By Tarran Street, on December 23, 2015

Welcome back, apprentices

This past summer, Expedia was thrilled to host 10 high school-aged developer apprentices, all selected from the pool of graduates of the Seattle Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program hosted in 2014 by Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. The apprentices spent eight weeks during the summer of this year embedded in five different Expedia Worldwide Engineering teams, working side-by-side with our engineers on a range of projects and learning about our technology, our agile practices, and our culture.

We are pleased to announce that in 2016 we will welcome apprentices back from the pool of all Girls Who Code alumnae in the Seattle area!

Apprentices in this program will be integrated into Expedia’s company and culture right off the bat, working with real code and experiencing first-hand what it’s like to be on an engineering team. (Basically, this means they’ll tackle everything from putting code into production to engaging in friendly NERF gun fights.)

We strive to make our apprentices feel like “true Expedians,” and cannot wait to see what next year and our new class of young women bring to the table. We also are excited to see how our next crop of Apprentices continues to progress in the field of computer science.

Check out how amazing Expedia’s Inaugural apprenticeship was by clicking here! Also, the application for the 2016 Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program is available now here.