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Travel along winding country roads loomed over by snowcapped mountains, and admire a picturesque landscape decorated with fields of wildflowers.

Discover some of Hokkaido Island’s most picturesque countryside when visiting Biei. This small town sits in the heart of the island surrounded by rolling green hills, patchwork fields and the towering peaks of Daisetsuzan National Park. In summer, visitors come to Biei to explore fields of brightly colored wildflowers by bike and car. Come winter, snow settles on the ground and winter sports burst into action in the mountains.

Start by traveling along Patchwork Road, named for its patchwork appearance created by fields of lavenders, poppies, sunflowers and other summer flowers. Trees famous in Japanese popular culture, such as the Ken and Mary Tree and Seven Stars Tree, stand in the fields. Admire the artistic flower displays of Zerubu Hill, and the sweeping views from the observation tower at Hokusei-no-oka Park.

South of the town, Panorama Road is a scenic area with a network of winding roads perfect for touring by bike. See more dazzling flower gardens at Kanno Farm and Shikisai Hill. Observe the undulating rural scenery while freewheeling along the 1.6-mile (2.5-kilometer) long Roller Coaster Road. Photography inspired by the Biei countryside is the focus of exhibitions at the Takushinkan gallery.

Plan trips to the spectacular Blue Pond and Shirahige Waterfall. The cobalt blue waters of both are created by the aluminum hydroxide minerals of a river mixing with the sulfuric water of the hot springs.

Those in the mood for adventure can ride the Asahidake Ropeway into Daisetsuzan National Park for backcountry skiing and hikes to the summit of Asahidake Mountain. Close to the town center is the Biei Chomin Ski Area.

Located about half way between Asahikawa and Furano, Biei is easy to reach by train on the Furano Line. Just a short walk from the railway station you’ll find shops offering bike rentals and guided bike tours. Alternatively, join a sightseeing tour of the flower gardens on the Biei View Bus. Make reservations at the tourist information center at the train station.

Where to stay in Biei

Shirahige Falls which includes rapids, landscape views and a gorge or canyon

Shirogane Onsen

3.5/5(2 area reviews)

You'll enjoy the mountain views and hot springs in Shirogane Onsen. You might want to make time for a stop at Shirokane Hot Spring or Shirahige Falls.

Shirogane Onsen