By Expedia Guest Author, on March 28, 2015

Shopping Burnham Market

This post is the third in a series we’ll be publishing based on stories from a correspondent in the U.K., Kelly Convey. This particular story is based on an article Kelly wrote after a recent trip to Burnham, in England. The story originally was edited by Brenna Holeman, then adapted here in the United States. We are proud to partner with Visit Britain for this series.

Burnham Market, situated on the east coast of England, is a gorgeous little village that has a number of great places to eat and to shop. Located near the stunning coastline of Norfolk County, it’s definitely the place to experience an authentic British village. While the best way to access Burnham Market is by car—it’s a one-hour drive from Norwich or about three hours from London—it’s also possible to get to Burnham Market by train or bus from any major city in the United Kingdom.

The green in the center of the village is lined on either side by local shops, cafés, restaurants, and galleries, more than 30 of them in all. You certainly won’t be seeing any chain shops here. There’s even a traditional post office, butcher, and pharmacy. The village prides itself on self-sufficiency; once, when snowed in, business continued as usual, as no imported goods were needed. I consider this to be a wonderfully refreshing aspect of this beautiful part of the country.

The shops at Burnham Market

As soon as I arrived in Burnham Market I immediately was drawn to a shop called Humble Pie. Owner Susan Elston has been serving slices of Humble Pie (among other delicious sweet and savory treats) for the last 35 years. Susan sources homemade products from locals. She also produces her own; specifically jams and shepherd’s pies that locals love. No trip to England is complete without a taste of shepherd’s pie and her shop is just the place to try it. I also can recommend the shop’s Wicked Chocolate Cake; the locals seem to be hooked, too, as many people lined up to purchase a slice.

My next stop was Anna, a clothing shop which drew me in with its pretty exterior and gorgeous clothing in the window. The shop itself was stunning and was filled with beautiful clothes, shoes, and accessories. I could have taken one of everything but I will have to return when I have a slightly bigger budget.

Jams at Humble Pie

I then popped into The Hoste Arms hotel, restaurant, and bar—again a beautiful building but also a historic landmark. Lord Admiral Nelson used to stay here, and the hotel currently has an exhibition dedicated to him. You can read all about it on my blog here.

The Hoste a great place to stay and eat, but the staff are incredibly courteous as well, and they will help you plan the perfect itinerary in Burnham Market, no matter how long you’re staying in the area.

Burnham Market is a shining jewel in Norfolk County’s crown and definitely worth a visit when you’re in England. Villages like this one deserve to be celebrated; they are a true representation of what makes the UK so beautiful. If you’re looking for a village that is wonderfully and classically British, Burnham Market is the place to go.