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Welcome to Bakersfield, California, better known as Nashville West. Climb into your midsize rental and head to the amphitheater to catch a concert. Make sure you’ve got plenty of space on your smartphone to take video.

Go Camping

When you obtain a car rental, Bakersfield becomes more than just a stopping point on I-5. Explore the city and its surrounding area to the fullest without relying on expensive taxis or exasperating relatives. Load up a rented SUV with camping gear and venture up 178 for an adventure at Davis Campground or Lake Isabella.

Grab Your Car

Reserve a car before your trip to minimize the time spent waiting in line and looking for a vehicle. Pick up your rental car at Meadows Field Airport (BFL) right in the terminal building, next to the lobby and across from baggage claim. Once you’ve got the keys in your hands, all you have to do is plop the kids into the minivan. Make your way to a local pizza place, where you’ll play games and stuff your faces until you can’t fit back into your rental car.

The Expedia Way provides the best deals on Bakersfield hotels, but that’s not all we do. Count on us to find you the cheapest flight into Bakersfield, all while saving you money. That’s several more dollars you can put toward a concert at the arena.

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