By Christie Hudson, on June 11, 2018

Heat Index 2018: How to make your summer vacation sizzle

From the world most romantic destinations to summer flings, Expedia commissioned GfK to poll more than 1,000 Americans to get a pulse on summer vacation longings and desires, and what we learned is that whether you’re single or coupled up, the best way to inject a little romance into your summer is to head to the beach or dust off your passport.

Read on for all the tantalizing details.

All you need is love… and a vacation
According to our 2018 Heat Index report, more than half of survey respondents (55%) say that they are intimate more often with their spouse or partner when on vacation. Mmhmm. (Suggestive tone thoroughly implied.)

Ready to change out the spark plugs and reignite your romantic life? You may want to skip the big city and head to the coast—Americans felt the beach was most conducive to feelings of amour (22%), and that the city was the least romantic type of destination (3%).

Unless, of course, that city is Paris. This beloved city of love ranked as the best city to find summer romance (30%), tying with Maui for the best city for couples (41%). It’s no surprise the City of Lights is fanning the flames of love, with luxe accommodations and views like those of Shangri-La Hotel Paris or Hotel Ares Eiffel—who wouldn’t be feeling the mood?

But loving up on someone while on vacation isn’t only for the committed—Las Vegas (37%) and Miami (29%) topped the list of best destinations for singles. Why not mingle with the polka dot bikinis in the Marquee Dayclub pools at The Cosmopolitan in Vegas, or pop some bubbles with the babe on the beach lounger at the SLS Hotel in South Beach. Wink, wink, singles.

Love. If just for a moment.
Some gadabouts get a bit busier than others! More than 1 in 10 say they’ve had a fling or found love with someone they met while traveling (14%). Of that group, more than half (52%) say that love connection happened during summer vacation. Did it just get hotter in here?

Let’s cool it down for a sec. Do these travel trysts stand the test of time? While very few globetrotters (4%) have extended a trip due to someone they met while traveling, about 1 in 5 (19%) said they’d consider continuing a relationship they had started while on vacation. Not the most romantic of odds, lovers.

For those who haven’t had a fling or found love, more than a quarter (28%) wish they had. Maybe a travel matchmaking service is in order? Cupid does have wings after all.

Speaking of amore and wings, we’ve undressed the Top Five Best Cities for Summer Romance for Singles:

1. Las Vegas (37%)

2. Miami (29%)

3. New York (27%)

4. Los Angeles (21%)

5. San Francisco (19%)

No matter what your relationship status is at present, the Top 5 Best Cities for a Summer Romance in general, include:

1. Paris, France (30%)

2. Maui, HI (23%)

3. Rome, Italy (23%)

4. Florence, Italy (17%)

5. Miami, Florida (12%)

Is love on your itinerary this summer?