Capitol Hill, WA

Capitol Hill which includes a park
Experience the leafy green parks, world-class art gallery and electric nightlife of this up-and-coming Seattle neighborhood.

Characterized by a clash of the gritty and the grand, Capitol Hill is fast becoming one of Seattle’s trendiest areas to live. Find elegant turn-of-the-century mansions and pleasant parks with popular museums in the north. The soulful streets of the south side of the neighborhood are dotted with independent businesses and boast a buzzing nightlife.

The district is filled with charming cafés, shops and bookstores where avid readers can browse away the hours. After dark, the streets become increasingly busy and lively. Join people from all around the city who come here for a fun night out.

Lose hours wandering among the green expanse of Volunteer Park. Climb an old water tower for views of the city and explore the graves of Seattle’s pioneers. The park houses the Seattle Asian Art Museum, an attractive art deco building which displays collections from across different times and cultures. For a quiet place to relax within the neighborhood, head for Boren Park or Cal Anderson Park.

Wander the shaded streets in the north of the region to admire beautiful private residences. Visit the stone and timber Leary Mansion, built in the early 1900s and open to the public today, for an eye-catching example of the neighborhood’s stunning architectural style.

Head to the parallel streets of Pike and Pine for shopping, eating and drinking coffee. Browse the bustling Melrose Market for everything from artisan food to eco-friendly fashion. The Elliott Bay Book Company, Seattle’s largest independent bookseller, also has its flagship store in the area.

At night, Capitol Hill comes to life with bars and clubs shaped by Seattle’s historic countercultural scene. The neighborhood’s welcoming nightlife is popular with the city’s LGBT community.

Capitol Hill is right outside Downtown Seattle. Use streetcar or bus services to reach here. A well-connected network of public transportation and pleasant residential streets make the area an ideal base for exploring the rest of Seattle’s sights and attractions, though the neighborhood itself has plenty to offer for the curious visitor.

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