch and he’ll let you through.

This al fresco restaurant sits right on the golf course and is one of the most serene spots you’ll find in Cabo. As an added bonus, the food is delicious, too.

Spa time!

After lunch at Los Cabos Golf Resort, head back to your hotel for some me time. At the Casa Dorada, the Saltwater Spa is where you can relax to the tune of massages, facials, mani/pedis, and more. The facility also includes a sauna, shower, and fitness center.

If you have an evening flight out of Cabo, schedule an afternoon spa treatment. Not only will this give you some extra relaxation time before you head home but you can shower and wash up at the spa before your flight.

Dinner on the beach

One of the best (and most romantic) meals I’ve ever had was at 12 Tribes Restaurant at Casa Dorada. With a table, chairs, outdoor lighting (similar to streetlamps), and a fire pit, Jon and I enjoyed a private meal on the beach. While there were some passersby, the area was roped off so our dining experience remained our own. We could hear music and entertainment from the nearby bar, but it never interfered with our experience. So choice.

Head to the hot tub

While you may have some company at your hotel’s hot tub after dinner, any fellow evening hot tubbers likely will be looking for quiet time, too. (Think about it: All of those rowdy folks are out in those loud bars!)

Jon and I spent most evenings at the Casa Dorada’s outdoor hot tub, located in the pool area. While we sometimes had company in this rather large tub (it easily could have accommodated 10 people), we found everyone quite respectful in terms of enjoying this quiet time.

What do you do to find respite during your vacation?