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Known for Fishing, Relaxing and Sea

This idyllic island community is one of the most luxurious in the Florida Keys and is a great destination for scuba diving and game fishing.

How do you get to Islamorada?

The tropical Islamorada Keys are home to many luxurious resorts, so take your pick and spend your days lazing in the sun, diving through shipwrecks or cruising the Gulf of Mexico for the biggest fish in the sea. In addition to sailing, game fishing, sunning and diving, the community of cosmopolitan residents love their art and gourmet food.

Begin your time on the Islamorada Keys with a stroll down U.S. Route 1, the highway connecting the Keys. Visit boutique retail outlets, galleries and the 1935 Hurricane Memorial.

Islamorada’s sub-tropical climate means that both the air and the water remain warm year-round, making it the ideal breeding and feeding ground for countless species of fish. Whether you want to spend the day on board a luxury charter boat or prefer bobbing on the gentle seas in a small motorboat, the marina of Founders Park is the place to start.

Islamorada offers scuba diving classes for beginners. Afterward, visit the History of Diving Museum to learn all about this adventurous hobby. Organize a scuba diving or snorkeling trip to some of Florida’s most lauded dive sites to see the fish in their natural habitat. Popular spots include the Eagle, a shipwreck just off the coast and the Conch Wall, a gently sloping rock shelf. If you’d rather stay dry, visit the Theater of the Sea to watch dolphins perform at the aquarium.

Pick up tackle and rent rods from one of the angling specialists in town. Islamorada has developed a reputation for being one of the best fishing destinations in North America. Game fish the size of outstretched arms are commonplace, so you won’t even have to exaggerate about your catch of the day.

Islamorada can be reached from downtown Miami in just 90 minutes by car or by boat from the neighboring Keys. Accommodations range from luxury resorts to cozy bungalows near Anne’s Beach, a scenic public stretch of coast.

Things to do in Islamorada

Find out what shows are happening at Theater of the Sea, a popular theater in Islamorada. Amble around this family-friendly area's seaside, or seek out the fishing spots.

Play soccer, baseball and volleyball just meters from the Atlantic Ocean before you dive into the water at this family-friendly beach park.

The memories of those lost to the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane live on at this moving tribute and burial site along the Overseas Highway.

Trace one of the world’s most astonishing watersports back through the centuries to see some of the first diving suits as you explore this interactive museum, featuring the world's largest international collection of diving artifacts. 

Enjoy the beautiful sunsets and explore Windley Key Fossil Reef Geological State Park, a lovely green space in Islamorada. Discover the entertainment choices in this family-friendly area, or seek out the fishing spots.

Learn about the playful nature of dolphins before swimming alongside these clever marine mammals at this entertaining research facility.

Dive, figuratively or literally, into America’s first underwater park, located amid colorful marine life in the blue waters surrounding Key Largo, Florida.

Take a dive on the wild side to swim with dolphins and participate in sea lion training sessions at this Key Largo marine center.

Tickets & Tours

Theater of the Sea offers memorable encounters with some of the ocean's friendliest and most majestic creatures, from bottlenose dolphins to stingrays and sharks. Enjoy access to this fascinating marine mammal park and make a few new aquatic friends.

Tickets & Tours

Experience the beauty of the Florida Keys on an amazing snorkel cruise adventure. Enter a world of Spanish pirates, Indian warriors, and British settlers as you immerse yourself in the colorful world of fish and coral in and around the living coral reef.

Tickets & Tours

Fulfill the dream of sharing the water with a charming bottlenose dolphin amid the oceanfront scenery of the Florida Keys. This visit to Theater of the Sea offers a chance to learn about these amazing creatures as you get some personal time with one of the most intelligent denizens in the deep.

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Visit Theater of the Sea for an exciting opportunity to interact with friendly sea lions. Watch in awe as these amazing animals jump through hoops and give hugs at the command of an expert animal trainer. Then spend the remainder of your day exploring the other exhibits at the marine park.

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Get up close to an adorable sea lion at the Theater of the Sea during this interactive program. This unique experience allows you to meet a sea lion from the wild in a relaxed environment while you learn about the animal's behavior and lifestyle from expert animal trainers.

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Enjoy the comfort and relaxation of a guided tour on the waters surrounding the beautiful Florida Keys. Choose either a kayak or a paddleboard and navigate your way around some of the most awe-inspiring waterways in the country.