Recent Reviews for Alitalia

Mar 12, 2020

Good short I nap all the way

Mar 9, 2020

Alitalia Staff at Cairo airport was extremely helpful, taking extra care to check latest developments regarding restrictions on travels due to corona virus to ensure that passengers reach their final destination safe and sound without any trouble. Excellent staff

Mar 4, 2020

Add heated meal to flight please, both flights served cold sandwiches

Mar 4, 2020

Please give a meal next time and not a cold sandwich

Feb 29, 2020

They handed me a drink service was not good or bad, just the bear minimum

Feb 28, 2020

It has been one of my best trips

Feb 26, 2020

Good deal at the last minute

Feb 25, 2020

I would like to have vegan friendly food options on the flight .

Feb 22, 2020


Feb 13, 2020

Flight attendant service was excellent!

Where does Alitalia fly?

The top routes that Alitalia flies are:

  • LHR to FCO (1080 flights per month)
  • CDG to FCO (1060 flights per month)
  • AMS to FCO (1010 flights per month)
  • FRA to FCO (960 flights per month)
  • CAG to LIN (790 flights per month)

Why book with

When you are booking cheap flights around the world, don't throw up your hands in frustration at the expense and difficulty: try Alitalia through! There are many great destinations to explore with Alitalia, either to one of the quick hops from Rome to another Italian city, or to other continents like North America through Alitalia USA. Expedia also offers a best price guarantee, so you're sure to get the most bang for your buck.

What can business travellers expect on an Alitalia flight?

If you like to fly in style, Alitalia offers great rates for first class on those long haul flights around the globe. Alitalia has all the fine comforts that you would expect from your own private jet service, flavored with just a sprinkle of Italian rustic charm. This flavor is especially noticeable in the quality of the rich Italian food and wine, for which the airline was voted Best Airline Cuisine by Global Traveler. And when you buy tickets with Expedia, you can experience all of the luxury without having to break the bank or sacrifice your schedule. Expedia also has many tickets available for business class, so it can be your one-stop experience for any Alitalia flights.

Which destinations can I travel to with Alitalia?

Flying with Alitalia is a great way to explore destinations across 40 different countries. You can journey to any of the fabulous 86 destinations, from Amsterdam to Los Angeles to Vienna! And whatever destination you choose, there are sure to be great deals that make your dream vacation possible. The next time you are looking to fly first class, business or economy for a low rate and at your convenience, go to and book a great Alitalia flight. Reservations for Alitalia flights have never been cheaper or easier.