By Chloe Mulliner, on April 2, 2015

First summer day in Boston

Boston, Massachusetts, took a snowball right to the face this year. Over the course of winter, 110.3 inches of snow pounded the city, breaking the record for the snowiest season since Boston began tracking in 1872. 

If anyone’s counting down the minutes and seconds until summertime, it’s Bostonians. Even though the Boston summer solstice, which marks the sunniest and longest day of the year, falls on June 21, 2015, the city’s starting their celebrations early. They’ve waited long enough to rip off their mittens and soak up the sunshine, so we’ve created a solstice-inspired itinerary for Saturday, June 20. Slip into some flip flops, remind yourself what the sun feels like on your skin, and celebrate with these exciting things to do in Boston: 

Sunrise: Up and at ’em. If ever there’s a perfect day to watch the sunrise, it’s today. The solstice sun will rise at 5:07 a.m. and shine for a whopping 15 hours and 17 minutes. You won’t want to miss a single ray, so head to Castle Island to see it creep over the water and color the sky. 

Morning: Get ready for battle! The Reebok Spartan Race is taking over the Carter and Stevens Farm for the Boston Super—an 8-mile course through swamps and fields. Grab your Spartan helmet and prepare for a crusade through muddy fields, rock walls, and rope challenges in nearby Barre. 

Viewfinder Tip: The Boston Super includes two obstacles for children. One for kids 4-8 years of age, and another for ages 9-13.

Brunch: Whether you conquered the obstacle course or you’re just now rolling out of bed, fuel up at Blunch. What we can only imagine is a clever reference to those times when you can’t decide between brunch and lunch, Blunch is the perfect compromise. Choose from the “wich” list— pressed sandwiches, eggwiches, and bagelwiches— to satiate your summer appetite. 

Afternoon: The good news is you don’t have to be a battling Spartan to impress your kiddos. All it takes is a visit to Copley Square. Today the Boston Book Festival is hosting Hubbub: Creative Commotion for Kids, which is a free family event that will captivate your crew with live music, puppetry, costumed characters, science experiments, and other Boston activities. 

Dinner: Part ways with New England clam chowder if only to sample the fare at Savvor Restaurant and Lounge. An unexpected fusion of southern comfort and Caribbean soul food, Savvor entices the palate with crawfish hushpuppies and spicy jambalaya. As an added perk, every night, Thursday-Saturday, musicians perform in the lounge. 

Evening: The solstice sun will go down at 8:24 p.m., but just before it sets, the Blue Man Group will hit the Charles Playhouse stage at 8 p.m. Described as the show that can’t be explained, three bald blue men will mesmerize the audience with percussions and performances, making you realize the reason for Tobias Funke’s greatest obsession. 

Both the locals who are trying to forget the 2015 snowpocalypse and tourists who are staying at the hotels in Boston this weekend can appreciate the start of summer in The Hub. From intense obstacle courses to book-themed kids festivals, winter’s got nothing on summertime in Boston. 

Here’s what you missed during the 2014 Boston summer solstice celebration:

-We began the day by watching the sunrise at Long Wharf and kayaking along the Charles River.

-Make Music Harvard Square hosted concerts at various stages around town.

-Cirque du Soleil Amaluna performed at the Grand Chapiteau at Marine Industrial Park.

-The day ended with a scenic sunset cruise around the harbor. 

What’s your favorite way to spend the Boston summer solstice? 


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