By Expedia Local Expert, on August 23, 2018

Culturally immersive spa experiences around the world

Spas around the world offer unique ways to unwind by incorporating their own cultural flare and ancient traditions into the experience. From a spiritual cleansing ceremony by a shaman in Mexico to a coconut oil massage with ocean breezes in a Fiji resort and an organic clay facial that will leave your skin glowing in Dubai, these culturally immersive spa getaways are worth planning your trip around.

Bebe Spa in Fiji

Bebe Spa

The Coral Coast’s turquoise waves provide a soothing background during your luxurious cultural immersion at Bebe Spa in Fiji. Perched atop Heavenly Hill in the elegant Outrigger on the Lagoon Resort, Bepe Spa offers signature treatments featuring traditional Fijian techniques with all-natural, botanical cleansers, oils, and lotions. Indulge in a muscle-soothing Fijian Bobo Massage during which your therapist eases away tension with warm coconut oil. Renew your skin with a blissful facial of vitamin-rich coconut cream for a transformative experience in this island paradise.

Private Temazcal Spa Experience in Cancun

Temazcal Spa Experience

Breathe in the aroma of smoldering herbs and copal as a shaman uses ancient Mayan healing techniques to help cleanse your body and spirit. Steam rises from glowing volcanic stones as you sweat away toxins and negative energy during a traditional temazcal ceremony. Let your whole body and mind relax to the sounds of shaman chanting and the steady beat of a drum. A skin treatment made from aloe, herbs, honey, mud, and tea is sure to leave you with a lasting glow. Reawaken your senses with a cool bath and fresh fruit juice after the rejuvenating ceremony.

Shiatsu Massage in Tokyo

Shiatsu Massage

Escape the big-city bustle of Tokyo and slow down with a calming shiatsu massage. Meaning “finger pressure” in Japanese, the ancient art of shiatsu is designed to improve blood circulation and help your body heal itself. Stimulate your body’s vital energy, called ki, as your licensed massage therapist gently applies focused pressure with their fingers, palms, and sometimes feet to release stress. After zenning out for 30 minutes, you’re sure to appreciate Japanese culture in a whole new way.

Spa Cordon in Dubai

Spa Cordon

Discover your oasis of tranquility in the desert city of Dubai. Before your 2-hour massage, feel your stress melt away in a steamy sauna or bubbling whirlpool bath. Your attentive masseuse then slathers you in warm mineral clay to draw out toxins while nourishing your skin during a traditional Arabian Rassoul body treatment. After rinsing off the purifying mud, stimulate your circulation with a hot-stone massage followed by a cold-stone facial to relieve tension.

Lomi Lomi Massage in Honolulu

Lomi Lomi

Say aloha to relaxation with a lomi lomi massage in Honolulu. Translated as “loving hands,” this time-honored Hawaiian technique focuses on improving flexibility along the spine and realigning the flow of the body’s energies. Your lomi lomi practitioner uses a gentle touch to work deep into your muscles with continuous, flowing strokes to unwind tension in your body. Choose either a 50-minute or an 80-minute session for maximum serenity during your tropical island getaway.

Ocean Spa Experience in Punta Cana

Ocean Spa Experience

Leave your worries behind as you sail away on a catamaran-turned-spa in Punta Cana. First, exfoliate your feet with the help of little doctor fish, which nibble away dead skin with a vibrating sensation that leaves your feet feeling soft. While your spa floats on Caribbean waters, enjoy a luxurious massage with an unbeatable view. Feel the refreshing ocean breeze as your professional Pilates instructor guides you through stretching and breathing exercises. Steep yourself in island culture while sunbathing surrounded by cerulean sea before savoring a light, healthy lunch. A perfect spa experience for couples or groups, this ocean excursion is your trip to bliss.

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