Price Drop Protection Terms and Conditions

Price Drop Protection

In addition to the Expedia terms of use, these terms and conditions govern Price Drop Protection that is purchased with a flight for a fee:


What is Price Drop Protection?

We want to help you get the best deal on your flight – that’s why we offer Price Drop Protection. When you book select flights with us, you can buy Price Drop Protection to get an automatic refund of the difference if the price of your flight on Expedia drops.


How it works

After booking and until the day your flight is scheduled to depart, we automatically check for price drops on your exact flight on Expedia every day and send you notifications about any price changes. If the flight price is lower than what you paid, you’ll get a refund for the difference. Feel free to also check for price drops yourself on the Price Drop Protection Dashboard. We will refund you the lowest confirmed Price Check.

We’ll only compare prices against flights on Expedia that exactly match your flight. For example, the same carrier, flight class, and route.


To buy Price Drop Protection

Choose your flight and add Price Drop Protection, which is offered on select flights.

If you ever want to check for price drops yourself:

  1. Open your flight itinerary.
  2. Under Price Drop Protection, follow View price changes.
  3. You can check for price changes on the Price Drop Protection Dashboard from the day you book until the day your flight is scheduled to depart.


To get your refund

We want to make things easy and hassle-free for you. So if your flight price goes down, just sit back and relax because we’ll automatically start the refund process after your trip ends. If the price goes down multiple times, your refund will be based on the lowest Price Check confirmed on the Price Drop Protection Dashboard.

The refund will be credited to the original form of payment after your trip is complete. You can also track your refund by clicking on View price history on your Expedia Itinerary.


Other Terms & Conditions:

  1. A “Price Check” determines if there is an exact match of the original Expedia Itinerary on flights available for all listed travelers based upon: base fare, taxes, and any mandatory fees charged by airports or airlines. Any additional fees or costs (such as Expedia booking fee, if any, or purchases of checked baggage and seat selection) are not considered.
  2. Price Checks only checks prices that are available to the general public on Expedia. Special discounted prices such as those available only to loyalty-program members, and prices offered as part of a flight + hotel travel combination are not checked, as they are not eligible.
  3. If a Price Check identifies a lower price on Expedia, the difference between the lower price and the price originally paid for the flight(s) on the Expedia Itinerary will be confirmed.
  4. Following each Price Drop Protection purchase, Expedia will automatically conduct Price Checks on Expedia for the flight(s) listed on the original Expedia Itinerary.
  5. A Price Drop Protection purchase gives the purchaser the ability to initiate a Price Check by clicking the designated Price Drop Protection Dashboard link on the Expedia Itinerary. 
  6. The “Price Drop Protection Payment” is the difference between the price you paid for your original flight booking and the lowest confirmed Price Check on the Price Drop Protection Dashboard.
  7. The Price Drop Protection Payment, if any, will be refunded as a credit to the form of payment used to book the original Expedia Itinerary after the flight(s) have concluded. 
  8. If Price Checks confirm more than one lower price on an exact match of the original Expedia Itinerary, there will be only one Price Drop Protection Payment in an amount equal to the lowest confirmed Price Check as compared to the price paid for the flight(s) on the original Expedia Itinerary. 
  9. Changes to flight(s) on the original Expedia Itinerary may result in: (i) cancelation of Price Drop Protection; (ii) forfeiture of any Price Drop Protection Payment; and (iii) a full refund of the Price Drop Protection price paid, if any.
  10. In order to be eligible for a Price Drop Protection Payment, travel, as reflected on the original Expedia Itinerary, must be completed by all travelers. If it is not, then Price Drop Protection will be cancelled.
  11. You can cancel Price Drop Protection within 24 hours of purchase and receive a full refund of its price paid, if any. 24 hours after purchase, Price Drop Protection is non-refundable and has no cash value.
  12. If Price Drop Protection is cancelled, no Price Drop Protection Payment will be issued.
  13. Price Drop Protection is offered only on select flights. 
  14. Determinations of eligibility for a Price Drop Protection Payment are at the discretion of Expedia.