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Rome for foodies

Eat and drink your way through the Eternal City to sample its seasonal ingredients and mouthwatering cuisine. Just like the other areas of Italy, the region of Rome offers its own unique culinary treasures, with many foods you simply can’t find anywhere else. From tours of the local markets to extravagant 4-course meals, there are countless things to do in Rome that’ll leave you licking your lips.

Food Market & Tasting Tour with Pizza-Making Class

Pizza-making class in Rome
When it comes to creating the best and brightest Italian cuisine, only the freshest ingredients will do. Join Walks of Italy for a tour through a local market, where stalls spill over with colorful produce and aromatic herbs. Your tour begins—as so many amazing Italian meals do—with some delectable snacks. Learn the secrets of selecting the highest-quality ingredients as you sample specialties like spicy salami, pecorino cheese, and olive oil made by a family that’s been selling it at the market for more than 100 years.

Following the tour comes the real star of the morning—a chance to create your own savory pie at a popular pizzeria before it opens for the day. Gain insight into what makes Roman pizza unique from other regions in the country—specifically its extra-thin and crispy crust—as you roll your own dough, add your toppings, and use a pizza peel to slide your pie into the wood-fired oven. Before you know it, your masterpiece is complete. Dig into a slice of your handmade creation, savoring flavors such as pungent garlic, salty prosciutto, and zesty tomatoes.

Italian Espresso & Gelato Food Tour

couple enjoying delicious gelato on a hot, sunny day in Rome
If you want to truly immerse yourself in Roman heritage, there’s no better way to do it than through food. Carrani Tours takes you into the heart and stomach of the city as you sample 2 of Italy’s most quintessential delights—rich espresso and creamy gelato. Follow a local guide along a picturesque route, taking in views of charming cobblestone streets and ancient architecture like the Pantheon.

As you wander the alleyways, pop into 5 locally loved cafes and gelaterias, where you indulge in cups of smooth espresso and scoops of gelato made with local ingredients such as strawberries, chocolate, and figs. You may even have the chance to try inventive flavors made with unexpected ingredients like avocado, rose petal, and black rice.

Pasta & Tiramisu Small-Group Cooking Class

There are tons of things to do in Rome that highlight the culture of its residents, but nothing more so than a hands-on cooking class that teaches you how to make food the way an Italian grandmother would. Join a local chef from the InRome Cooking school for a fun and tasty experience in a historic home. With easy-to-follow instruction, learn how to make an authentic and unforgettable meal. Knead, roll, and form pasta dough into ravioli, filling the pockets with fresh, seasonal ingredients like pumpkin in the autumn or eggplant in the summer.

As your sauce simmers and your ravioli cooks, get to work on one of the most traditional desserts in Italian cuisine—rich and airy tiramisu. From a recipe passed down by the chef’s very own grandmother, or nonna in Italian, this classic creation features cloudlike layers of custard and mascarpone cheese, espresso-dipper ladyfingers, and a dusting to fine cocoa. With the tantalizing aromas filling the room, it’s time to dig in. Savor your homemade meal while enjoying regional wine in the spectacular dining room.

Historic Trastevere Stroll with Private 4-Course Dinner & Wine

Tourists stroll through historic Trastevere on the way to dinner in Rome
Immerse yourself in the intrinsic romance of Rome with an enchanting stroll through the picturesque district of Trastevere and an opulent 4-course meal. With a guide from City Wonders leading the way, your tour takes you off the beaten path through the ancient and charming neighborhood. Delight in the fascinating history and folklore of the quarter as you admire medieval architecture, flower-adorned terraces, and the lights from the street lamps glittering onto the cobblestones below.

Once you’ve had time to appreciate what is one of the most beloved areas in the city, your guide takes you to a lesser-known part of town, where you’re invited inside an exclusive 17th-century villa. Here, meet your private chef and then take a seat in the lush, dimly lit gardens. Linger over 4 incredible courses prepared using only the highest-quality local ingredients. The menu changes based on the season, but is guaranteed to delight. Soak in the blissful ambiance and elegant music as you indulge in plates like buttery salmon and decadent chocolate mousse, all perfectly paired with delicious Italian wine.
What will your first meal be in the Eternal City?