Saint Mary

Boscobel which includes general coastal views

Popular cities in Saint Mary

Robins Bay
Robins Bay
Known for Nature
Robins Bay awaits: its natural setting and more!

Reasons to visit

  • Mahoe Bay
  • Kwaaman & Tacky Waterfalls
James Bond Beach which includes rugged coastline and tropical scenes
Known for Beaches, Family-friendly and Sports
Walk in the footsteps of authors and playwrights, bathe in the waters of a James Bond movie location and visit a working plantation on Jamaica’s north shore.

Reasons to visit

  • James Bond Beach
Couples Resort Tower Isle Jamaica - celebrating 10th year anniversary with my husband.  Relaxing vacation at this resort exclusively for couples.  Great beach along with the hotel's private island for those who want privacy.  Go and enjoy for a few days and relax in the sun and enjoy the beautiful water.
Tower Isle
Known for Dining, Romantic and Beaches
Explore romantic Tower Isle: its island views, beaches, food, and more!
Known for Natural parks
Escape to Castleton! Enjoy its parks.