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Jerusalem Attractions

People around the world know Jerusalem as the Holy City because it has some of the oldest and most religious sites in the world. Even if the idea of visiting mosques and other religious sites doesn't interest you, you can easily find other things to do in Jerusalem that will make you glad you chose this destination.

Look for Jerusalem tours taking you to some of the top holy sites. While some visitors grab a map and take a tour on their own, most of those travelers feel confused, and some even find they cannot locate the sites they want. By booking a tour, you can reach all of those sites and learn more from your local tour guide.

When looking at Jerusalem activities, consider stopping by the Israel Museum. Well-known throughout the world for its abundance of artifacts, this museum will introduce you to the history of the region and the controversy surrounding the area. You can also visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, which many call one of the best memorials of its type in the world. Unlike other museums, which are only indoors, this museum has multiple areas where you can learn more about how the Holocaust affected Jewish people. Not only does it have an indoor museum, but it also has outdoor spaces and gardens.

As a tourist, you should also think about taking Jerusalem excursions and tours of the Old City of Jerusalem. This area marks the oldest part of the city, and while there aren't many attractions here, you can see the famous wall. Even if you decide to skip the wall tour, you can still view other historic spots. Other must see places include the Western Wall Tunnels and Hezekiah's Tunnels. These tunnels run underneath the city, giving you a look at how people once worshipped.

While you'll find hundreds of things to do and attractions in Jerusalem, make sure you visit the Wailing Wall before you leave. Hundreds of local worshipers come here every day to pray, and you can say your own prayers, too. When visiting the House of the Holiness, use Expedia to help you plan your visit.

Top things to do in Jerusalem

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Jerusalem must see attractions

1. Al-Aqsa Mosque

A long-venerated place of worship for Muslims, the Al-Aqsa Mosque is one of the important religious structures located on the Temple Mount. The site is known in Arabic as Haram esh-Sharif (the Noble Sanctuary). View the rectangular, Islamic-influenced design of the building and learn about its long and fascinating history.
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Part of the sacred Temple Mount site, this lead-domed structure is a fully functioning mosque. It is among the holiest sites in the Islamic world. 

2. Western Wall

The Western Wall, also known as the Al-Buraq Wall, the Kotel or the Wailing Wall, has been a site of pilgrimage for Jews and Muslims for centuries. Its towering sandstone blocks are stuffed with paper prayers. Watch as men, women and children gather here to recite scriptures and touch the ancient stone.
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This 2,000-year-old structure is one of the world’s holiest sites, where hundreds of praying worshippers make for a stirring sight.

3. Israel Museum

The Israel Museum is among the country’s most acclaimed cultural institutions. Discover exhibits ranging from ancient Holy Land artifacts to contemporary art collections and displays detailing important chapters from Israeli history.
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Browse the exhibits at this large museum, which hosts valuable art collections as well as precious historical artifacts, including the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

4. Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Of all the holy Christian sites, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is one of the most famous. Join the many Christian pilgrims who come here to view sacred spots associated with Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.
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This famous church stands at the site where, according to Christian belief, Jesus was killed, buried and later raised from the dead.  

5. Temple Mount

The Temple Mount (or Haram al-Sharif, as it is known to Muslims) is a raised area situated close to Jerusalem’s Western Wall. It is considered to be among the holiest sites in the world for Muslim and Jewish people, as well as holding great significance for Christians. Visit the Temple Mount complex to admire the iconic Dome of the Rock and to enjoy beautiful vistas of Jerusalem’s Old City.
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Visit this holy place to learn about its significance for Muslim, Jewish and Christian people and to enjoy panoramic views of Jerusalem. 

6. Dome of the Rock

Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock, identifiable by its gilded dome and bright blue tile façade, is among the most famous and most photographed sites in the city. Discover why this Islamic shrine is considered sacred in both Islam and Judaism.
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An iconic symbol of the city, this shrine topped by a gold dome is of special significance to people of Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths. 

7. Golden Gate

Learn about the local history of Muslim Quarter when you spend time at Golden Gate. Make time for the shops and local tours in this culturally rich area.
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Learn about the local history of Muslim Quarter when you spend time at Golden Gate. Make time for the shops and local tours in this culturally rich area.

8. Mount of Olives

Visit the picturesque Mount of Olives and you’ll find not only an iconic feature of Jerusalem’s landscape, but an important site in Jewish and Christian scripture. It is mentioned numerous times in the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament, and is also considered holy by Muslims.
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Take in the beautiful view from this storied mountain, mentioned several times in the holy scriptures of Christianity and Judaism.

What to do in Jerusalem

Free Things to Do in Jerusalem

Escaping to Jerusalem on a budget? The following can be experienced for nada.

Bloomfield Science Museum - Talk to the staff or curator and learn more about the interesting collections housed here.

9/11 Living Memorial Plaza - Architecture buffs will no doubt love admiring the impressive modern design of this landmark.

Supreme Court of Israel - Come to understand some of the intriguing history of the area through this attraction.

Zion Square - Spend a while in this vibrant spot and imagine what life would be like as a local resident.

Machane Yehuda Market - Spend some time here and find out the significance of this place to the locals.

Ades Synagogue - Get an insight into the local religion at this spiritual sanctuary.

Mount of Olives - You're sure to reconnect with Mother Nature at this picturesque place.

Wohl Rose Park - Arrange a picnic date and enjoy a stroll around the interesting plants.

Things to Do in Jerusalem with Kids

There are loads of unforgettable experiences in Jerusalem that the entire gang will love. These are some of the best family friendly experiences in the area.


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